Pirate Radio Boston

Pirate Radio Boston – “The Station Run By DXers For DXers”

PRB made its’ first broadcast via relay by CSIC, “The Voice of the Great White North”, in May of 1992. It was mostly an oldies show with a few IDs mixed in, but listeners seemed to like it so another program was relayed by CSIC in June.

The station Operator and all-around good guy was Charlie Loudenboomer, who took his name from a NASWA (North American Shortwave Association) satirical columnist whose work appeared in the club newsletter in the late 1960s. In the fall of 1992, Charlie was joined by his partner in crime, Mister Excellence (usually referred to as Mr. X), and they were heard on many shows throughout the years.

The station acquired its own transmitter, a Heathkit Apache, in late July of 1992. It served PRB well until mid-winter of 1993 when it caught fire. Charlie was ready to dump it out the window into the snow if he couldn’t extinguish the flames. Fortunately he was able to do so, but the transmitter was toast.

Over the 20-year history of the station many different transmitters were used, in both AM and SSB modes. Today PRB uses a reconditioned 100-watt E. F. Johnson Viking II xmtr.

During 2014-2015 several programs were relayed by Doctor Benway of Undercover Radio, including one on 1700 kHz in the expanded AM band. These transmissions were well heard throughout the globe. According to records kept by Andrew Yoder, Pirate Radio Boston has made at least one broadcast per year during its’ 25-year history. That may make PRB the longest continuously operating shortwave pirate station in history in North America.

Station programming over the years has varied from oldies to reggae (which is a favorite of Mr X) to mailbag programs to Christmas/holiday specials and programs dedicated to specific listeners. The station celebrates their 25th Anniversary in 2017. Congratulations go out to Charlie and Mr X! The station can be reached by email at: pirateradioboston@gmail.com