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Aliens / Nephilim / Mapmakers / Illuminati have come back to guide, along with God (the Alien to this world).
Brahma Kumari Pari writes, through their guidance. Pari's past births, & soul, play the immortal role of the Mapmaker / Reptilian / Alien / Nephilim / Giant / Enki / Illuminati who began guiding 2500 years ago.The past births (mapmakers) were meant to emerge & guide from now until the end of the cycle. They continue to play their role of Nimrod now, after having emerged and gone on the world stage. Since they are not Confluence Aged roles, they are the False Prophet sitting in the Temple of Jerusalem.

The illuminati are the souls who will be influenced by what has to be done now, as per the plan of the Mid-Confluence Aged gods. Thus, it can be said that I (the soul) am also a member of the illuminati because I am acting as per the ancient plan for what has to happen now. The soul is acting based on God’s guidance. Thus, it can be said that God is the Leader in the Illuminati clan. The Illuminati clan are those who had been members of the Mid-Confluence Aged Sun Dynasty. These souls will be playing a role again at the end (as I am doing now).

The words/names Aliens, Illuminati, Reptilians, mapmakers, Nephilim and Anunnaki express different concepts or roles which were played by the ancient people from around 2500 years ago. One can read the articles written by Pari so as to understand the connection between all these words/names. The names and links for all articles by Pari can be found at:

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The readers have to start reading from the first article (which I have written) so as to understand what I have written in subsequent articles. Each article is a continuation of the earlier articles; even if the later articles are about something else. In subsequent articles, I do not explain what I have explained in earlier articles. This allows me to keep expanding on my discussions.

The ancient people, who walked out of the higher spiritual dimension at the end of the Silver Age, were tall. Thus, they were later portrayed as 'giants'. Later, giants were also created through genetic engineering. These later giants were used to represent the 'giants' who played the great Nephilim roles etc. The birth-role of these giants were meant to remain in an immortal state so as to play the role of the Mapmakers, at the end (now). Actually, the Aliens/Anunnaki can also be connected to other figures in the ancient scriptures, myths etc. The ancient people were playing different roles based on the various life-dramas which they were involved in. The different mythological figures represent different aspects, concepts or roles which are all connected to what happens about 2500 years ago and at about 5000 years ago. For example, the ancient people living in the higher spiritual dimension, in the Golden and Silver Ages, were the Aryans. But the Aryans lost their divine world when they came into this corporeal world of ours. The royalty, who walked out of the divine world, were portrayed as the Anunnaki who had come from another world into this ordinary world of ours. There are articles on the Aryans and the Anunnaki, written by Pari, which you can read to have a better understanding. One can understand the connection between all the various mythological figures further by reading the articles written by Pari.

has written articles which cover a wide range of topics. They relate history because they explain what happened about 2500 years ago. They are also about the Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge. Pari's articles are based on her guidance from God (through visions and experiences during the blissful stage).

Pari's articles are also based on the spiritual knowledge given by God through the founder of the Brahma Kumaris. God's messages in the Brahma Kumaris state that the founder of the Brahma Kumaris (Brahma Baba / Dada Lekhraj) is Bhagirath because God entered him to give messages to the Brahma Kumaris. Bhagirath means lucky chariot. Bhagi signifies being lucky or fortunate. Rath means chariot. Thus, the ancient people, at the beginning of the Copper Age/Dwarpuryug, had sometimes equated Bhagirath to 'God using Brahma Baba'. In the scripture stories, Bhagirath is shown as leading Ganga because, at the End of the cycle, it is the spiritual knowledge given through Brahma Baba which guides those who play the role of Ganga. In the Hindu scriptures, Ganga is shown as being guided by Bhagirath for liberating the 60,000 sons of Sagar and others. More on Ganga, Bhagirath and the sons of Sagar can be found at:

Ganga, Bhagirath & the Sons of Sagar

Pari's articles are also based on explanations and guidance given by her past births (the mapmakers), research etc. To know more about Pari click on the following link:
A Brief Autobiography of Brahma Kumari Pari

Pari's articles are also found at:
Aliens & Reptilians
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If you wish to contemplate on a spiritual thought during each day, the links for TFT 1 to TFT 30 ( 30 ‘Thoughts’ ) are at:

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Pari has started writing meditation commentaries in the following web-site but the web-site has not been properly developed as yet: Meditation Commentaries & Visualization

Pari's articles include a discussion on History Re-written , destruction , Enki, Jesus Christ, Krishna, Entropy, Confusion ,  Hopi Prophesies The End, 1996, 2000, 2012, 2036 , Nibiru, Abraham, Resurrection, Moses, Jews , Sons of God , Crop Circles, ME, Vyasa, Aliens , Greys, World Drama, Fate, Destiny , Mapmaker , World Unity , Reptilians , my past births, Underworld, God , Reptilian Collective Consciousness , Cycle of Time, Golden Age, Isis , Pagan theories, Age of Truth, Lakshmi and Narayan , World Rule, Christian Kingdom, Heaven , Deity Religion, Genetic Engineering, Ra , Horus , Osiris , Set , Neith , Draupadi , Parvati, Shiva, Ganga , Bhagirath , Sons of Sagar , Inanna-Ishtar, Enki and the Abgal, Noah, Ziusudra, the Anunnaki , Alexander the Great , Pandavas , Yadavas, Mahabharatha , Dogon Legends , Quantum Mechanics, Hinduism & Brahma Kumaris , Snake Deities & the Naga Clan , Explaining the Myths, Prophesies and Ancient Spiritual Theories , Dream & Vision , Evolution, Creation Theory , Ancient Sciences , Neti Neti meditation , Armageddon, etc.

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