KNBS “Cannabis Shortwave”

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KNBS took to the air in January of 1985 to advocate decriminalization of marijuana. Front

man Phil Muzik used a low-key approach, playing pot-themed music and reminding listeners that in a “free country” the individual, not the government, had the constitutional right to make the decisions in his or her life. Studio engineer Pot Seedy was never heard on the air, and usually couldn’t be seen in the booth because of all the pot smoke in there. The station used the slogan “The Station With Your Mind In Mind.”The station was owned and operated by the California Marijuana Cooperative and claimed a transmitter site on Alcatraz Island, in San Francisco Bay. In later years KNBS was joined by a Canadian relay station, CNBS, but it was difficult to tell which transmitter was in use for any broadcast since it was never announced.Interview with Phil Muzik of KNBS

KNBS also supported NORML, and cooperated with Radio Free Euphoria from time to time. They were a good verifier with a few different cards and a series of sheets and posters. They also sent out pennants and, for a lucky few, pens. The last reported transmission from KNBS was on New Year’s Day in 1998.