Bed Lamps

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The completed lamps. The lamp switch is fastened to the bottom of the mount with double-stick foam tape.
This was a fairly simple project to create two bed lamps for night-time reading, using LED lamps purchased online. In particular, I used the Janso led lamp, which has a nice goose-neck, with a switch built in to the power cord; the lamp has purchased comes with a round base which is easily removed (in act, the lamps are shipped dis-assembled). The lamp has a simple screw mount at the base of the goose neck, so it is an easy matter to mount the goose neck to an alternate base.

This project was somewhat complicated by the fact the headboard of the bed has a curved "lobed" profile. Typical "clamp lamps" will not work on this head board because clamps either won't fit, or simply slip off the curved top. I solved this problem by building a custom made wooden "clamp base" specially designed to fit the curve of the headboard.

The wooden clamps were made from oak blocks (made from three glued up layers of 3/4" oak board). These were sawed to the desired shapes on a bandsaw, then sanded, stained, and finished with two coats of wipe-on clear satin polyurethane.

See the slide show below for additional build details.

Bed Lamp