Radio Garbanzo

Since its first pirate transmission in 1987, Radio Garbanzo has become known as having some of the best produced programs in the North American pirate radio scene. Radio Garbanzo was known for elaborate skits and for playing music ”that FM used to play, but threw away like an old prostitute while seeking bigger profits” just a few of the plots in Radio Garbanzo programs have involved station manager Buck McMoney turning the station into a radio home shopping network, Radio Garbanzo overtaking a satellite uplink, spiking Huge G. Gough with LSD, Buck McMoney going to jail and finally the gang broadcasting mobile from an Ethel's Panel truck.Listen to an interview with Fearless Fred . 2/2/97 Unfortunately Radio Garbanzo was silent nearly from about 1991 to 1998. Fearless returned with a new, music based program that was heard by many listeners with good signals in December 1999. This program was repeated New Year's day. The station was silent until May, when it rattled off seven of its eight broadcasts for the year. Three of these were the well produced Radio Garbanzo semi-annual Memorial Day shows in which Fearless pays a respectful tribute to the shortwave pirates that had been raided by the FCC over the last ten years. Several of the other broadcasts aired were for the Mothers Day 2000 show, which included a timely ad for the U.S. Forest Service Fires-R-Us Los Alamos BBQ.

(from Andy Yoder's Pirate Radio Stations: Tuning in to Underground Broadcasts in the Air and Online)

Trouble at the Tollbooth, Cops and Donuts.10/1993

Dirty Tricks. 6/1996

Bagel Jammin'. 3/1997 10th Anniversary