Yolanda Lewis and Scott Gentry

In the autumn of 1995, ACE President and publisher Kirk Baxter found his time at a premium and asked for someone to take over the publication duties. Yolanda Lewis and Scott Gentry offered to work together to do the job. And it worked quite well.Yolanda had the necessary computer skills to collect the columns, do the layout, and print the master pages. Scott would take the master pages to the copy shop on his way to classes, and then pick up the finished product on his way home. After a few hours applying labels and stamps, he could drop off the completed A*C*E at the post office for mailing.And all for free. Ahhh, the joys of volunteering..!All ran smoothly for eighteen months, but in April of 1997 Yolanda announced that she no longer had time to devote to the job and asked for a replacement publishing team.