Jerry Rigged Radio

It was a dark and stormy night. Jerry fiddled with the wiring again, then decided to give it a try. He applied power, and Jerry Rigged Radio was on the air.Actually, not much is publicly known about Jerry Rigged Radio, which makes this a difficult bio to write. What is known is that the station was not on the air very often; my log lists four broadcasts during 1997, two in 1998, and one in 1999, although they may have been on more often. It appears that they didn’t have any fixed format, either; one show featured opera music, one featured jazz and Japanese music, one featured bagpipes and drums, and one had thrash music. Jerry Rigged Radio did some test broadcasts on 8000, 9965, and 21455 kHz in early 1998. He was heard by a few DXers on 9965, but apparently there weren’t any reports on the other frequencies. Their QSL was as unusual as their programming, as you can see on this page. JRR used the now defunct Providence, RI, maildrop.