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Student Resources

 BBC Bitesize 

INSTRUCTABLES INSTRUCTABLES: A fantastic site dedicated to making stuff! Step by step 
guides created by makers of all kinds.

http://makezine.com/Make Magazine: DIY projects, how-tos 
and inspiration from geeks, makers and hackers.  

http://dornob.com/DornobDesign ideas and new amazing products. Great for inspiration and product analysis. 

http://gajitz.com/GajitzNew, innovative tech design. Tech with a twist!

http://www.tomsplanner.com/ Tom's Planner is on-line Gantt chart 
software that allows anyone to create, 
collaborate and share Gantt Charts on-line with drag and drop simplicity

Use CoolText and FlammingText to create headings and logos for your websites or other digital work.

Save as an 'image.jpg' 

http://www.howstuffworks.com/How Stuff Works: As the name suggests, a huge, professionally developed site that explains almost everything. Check out their TV shows!

 http://www.technologystudent.com/Technologystudent.com: Want to find out something practical about design and making? Go here first!

Logos makers: