Mojave National Preserve Map

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Mojave National Preserve High Resolution Map

The official government website for the Mojave National Preserve has a map of the area, but it is available only through a map server which only offer up small pieces of the map at a time; no option is available to download the entire map at once. To remedy this deficiency, I downloaded the entire map in sections, and then stitched the sections into a complete map using GIMP. I'm posting the map here to see if it will show up in web searches.

At some future date, I may post the map to Wikipedia, if I ever find the time. This is a federal government map in the public domain, so you are welcome to upload it to Wikipedia yourself, or otherwise do what you like with it.

Mojave National Preserve Map Brochure map at high resolution

Click on the map for a full size high resolution map.