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[Last update March 13, 2014]

[Update June 27, 2014]

LibreOffice Draw Guides - note the Advanced Draw Techniques with some discussion about CAD.

Manage Google Docs With LibreOffice : "You can access the files on Google Docs from within LibreOffice, download a local version, work on it, and keep it synced with Google Docs. "

CADLO extension : This is an extension to add some CAD functions to LibreOffice Draw. It is still in alpha at this writing (Aug. 29, 2012); I have not been able to successfully install it in Ubuntu Linux.

Build a scientific names dictionary for LibreOffice : "This article explains how you can save a lot of time and effort by adding hundreds of scientific names to the spell checker all at once."

Writer2ePub: Converting LibreOffice Writer (ODT) files to epub:

  • Author's web site : This web site is in Italian, but Google Translate does a decent job of translating it to English. This is the best place to get the most recent versions of this extension.
    • Note: A version 2 beta is now (March 2013) available with a number of very useful new features.
    • Recommendation: Subscribe to the newsletter (note: link is to Google translate English version) to get notified of new releases.
  • Extension page : This is the OpenOffice extension page for Writer2ePub, but this is not the best place to get this extension (see the author's website for most recent versions).
  • Writer2ePub Wiki : See the Usage page of this Wiki for a brief but very useful "manual" (for Version 1 as of March 2013).

General References for EPUB

  • Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines : While this is specific to the Kindle, much of the advice applies to e-books in general.
  • EPUB 3 Overview : On this date (March 28, 2013) this is a draft, but I believe there will be no significant changes for the purposes of these web pages.

Useful Extensions

  • Creative Commons Licensing : "The Creative Commons Licensing extension provides the ability to select and embed a Creative Commons license in Writer, Calc and Impress documents. In addition to embedding the license in the document metadata it provides a visible notice in your document."
  • Template Changer : "This extension will add two new items to the File - Templates menu that allows to assign a new template to documents. All styles and formatting will be loaded from that template and the documents will behave as it was created using that template."
  • Writer2ePub : "Writer2ePub is an extension for or LibreOffice that enables the creation of a file ePub from any content can be opened in Writer." As of June 2014 ther is a new website for this software:

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