Radio Azteca

Radio Azteca, Your Station for All that's Gross but Tasteful,

wafted over the airways primarily from late 1997 to early 2003,

with the odd relay since. Host/announcer Bram Stoker produced

almost 50 programs over that time relayed by various folks

including: NAPRS (The North American Relay Service), AARS (The

All Azteca Relay Service), CSIC, the Unknown Beaver, KHPP2,

CRAPS (Canadian Relays of American Pirates), the Unknown Eagle,

KULP, Doomsday Radio, WSWL, STHK, RFS, WREC, AFR (American Free Radio), Radio Eclipse, WHYP, the Dude, Radio Prozac, and numerous unknown

relayers. A hearty thanks to all.

Radio Azteca sent out over 800 QSLs of numerous designs for

"excrutiatingly detailed" reception reports. For those less than

excrutiatingly detailed reports, rejection cards were sent.

For folks obviously trying for a rejection card, rejection-

rejection cards were issued.

Bram was assisted by a colorful cast of characters such as:

assistant Emiliano Zamboni, sultry Monique the Mail Woman,

cooking tips from Tia Betty Cockacoatla, and inspiration from

Rev. Billy Bob Chilipecker.

Most programs (except the Kulpsville Especials and the Music & ID

Specials) included: letters & reception reports, Actual Stuff, The Flushing

Report, Story Time, Top 10 List (which never contained 10 items), and

Radio Azteca bloopers,

Radio Azteca programs were always preceded and followed by an

interval signal of the dulcet tones of the Rocky and Bullwinkle

theme. The opening theme music was Sheba by Johnny and the


Radio Azteca exploded onto the pirate scene in 1992. The station was an excellently produced and written pirate station that excelled in parody with jokes and news of DX'ers that was widely heard all across the U.S., Canada and Europe. A number of its programs were aired by NAPRS and Radio Doomsday. The main announcer is Bram Stoker (who apparently DXs on the side) who assembled short high-quality programs of fake radio news, tips and commercials. One of the most popular features of Radio Azteca was the "Top 10 Lists" for such things as: "top 10 ways to piss off a DX'er", "top 10 reasons a numbers station exists", "Top 10 DX'er pick up lines" and "you might be a DX'er if". Ask Dr. Radio and "Mail Scrotum" (Mailbag) were popular features on his broadcasts and always contained a lot of quips, jabs, yuks, and laughs. The broadcasts use the trumpet fanfare from Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons as an interval signal. Taking into consideration the quality of the programs, news, content and fast QSL response, Radio Azteca has been a favorite of DX'ers for many years. Radio Azteca was one of the very technical high quality stations of the mid-90's that changed the face of Pirate Radio. They used both the Wellsville, NY, and Blue Ridge Summit, PA, maildrops for QSL correspondence.