Sakar Murlis

Post 1 (posted on Dec 6, 2011):
(includes an explanation about the Gita and avyakt murlis / avyakt vanis)

In 1936,
God came to the corporeal world to begin the Confluence Age. Later, God began to enter the corporeal body of Lekhraj/Brahma Baba so as to give messages. These messages given by God, through Brahma Baba, are called the sakar murlis.

In the
Copper Age, the deity souls had written the Gita based on memories of what God had said in the previous Confluence Age (in the sakar murlis). The Gita actually represents the Confluence Aged messages from God, called the sakar murlis. However, in the Copper Age, the Gita was adjusted for bhakti/worship because religions had to begin from the Copper Age (so that people behaved virtuously).

Brahma Baba left his corporeal body in 1969. Thereafter, God began giving His messages through Dadi Gulzar. These messages, given through Dadi Gulzar, are called the avyakt murlis. Both, God and avyakt Brahma Baba, enter Dadi Gulzar's corporeal body so as to give the avyakt murlis. Avyakt Brahma Baba has to be used, while these messages are given, because Brahma Baba was destined to play the role of the 'lucky chariot' (Bhagirath). The PBKs refer to these avyakt murlis as avyakt vanis because they do not see God's role while the messages are being given. They only see Brahma Baba's role while the messages are given. There were many times when I heard the avyakt murlis being spoken 'live' in Mount Abu. Based on all my own experiences, when I was hearing these murlis being spoken, I prefer to view them as avyakt murlis. I knew that the messages were from God, when I was hearing them. I did not give any emphasis to Brahma Baba's role and so I did not see his role while the messages were being spoken. My mind was only on God and so, I only saw God's role while the messages were given. I knew that God was speaking to me and looking at me (during the times when He did that) while He was in Dadi Gulzar's corporeal body (when He came to give the avyakt murlis). These avyakt murlis are only being given for sustenance. The knowledge about the cycle etc are all there in the sakar murlis. Thus, for churning purposes, emphasis is given to the sakar murlis. The sakar murlis of the last 5 years (before Brahma Baba left his corporeal body) are churned by the BKs, on a daily basis.
Post 2 (posted on Dec 6, 2011)

The quality of the murlis etc are a reflection of who are being used by
God (to give the murlis etc).
There are 8 most powerful
deity souls who will be used by God for World Transformation.
Brahma Baba belongs to the category of the '8 most powerful souls'. From my experiences, I know that the soul within Dadi Gulzar also belongs to the category of the '8 most powerful souls'. Thus, there will be 'quality and good clarification' in the murlis given through them.

PBK chariot does not belong to the '8 most powerful souls' category. But he is playing the role which he has to play. The Brahma Kumaris do not accept the PBK teachings because the BKs are involved with preparing the 900,000 most powerful souls. One needs the BK knowledge (without the PBK confusions placed into it) so as to easily go beyond into the soul-conscious stage. I value the sakar and avyakt murlis because I need them for my  spiritual effort-making.

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