About GBK Books and the author BK Pari

GBK Publications publishes the books and eBooks that have been written by Brahma Kumari Pari, ​LL.B. (Hons.)(London), CLP (Mal.), LL.M (Wol.), Ph.D.

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About GBK Books:

GBK books are written based on the knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris, research, Quantum Mechanics, spiritual experiences of B.K. Pari, memories from BK Pari's past births, BK Pari's experiences in the Holographic Universe, guidance from God, etc. Her books explain about the Holographic Universe, ancient history, spiritual knowledge, quantum energies, various kinds of worlds, how to heal yourself, how to walk into the Golden Aged world, the aliens (including the greys), evolution, time, why the universe expands, the Cosmic Man, the Pillar of Light, etc. This author also explains the myths and the contents in the Hindu and other scriptures.