The Radio Airplane

Radio Airplane was busted on January 17, 1995.

Piloted by Captain Eddy, the Radio Airplane took to the airwaves and airways on November 28th, 1992. This broadcast and several others were actually transmitted from a Piper Cub J3 at an altitude of about 1,000 feet flying in the Midwest of the USA. Propagation must have been good, because it was heard in Western New York State by at least two listeners.

The programs were a mix of rock music and parody ads. One memorable bit was a reading from the then new book “Private Parts” by Howard Stern. Captain Eddy was one of the first pirate Ops to make use of a computer in the studio. At least 20 programs were created and broadcast.

The Radio Airplane also did some relays of other stations, and that proved to be their un-doing. During a relay of Radio USA on January 18, 1995, the FCC came a-knocking and shut down the station, confiscating the transmitting equipment – including a Kenwood R-5000 receiver.