The one common denominator of the North American Pirate Radio Hall of Fame is that all of the Board members love Pirate Radio. Keeping that in mind, here is the "Mission Statement" of what the Hall of Fame is trying to accomplish.

North American Pirate radio Hall of Fame Mission Statement

Collecting, through donation, artifacts, audio recordings, literature, photographs, QSL's, memorabilia, and related materials which focus on the history of Pirate Radio over time, its Operators, stations, and the Individuals elected to the Hall of Fame.

Preserving the collections with respect to conservation and maintaining a permanent record of pirate radio stations and personalities through documentation, study, research, QSL's, recordings, and publications.

Exhibiting material in permanent on-line gallery space, organizing on-line changing exhibitions on various themes, with works from the Hall of Fame collections or other sources, working with other individuals or organizations to exhibit material of significance to pirate radio and providing related research facilities so DX'ers and anyone interested in shortwave radio and its history can find long forgotten information.

Interpreting artifacts to enhance awareness, understanding, and appreciation of pirate radio for a diverse audience. Honoring, by enshrinement, those stations and individuals who made exceptional contributions, and recognizing others for their significant achievements in pirate radio in North America.