Room to Let

Room to Let in Malaysia:

Bukit Jalil (room): (cheapest - small room :RM250); Women only. 

Bandar Sunway (room): (cheapest - small room :RM200); Women only.

Puchong Jaya (room): (cheapest - small room :RM280); Women only.

Pandan Jaya (room): (cheapest - small room :RM180); Malay man only. 

Pandan Indah (room): (cheapest - small room :RM180)Malay man only. 

Desaria, Petaling Jaya (room): (cheapest - small room :RM150)Malay man only.

Saujana Puchong (room): (cheapest - small room :RM150); Malay man only.

Plaza Ampang Jaya (shop lot): RM400; anyone can rent.

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