Egyptian God Osiris

Posted on Sep 9 2011

Osiris represents:

1. the
Confluence Aged souls taking birth as the divine human beings in the divine world (God's Kingdom)

2. the deity souls losing God's kingdom at the end of the
Silver Age

3. (having lost their divine world) the deity soul participating in mummification etc that would finally assist Isis (World Mothers) and Horus at the end of the

Since the role of Osiris was associated to ruling in the divine world, Osiris was portrayed as ruling on earth as
Ra had done. God (as Ra) ruled in the Confluence Age and He created the divine world. Then, it was the deity souls (human souls) who had lived and ruled as human beings in God's Kingdom. The divine world in the first half Cycle is God's kingdom, even though God does not live there because God gets the divine world created at the beginning of each Cycle.

Then, the deities (represented by Osiris) lost God's Kingdom and they began to get involved with mummification and the
Reptilian  service. All these were portrayed through how the Egyptian God Osiris was cut into pieces and scattered, all over Egypt, by his brother Set. Egypt, in the myth, not only represents Egypt but it also represents the whole world. This was why similar ancient evidences and structures were found world wide.

In the myth, Isis searched for the pieces (of Osiris' body) and she built a temple at all the places where the pieces were found so as to confuse
Set. Then, she put the pieces (of Osiris' body) together. All these represent:

1. how Isis (the World Mothers) will be putting the ancient evidences together at the end of the
Cycle through using the Confluence Aged  spiritual knowledge. The pieces of Osiris body represents the various evidences left world-wide

2. what the ancient Reptilians were doing at that time, in the
Copper Age. They were trying to put confusion into their  Copper Aged Reptilian  service so that there can be an obvious show of clarification at the end.

I have discussed the
Confluence Aged aspects of the myth where Isis finds the pieces of Osiris body and the Battle between Horus and Set at:

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I have not discussed the
Copper Aged Reptilian  aspect of the myth in detail yet. I will do this later. It should be noted that Set was only demonised to play the role of the 'vices' later. He was demonised to make sure that people do not disturb or steal the evidences which the ancient Reptilians have left behind for the end. Thus, they gave the impression that the deities protecting the mummies etc were 'devilish' so that people will stay away from the mummies etc. Thus, Set began to be portrayed like Ravana (the devil/vices).

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