Voice of BoB


The Voice of Bob made its inaugural broadcast on pirate shortwave in July 1984 on 7415khz. The Voice of Bob had become legendary by the mid-90's and typically only came on once or twice a year. As the Church of the Sub-Genius made a bigger splash on college and commercial radio, the pirate station, slowly faded into obscurity.

The Voice of Bob is centered around J.R. Bob Dobbs, a cartoon faced man with a pipe who looks oddly like Ward Cleaver from the "leave it to Beaver" tv show. He is the charismatic guru leader of the Church of the Sub-Genius, which for many years was based out of Dallas, Texas. Voice of Bob programming is fast paced, and is in fact taken from shows that are usually performed before a large live audience. Bob's virtues are extolled through hard rock music, sketches, and testimonials. Pirate DX'ers are told they can be "healed" by Bob if they put their hands on the radio!

The entire station is a rip on fundamentalist radio and tv preachers. ID's are done by a Donald Duck voice.

The station used the P.O. Box 452 - Wellsville, NY address.

Pat Murphy interviewed Ivan Stang the founder of the Church of Sub-Genius in 1993 and you listen to the audio for that program HERE