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GBK Publications publishes the books that have been written by Brahma Kumari Pari. These books have been translated into various languages. This website provides the videos etc. which support what BK Pari is explaining.

The following are links to videos which have been created by BK Pari:

1. Video : How our World is Projected as a Hologram from the Holographic Film/Layer (which is part of the Akashic Records)

2. Videos : Quantum Mechanics, Hinduism & Brahma Kumaris

3. Videos : Protection (During Destruction) and the Gathering for World Transformation

4. Song/Video : Seed of the Living Tree

The author (Pari) was originally writing articles and posting them for people to read for free (See Then, the author began publishing and printing books (hard copies and as e-books). The money from the sale of these books and e-books is:

1. for advertisements.

2. to created 3D animated movies in the future. These 3D animated movies will be on what had happened from the time the the people lost their divine heavenly kingdom (which was before the single continent got divided up and long before the Age of Dinosaurs) until the time of Jesus Christ, including on the what happened during the Age of Dinosaurs.

Brahma Kumari Pari hopes that numerous movies will get created based on the history which she explains.

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