Egyptian Goddess Neith

Posted on Sep 9 2011

(Includes brief discussion on Sais (ancient capital of Egypt), Psamtik I / Psammetichus I, Twenty-sixth Dynasty, Ramses 2, Necho 2)

Neith was a goddess of war, hunting and creation. She was a role that was used in the
Confluence Aged subtle regions, at the end of the Cycle. But, in the Copper Age, she was seen as a guide in the Underworld because:

1. the memories, of what had happened in the
Confluence Age
(at the end of the Cycle), had kept emerging to guide the Copper Aged Reptilians

2. at the end of the
Cycle, the Confluence Aged women play a prominent role in the old world so as to do service for world transformation. This is similar to how Ganga, Inanna-Ishtar, Parvati, Draupadi etc also play a role in the Underworld (or old corporeal world).

Neith (also known as Nit, Net, and Neit) was worshiped and made the protectress of Sais :

1. because of the
Confluence Aged memories that were emerging to guide the Copper Aged Reptilians 

2. so as to protect and make sure that the evidences, that were being left behind for the end, do not get destroyed or removed.

Sais was the capital of Egypt under Psamtik I / Psammetichus I. Historian say that the Twenty-sixth Dynasty, in Egypt, ruled from around 672 to 525 B.C. at Sais. From my own experiences, I know that Ramses 2 played the role of Psamtik I / Psammetichus I in the life-drama that involved the Twenty-sixth Dynasty. Psamtik I founded the twenty-sixth dynasty for his son Necho 2.

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