Voice of Laryngitis

The Cough is Silent

The Voice of Laryngitis is legendary in the field of pirate radio... and deservedly so. No pirate station in North America (and possibly the world) has ever developed such complex and humorous original skits. In fact, most of the skits are more complex than anything heard on shortwave or commercial radio. Because of the style of programming and the work involved, only about 20 different 45 minute programs from The Voice of Laryngitis have been created since their inception in November 1983. As a result, the station has rarely operated since programs stopped being produced on a regular basis in 1985. In light of everything, it is easier to compare The Voice of Laryngitis to The Fireside Theater than to other long time active pirates.

The Voice of Laryngitis was operated by a rather large extended family, all whom have the surname “Huxley”. The two main announcers on The Voice of Laryngitis are the gruff voiced Genghis and his nephew, Cowboy Stan. They were joined by Rev. Billy Bob Huxley, Bull Bruiser, Fudgie, and many others.

Although the programs vary in content, many of them are sponsored by Friendly Freddy's Budget Burial, “where death is cheap.” Freddy's ads for kitchen cremation kits and other no-frills funerals are backed by a calliope like organ played backwards at slow speed. Another regular feature was the Rev. Bob Huxley, who appears in various skits and ads for such things as a championship mud wrestling grudge match “Battle of the Monster Ministers” with Oral Roberts. Mr Huxley's Neighborhood(a survivalist parody of “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood” was produced n 1983- before every comedy group did parodies of Mr. Rogers); full news coverage of the Persian Rug War, “Let's Ring the President” with President Reag- no. Barney; the Atilla Huxley Assassination show., and much more.

(from Andy Yoder's Pirate Radio Stations: Tuning in to Underground Broadcasts in the Air and Online)

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