Doon Valley Golf - Senior Men's League

Documents have been published - click on the names to review them

Final results  have been published.  Use the "Quick Links" at the left to select them. 
Prizes Statistics, and Results for the Latest Week are also available. These results will remain online for a few weeks!

Golf Canada has now posted details of the new rules that have been adopted and you can click  the picture to the left to get to their page and ensure you get to see the latest material they are providing. 

They currently provide a photo slideshow, full rules document, a players' version of the full rules, Android and iOS apps as well as links to their education plans which start in October this year. 

The links to this information will remain on our site under "Rules of Golf - 2019" in the quicklinks list to the left of all pages. 

There have been announcements recently about the adoption of a World Handicapping System for 2020. A link can be found on our  External Documents page

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The group plays Wednesday Mornings at Doon

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