Voice Of Pancho Villa

Each year at the end of the SWL Winterfest Pancho Villa takes to the airwaves. The program is usually written in the closet of one of the rooms, by someone highly intoxicated, and then on the last day of Winterfest, a motely crew of DX'ers, partied out, record the program. The part of Pancho has been played by a number of different people over the years, but Harold Cones is undoubtedly the best (?) of the Pancho's. Every DX'er of note has been on a "Voice of Pancho Villa" program over the years. It is played over the air by those who came to Winterfest with an FM or Shortwave radio transmitter, which is usually 99% of the people. Typically it is heard at Midnight to mark the END of Winterfest on many FM and Shortwave frequencies.

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