Dutch Energy from Water Association (EWA) strategic partner of Offshore Energy

Post date: Aug 20, 2015 6:12:21 AM

Dutch Energy from Water Association (EWA) is pleased to announce they have joined Navingo as a supporting partner. Both parties will joined forces to organise a dedicated marine energy event during Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2015.

2015 will see an explosion of tidal energy activities in the Netherlands. A first of its kind floating tidal turbine platform was recently installed at the offshore test site of the Tidal Testing Centre in the Marsdiep this year. The consortium lead by Bluewater, includes Van Oord, Damen shipyards, TKF, NIOZ and Vryhof Anchors and will test various tidal turbines supplied by Schottel and Tocardo.

Tocardo also installed a unique array of three turbines using a clever dam-integrated solution in the Afsluitdijk this year: only a finger exercise for the 3 MW array project under construction at the Eastern Scheldt Storm Surge barrier in Zeeland. Later this year the Dutch government is expected to start a public tendering process to open up the Brouwersdam to improve the water quality. Bidders will be invited to include integrating tidal energy in their scope: because it can be done! Meanwhile, start-up RED-Stack are producing electricity at the Afsluitdijk simply by mixing fresh lake water with sea water and using the difference in salinity gradient. Another start-up Bluerise are developing a unique 500kW Ocean Thermal Energy pilot plant on Curacao using difference in temperatures of surface and deep water to generate power.

Enough to talk about at the marine energy event in October. Navingo and EWA are looking forward to welcoming you at the session and make it this year an even bigger success!

The mission of EWA, founded in 2010, is to promote energy from water as a key technology for the EU to meet its strategic objectives and to promote the most optimal regulatory environment in the Netherlands to bring the sector to full commercial readiness and stimulate new clusters for innovation. EWA is part of the 'Duurzame Energie Koepel' and is affiliated with the European Ocean Energy Association (EU-OEA). In addition, EWA board members have a position as observers in the International Energy Agency on Ocean Energy Systems (IEA-OES).

More information about the Marine Energy program at Offshore Energy 2015 is available on the website.