CSIC [1990-1995?] CSIC (pronounced seasick) was also known as The Voice of the Great White North. The station was operated by “Pirate Rambo” who, in actuality, was a college student living in the Montreal, Quebec, region. CSIC always used AM with transmitters made by E.F. Johnson and Heath, such as Rangers, Vikings, and Apaches. The first broadcast took place on April 23, 1990. Besides using the then popular 7400 to 7500 kHz region, they also used 15.0 to 15.1 MHz. They always signed on (and off) with the song “Psycho Chicken” by The Fools (a parody of “Psycho Killer” by The Talking Heads). Programming included rock music, CSIC-produced comedy bits, as well as Phil Muzik’s “Fruit of the Loom News Briefs”. CSIC was well heard across the eastern part of North America, and reception reports were also received from Europe. In the beginning every 25th (later every 50th, eventually every 100th) reception report would receive a rubber chicken QSL, which became a real collectors’ item. Pirate Rambo also occasionally relayed other stations, such as the first broadcast of Pirate Radio Boston. CSIC used the Blue Ridge Summit, PA, maildrop and was an excellent verifier. The station apparently left the air after Rambo finished his studies to pursue a doctorate in another location.