Radio Confusion

The early 80's saw RADIO CONFUSION come onto the Pirate Radio airwaves.

They had made the claim at the time, that Radio Confusion was the first North American to broadcast on HF frequencies. They were one of the first Pirate Radio stations to issue high quality QSL cards and use a maildrop. The station consisted of two male hosts, "Crazy Roger" and his sidekick, "Crazy Charlie" who were very entertaining and Radio Confusion featured many original commercial spoofs and the now famous "Dean Bean Bible Hour" program. They did regular broadcasts for approximately a year and even had one of their broadcasts called "Show Tape" rebroadcast over a UK commercial station, Empire Radio.

Radio Confusion has been relayed by other pirates for many years, but hasn't been heard from since the 80's.

Sadly, Crazy Roger passed away in October 2015. He was 62 years old and had been in poor health for many years.

as reported on the F.R.N. "His death was confirmed by his sister."