Gregg Bares

Gregg Bares has been tuning the broadcast, shortwave, and amateur bands since the 1970s. Early on, the Voice of the Voyageur and the New York City stations on 1620 kHz led to free radio becoming his primary radio interest. Gregg was a member and contributing editor to the Free Radio Campaign – USA, and a charter member (#9) of The A*C*E. In those pre-internet days he also published newsletters promoting the exchange of information about unofficial radio broadcasting. He was a close collaborator with many prominent figures in the free radio scene, particularly the late Scott McClellan. He has heard and verified many North American and low-powered European stations since the ‘80s. In the early ‘90s he was also a regular listener to shortwave pirates while living in Europe. After returning to the States, Gregg started collecting and restoring antique radios, some of which he still uses to tune the shortwave and free radio bands. He has served on the Board of NEAR-Fest, the premier swap meet in the Northeastern USA for aficionados of vintage communications equipment. He still listens to shortwave and the pirates on a daily basis.