Cycle of Time

Time flows in a cyclic manner in the following order: 

1. Golden Age (Satyug) 

2. Silver Age (Tetrayug)

3. Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages. For convenience, I refer to this Confluence as the Mid-Confluence or Mid-Confleunce Age.

4. Copper  Age (Dwapuryug) 

5. Iron Age (Kaliyug).

6. Confluence Age (Sangamyug)

The BK (Brahma Kumaris) Cycle of Time consists of a duration of 5000 years. It begins with the Golden Age (Satyug or Satyuga). Then comes the Silver Age (Tetrayug or Tretayuga). There is a divine world in the first half cycle, in the Golden Age (Satyug) and Silver Age (Tetrayug). At the end of the Silver Age, when the first sinful act is performed, i.e. when a vice is entertained, the world transforms into an ordinary world. This brings an end to the divine world on earth and the Copper Age (Dwapuryug or Dwapuryuga) begins. There is a Confluence between the Silver Age and the Copper Age when the Corporeal World transforms from the perfect state to the imperfect state. The divine souls transform into the ordinary state. Thus, the whole world, including the corporeal bodies, change into the imperfect state. So, ordinary, imperfect human beings live in the Copper Age. After the Copper Age comes the Iron Age (Kaliyug or Kaliyuga). The ordinary world of the second half cycle exists during both the Copper  Age (Dwapuryug) and the Iron Age (Kaliyug). Then comes the Confluence Age (Sangamyug or Sangamyuga) through which the divine world is re-created and the Golden Age begins again. The Confluence Age (Sangamyug) overlaps the end part of Kaliyug and the beginning of Satyug. Human souls transform into divine souls during Sangamyug. Through this, the whole world transforms into the divine state. So perfect divine human beings will live in the Golden and Silver Ages again. God has already brought the Confluence Age into existence, through the Brahma Kumaris. So through the Confluence Age, the world is now being transformed back into the divine Golden Aged world.

The above gives a brief outline on the Cycle of Time. What is below this are the older notes written on the Cycle of Time which have not been updated. Up-dates on the Cycle of Time are given through Pari's books. 

NB: The remainder (on the Cycle of Time) can be found after the following introductory passages.

Before you read this article, please note that, from 1996, I had begun to see numerous visions. I (Pari, the author of this article) did not have experiences involving the ‘grey aliens’ etc. until a later time. Thus, when I began writing my articles, from 1996, I had not known that the Mid-Confluence Aged scientists (who lived about 2500 years ago) had sent beings into the future, on the instructions of the Mid-Confluence Aged gods/rulers, so that these beings (who are referred to as aliens now) can assist Mankind, especially for the re-creation of the Golden Aged world and the Return (of God and ‘past births through the afterlife’). Hence, in earlier articles, all these are not reflected. All these will be explained further, in future books.
From 1996, when I began seeing numerous visions, I was trying to understand what was happening to me. 
As I was trying to understand this, I began writing all the articles which can be found in this website. Each article is a continuation of the earlier one. So what I had explained in earlier articles were not explained in subsequent articles. This had also allowed me to keep developing what I have to explain. After I had written numerous articles, people were asking me as to which articles they had to read in order to understand something or the other. Thus, in 2015, I began to write books. All the knowledge which a person needs, so as to understand the contents of a book, are given in the book. Thus, a person could understand the contents of a book without having to revert to other articles or books. However, a better understanding could be had through reading the other books. I had also begun writing my first book “Holographic Universe : An Introduction” because I began to have a good understanding on the structure of the Holographic Universe through experiences, guidance from God, research, etc. 

It should be remembered that my articles were written while I was trying to understand what was happening to me. So, the emphasis in the articles may have been on my own roles (due to the afterlife of my past births). In my books, I concentrate on just explaining knowledge and not really on giving an explanation on my own role. 

It should be noted that since there are so many articles, I find it very difficult to update the articles. So there may be information in them which has not been updated. I try my best to keep my eBooks updated. 

Anyway, to have a better understand of what has been said in this article, read all my earlier articles. Begin by reading the first article which is numbered as No.1 at my List of Articles. Then, re-read this article to have a better understanding. It should be noted that all my articles were written based on time being cyclic. Click here to understand the basics of the Cycle of Time.

Cycle of Time

The following articles were posted before the article "Cycles & Calenders - Mayan, BK, Hindu, Cosmological etc" which is the shortened name for Comparing Hindu Cosmological Cycle, Mayan, Jew, Chinese Calenders and Others to the 5000 Year Spiritual Cycle of Time.
I have re-organised and improved the notes of this article and posted them at Comparing Hindu Cosmological Cycle, Mayan, Jew, Chinese Calenders and Others to the 5000 Year Spiritual Cycle of Time. There are a lot of new materials being discussed in the new article too.

The following posts were posted in the Global BK Forum which is not existing now. I have removed a lot of conversations from the thread because I felt that they were not relevant. I will be removing more, with time.  

There is a brief discussion on the cycles, Manvantara and Charturyuga, at:

Vishnu Avatars in the Four Ages (Posted on 8-10-2013) or at

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Below are some video clips on the cycle of time, which I found on youtube from the Brahma Kumaris.

1. Cycle of Time

The following must be seen in the following order as each video clip is a continuation of the next:

1. The Cycle Of Time - Part 1 of 3 - Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation - Experience Peace - Om shanti

2. The Cycle Of Time - Part 2 of 3 - Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation - Experience Peace - Om shanti

3. The Cycle Of Time - Part 3 of 3 - Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation - Experience Peace - Om shanti


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So we are in the last phase of the cycle. People say that we are lucky that we will be witnessing the end and the beginning of the new civilization.
Friday 20th November 2009 01:23am 4


The Mayan Long Count calender is based on a cycle for about 5000 years, which repeats in a linear manner. In the Mayan calendar, the present cycle began around 3114 BC and it ends around 2012 AD. Thus, the cycle is for about 5126 years. When one rounds this off to the nearest thousand, one gets the figure of 5000 years. Five of these cycles represents one evolution around the galactic equinox. A cycle of about 5000 years is an age in the Long Count Calendar. I will explain more on this, later on. 

A few years back when I combined the Jew's 'year of the beginning of the new world' and the Christian's prophesies for the 'year of the end of the world', it had also come to about a 5000 year cycle. I combined the Jew's “beginning of the new world” to the Christian's “end of the world” because both religions are from the line of Abraham. It has to be noted that even the BK knowledge states that a cycle is for 5000 years. Below is a video which gives information on the galactic alignment and the dates for the beginning and end of the present cycle in the Mayan calendar.

LHC-ATLANTIS 2008 ( Galactic Alignment 2012 FINAL ! )

Saturday 19th December 2009 01:18am 5


There is evidence that the Mayans weren't the first people to use a calendar. There were similar ancient calendars in use throughout civilizations worldwide.
There are various ways of using the various Mayan calenders or cycles which are for different purposes. Two of the Mayan Calendars are:
1.the Long Count Calendar (which is discussed below),
2.the 365 days calendar (which I think is similar to our yearly calendar). This calendar is called Haab. It has 18 months of 20 days each, followed by 5 extra days, known as Uayeb. This gives a total of 365 days in a year. The Uayeb days began to be considered as bad luck days. They were known as “days without names” or “days without souls,”. They were observed as days of prayer and mourning. Just as the Mayans had given emphasis to the last few days of the year in this way, even the Christians have. The Christian's last few days of the year are associated to what happens at the end of the cycle, death and resurrection etc. Read the contents of my posts in the topic, “The People from Atlantis” for more information on this.
Actually, the Mayans knew that the year was longer than 365 days. If all the relevant calculations are made based on all their calendars, we will get the Mayan year for 365.242036 days, which is supposed to be slightly more accurate than our 365.2425 days per year.
There seems a few ways of using the Long Count Calendar but now, I am going to give emphasis to 2 aspects to the Long Count Calendar or 2 ways through which the Long Count Calendar can be used, which are as follows.

1st way of using the Long Count Calendar:
The Great Cycle, in the Long Count, lasts for 5125 years. The start of this cycle is the creation date. When the cycle ends, as new cycle begins. The current Great Cycle is said to have started on August 11, 3114 BC. It will end 5125 years later on 21-12-2012. The cycle has a rounded off figure (to the nearest thousand) of 5000 years. This would be exactly as it is said in the BK gyan where each cycle is said to have about 5000 years (as a rounded off figure). The relevant authorities of the present world disagree on the dates which the Mayan “creation” and “end” dates correspond to, in our calendar, because of different formulas used for calculating. So sometimes people say that the end date is on 21-12-2012 while others say that the end date is on 23-12-2012. I am not concerned about this disagreement on the date. Since most people take the date of destruction as 21-12-2012, I have also taken this as the date.

2nd aspect of the Long Count Calendar:
The Mayan Long Count Calendar is used in a way where there are 5 cycles repeating one after the other, based on the earth's precessional cycle. As said earlier, each Great Cycle (of the Mayan Long Count Calendar) consists of 5125 years. Since the present cycle began in 3114 BC and ends in 2012 AD; the next cycle starts immediately after that and lasts for another 5125 years. Some people say that we are in the 4th cycle and that the next cycle is the 5th cycle. Others say that the Mayans have said that 4 cycles have already passed and that we are in the 5th cycle which will come to an end on 21-12-2012. Each of the previous 4 cycles are supposed to have ended with destructive events and it has been prophesied that this last 5th cycle will also end with destructive events. But the 21-12-2012 destructive event is something which will occur once in every 26,000 years because it takes 26,000 years for the earth to complete one precessional cycle on its axis. There is a total of 25,625 years if the 5125 year Great Cycle is repeated 5 times. If this figure is rounded off to the nearest thousand, you will get 26,000 years. Thus, 5 Great Cycles has about the same time period as one of the earth's precessional cycle on the earth's axis. Current day scientists also say that each precession on the earth's axis is for about 26,000 years (or a little less). The present 5th cycle will bring an end to one precession on the earth's axis. It is said that the Mayans seem to have given a lot of importance to the earth's precession on its axis. Present day scientists are not able to understand why. People say, the knowledge of our scientists is not that good yet and this is why they are not able to state with certainty as to whether the 2012 winter solstice galactic alignment, along with the precession etc will bring about destructive events as prophesised by the ancient civilizations. Some of the present day scientists say that it will not affect while others say that it will. I don't think they are making these statements based on scientific evidences. I think they are just theories put forward.

The precession of the earth on its axis co-inciding with the 2012 winster solstice galactic alignment is a significant event used by the Mayans to signify that a new age will be born after that galactic alignment. Since there is a confluence between the Iron Age and Golden Age, one shouldn't give an exact date when the crossing over will take place. But I suppose for the sake of a “calendar” beginning a new age, a date has to be given. In the BK murlis, it has been said that the new world will begin with the birth of Krishna and that a new calendar will begin from that date. However, in the sakar murlis, it has also been said that Krishna's birth will take place after fierce destructive events have taken place. When Krishna is born, there will not be that many people on earth. But scientists are only expecting fierce destructive events to occur after 21-12-2012 or around 2015 or 2016. The Mayan calendar expects destruction to have taken place by 21-12-2012 and a new age to begin on 21-12-2012 when the sun crosses the galactic equator. However, the Mayan New Age date is made based on astronomical events and a rounded off figure can also be used for astronomical events. Thus, one can say that the Mayan New Age date was just a rough estimate based on rounded off figures for astronomical events.

The cycles in the Long Count Calendar will repeat again and again continuously in a linear manner, without stopping. It will not stop after 5 cycles. Even the earth will not stop it's precession after 1 cycle, though drastic changes might take place in relation to the pole shift after one cycle of precession (when the earth's axis is near the equator of the Milky Way). The ancient Mayans have said that the destructive events that took place at the end of the 4 previous cycles were caused by something else. Since the Long Count Calendar is used for 5 repetitive cycles based on the earth's precession on its axis, there had been 4 earlier destructive events during the time while the earth was making 1 cycle of its precession. These 4 earlier destructive events were not caused by the same thing as now, at the end of the 5th cycle. The Mayans are supposed to have said that the 2012 winter solstice galactic event is one of the causes for the 2012 destructive event.
It has to be noted that in the sakar murlis, God only speaks of the 5000 year cycle, with each cycle ending in destruction. He does NOT say whether the reasons for the destruction is astronomical or not. He does not say whether the same astronomical events will be the cause of the destructive events. So what the Mayans are saying is not something that is different from what BK gyan / knowledge says. As far as the Confluence Aged souls are concerned, destruction will happen every 5000 years and we have to be prepared for it. Further, it has to be noted that Baba does say in the sakar murlis that if we want to know what the future is like, we should go and ask the astrologers. Thus, indirectly, He has acknowledged that it is possible to know the future through astrology, though Baba did not acknowledge it in a direct way. Where astronomy is concerned, Baba was not dealing with the matter. Astrology depends on astronomy for its predictions. Astrologers predict the future through seeing the location of the sun, moon, planets and the stars/constellations. The Mayans' 2012 winter solstice galactic alignment prophecy is also an astrological prediction for destruction to take place at that time. But the ancient Mayans also seem to have said that the 2012 winter solstice galactic alignment will bring about destructive events.

The Long Count calendar would take on a 'linear time' approach when used on monuments like the pyramids because the tip of the pyramids is the end. So it would seem like as if time ends with the tip of the pyramid. If I am not mistaken, the tips of the pyramids are supposed to represent a higher consciousness etc that would exist at the end of the Long count calendar. This reminds me of the story of the Tower of Babel where men were supposed to have started building the Tower of Babel so that it would reach into heaven.

The higher consciousness will actually exist at the end of each 5000 year cycle. God has told BKs in the sakar murli that the cycle of 5000 years keeps repeating exactly as it had in the previous cycle. I believe that it would be like this. But not everything might be the same because the earth's precession takes 26,000 years and other astronomical events take longer to complete a cycle. I believe that the Hindu cycle of time was based on an astronomical event which required a longer period of time to complete a cycle. Some astronomical cycles probably could be seen as a 4 stage cycle (satopradhan, sato, rajo and tamo) just as even in each human birth there are the 4 stages of satopradhan, sato, rajo and tamopradhan. I will be dealing with the Hindu cycle of time in a later post.

The Mayans have also recorded time based on other astronomical events apart from the precession of the earth on its axis. Where the Long Count Calendar is concerned, the Mayans gave a lot of importance to the time during one precessional cycle on the earth's axis and to how the earth's axis points to the center of the Milkway when it is near the equator of the galaxy at 21-12-2012. Researchers are saying that, maybe, the fact that the earth's axis is near the black hole and equator of the galaxy, might affect the earth's axis. That it might cause the pole shift but this is just a view. It is not proven that it will. It is not known as to why the Mayans took the precession on the earth's axis as a way of measuring time for the Long Count Calendar.

There are various interpretations on the Mayan Calendars but I have preferred to take the interpretations which seem to flow along well with the BK knowledge because of my faith in the contents of the sakar murlis. I have noticed that if I use information, through using the BK knowledge as the basic structure, it makes sense.

See the videos below to understand the Mayan Calendar, the precession, galactic alignment etc:
1.History Channel - 2012 and Earth Changes

The Mayan people of the present world seem to be not aware of some of the things that were there in the archeological finds. It is being said that they are no longer using the Mayan Long Count calendar.
The Mayan Long Count Calendar is also viewed in a linear manner. I will be dealing with this aspect in my next post when I will be comparing it to the Hindu cosmological cycle of time. There are various ways through which time has been measured. Even in Hinduism, time has been measured in various ways depending on different astronomical cycle. One can see this even in the various Mayan cycles which are based on different astronomical cycles.

Saturday 19th December 2009 01:26am


I have posted the above video in a new site, please press the pause button and allow the video to buffer so that it would not keep stopping when you watch it. The above post does not completely deal with the Hindu cycle of time. I will be dealing with that in my next post.
Friday 25th December 2009 03:12am 7


Ya, the Hindu cycle is based on Hindu cosmology. That must be why their cycle is for such a long duration. They must have discarded the 5000 year cycle and maintained a cycle based on science. The Vedas give a lot of importance to science. Confusion but have made them replace the 5000 year cycle with the long cosmological cycle. The Mayans have maintained the 5000 year cycle while trying to relate this to the longer cosmological cycle.
Friday 25th December 2009 02:38pm 8


In her post in the Topic, "Galactic Alignment and Precession" Pari had said the following. I felt that it should be here so that we can continue understanding the cycle through that.

Pari had said: "There is another aspect to the galactic alignment where another very different kind of galactic alignment is proposed by some scientists. .....
the solar system moves above and below the plane of the galaxy very slowly (vertical oscillations) while the sun obits around the galactic center. It takes the sun about 225 to 250 million years to complete one cycle around the center of the galaxy. The time taken for one complete revolution of the Sun around the center of the galaxy is called a “cosmic year”. It is said that the Sun has orbited the galaxy, more than 20 times during its 5 billion year lifetime. I will be discussing this more when I discuss the Hindu cosmological cycle of time.

As said earlier, the vertical oscillations of the sun causes it to regularly pass through the galactic plane (galactic equator). When the Sun moves outside the galactic disk, the influence of the galactic tide is weaker. To understand the galactic tide please read the contents in the following web-site:

The galactic disk is the flat distribution of stars and interstellar matter in the spiral arms and plane of the Milky Way Galaxy. As the sun re-enters the galactic disk, as it does every 20–30 million years, it comes under the influence of the far stronger "disc tides" which increases the flux of Oort cloud comets into the Solar System. This increases the likelihood of a devastating comet impact on earth. To understand what “Oort cloud” means, read the article in the following web-site:

However, this "second kind of alignment" takes place over millions of years (because the movement of the sun is slow), and an exact date cannot be given to it. It is said that the Sun passed through the galactic disk only three million years ago, and is now moving farther above it. So it does not seem like as if we are due to an alignment of this kind now. I will be discussing this second kind of galactic alignment again when I discuss the Hindu cosmological cycle of time.

There is a lot of confusion in respect of the galactic alignment because of various theories and views. There is a little explanation on the second kind of galactic alignment in the video below:
1.Galactic Alignment 2012


Friday 1st January 2010 05:11pm 17


Actually, this morning when I was waking up and afterwards, I was experiencing that Krishna would not be born around 2012; that he would be born around 2036 (give and take a few years around that time). It was my experience that the 2012 thing is merely a transformation thing connected to the walking in process. Around 2006, some souls have already acquired the ability to walk into heaven and development of their role which would be used after walking into heaven has started. Others would be acquiring this ability slowly. I am saying all these based on my own experiences and if others do not accept this, it is OK. It is my view that 2012 is related to this. Maybe, it is also related to something else (I am not sure). But Krishna is not going to be born now or in the near future. The time for his birth might only be around 2036 (give and take a few years). We might only be facing the walking in process now. The walking in process is also a slow process which gives time for the spiritual roles, which will be used for walking in, to develop.

It is my view that God is the Supreme Soul and there is a soul in each human body. Yet, we are all connected through our consciousness and the world drama. Hindus believe in Atma and Paramatma. Yet they say that the self or the soul is Brahman. They say that all that we see in the world is Brahman. They say Brahman is absolute existence, consciousness and bliss. I understand this to mean that the the consciousness of the soul and the subtle self is connected to all other spiritual energies through the world drama. The soul is in the metaphysical dimension within the corporeal world. This metaphysical dimension in the corporeal world is different from the Soul World which is the Home of God and all souls. The metaphysical region in the corporeal world is linked to the corporeal world through the subtle region. This means it is linked to the corporeal world through the subtle consciousness which is experienced at the subtle region. When the soul is in a blissful state, this is expressed through the subtle region and the corporeal body.

The subtle regions are parallel universes which are closest to the corporeal world. The metaphysical parallel universes are more difficult to assess because of their metaphysical nature. Consciousness is the basis behind matter and it exists along with matter. Subtle spiritual energy affects each other and matter through the interaction of consciousness in the world drama. One cannot separate consciousness from the world drama. As is our consciousness, so is the world. When our consciousness is divine, everything around us transforms into the divine state. When we become body-conscious, we become ordinary and the world transforms back into an ordinary world. Does matter have consciousness? There is no soul in matter. There is only a soul in each human body and each animal. There is no soul in plants as well. Yet, plants and matter seem to relate to us in various ways and I would say that it is based on their consciousness that they do this, though there is no soul within matter. When I started going to the early morning murli classes in the Brahma Kumaris, I began to experience like as if the air, the clouds, the sky and nature around me were so happy that I had come. They saw my subtle presence and identified that subtle role to the transformation of the world from the ordinary to the divine. God will be using 900,000 souls in the Confluence Age for this transformation process and I probably am one of them. Maybe, this is one of the reasons why I am not able to let go of the BK knowledge, which I have learnt, which is geared to making us ready for transformation of the world. Coming back to those experiences which I was talking about earlier. Nature and the air etc around me seemed to have known that I am one of those who will be involved with transforming them back to their divine state. I did not know that at that time and so I was wondering why they were feeling in that way, but they knew and they were happy to see my subtle presence in the Confluence Aged subtle region. They were blissfully happy to see my arrival into the parallel universe which was involved in the transformation process. Maybe, they will be happy to see anyone who comes into that Parallel Universe in the Confluence Age which will be responsible for their transformation into the divine, and their blissful state was not really an acknowledgement that I will be one of those in the 900,000. Anyway, BK knowledge will not completely explain this experience of mine. BKs are just trained to make effort so that they are ready for the transformation of the old world into a divine world. So they are trained not to waste their thoughts on irrelevant matter. However, I got a better understanding through what was written in the Hindu scriptures. I am also trying to understand Hinduism and my experiences through understanding quantum mechanics. When I see matter and everything else as consciousness, I can understand those experiences. I would say that though there is no soul in nature, there is consciousness in nature. The BK knowledge just says that there is light energy in nature and matter. From my experience I would say that this light energy is the consciousness of nature. I am making a distinction between the soul and consciousness as Hinduism does. However, the soul and its consciousness are closely linked because consciousness is also part of the soul; it is the living energies of the soul.

The energies of the human soul is of a more superior quality compared to the energies of the soul of the animal. The energies of the human and animal souls are of a more superior quality than the energies of nature and matter. But whatever quality these energies are of, they are all part of Brahman. The energies of God is even more superior than that of human souls. The strength of the energies of God is like an Ocean in comparison to that of the human soul. But since Hinduism is saying that the essence of what is in God is also there everywhere, I will take it that there is some similarities in respect of all these energies, even though they are different. I take it that the similarity is the consciousness which is the living aspect of the energies. Electricity etc are non-living energies. God does not become weak and tamopradhan. He is the ever-powerful Supreme Soul. Human souls, after coming into the corporeal world from the Soul World, become weak like how a charged battery loses its charge over time. But the light in our soul cannot completely get extinguish. That is why God Comes to re-charge us back into a powerful state. The energies of nature, animals and matter depends on the strength of human energies. As we get tamopradhan, they become tamopradhan. As we transform into the Satopradhan state, they also get transformed into the satopradhan state. It is because nature is dependent on our transformation that I had experienced nature to be blissfully happy to see me in the Confluence Aged subtle region. Within the Confluence Age, there are various subtle regions. BKs are taught of the 3 main ones which are related to the experiences which they have: Brahmapuri, Vishnupuri and Shankerpuri. I would say that there are other kinds of subtle regions related to the Confluence Age as well. I would say that the subtle region which I was in (in my experience where nature was blissfully happy to see) was the one through which nature etc get transformed. How I got into that subtle region, I don't know. I was not making effort to experience anything like that. Maybe, God had given me the experience based on my own role. It seems to be an experience which connects BK knowledge to what has been said in Hinduism. However, it is also an experience that enables us to understand that human souls have to make effort to become powerful. Through that transformation, nature and the whole world gets transformed. Those who can't do it, have to get recharged before they are taken back at the end of the cycle. Others, in the Confluence Age, transform themselves and thus transform the world through that.
Saturday 2nd January 2010 11:07pm 19


Something has always happened on the dates/years prophesied by those making predictions (including nostradamus's predictions); something that is part of the destructive events.

Wednesday 6th January 2010 06:15pm 2

The Confluence Age is to safe ourselves and help in the transformation process. The cycle of time will repeat itself and no-one will be able to stop it. Destruction will take place and we have to be smart and make sure that we can safe ourselves and help others at the same time. Some people get carried away and can wish for destruction. But this is not what the Confluence Age is all about. It is a time when we are given an opportunity to do something to help ourselves and others.
Friday 8th January 2010 09:18pm 9


When one tries to understand the Hindu cycle, one has to understand how the principles of Hinduism might have got derived. When one studies all these closer, it would be obvious that science had played a great role in the development of Hinduism. Quantum Mechanics had also played a great role in the development of the Hindu principles. 'Probabilities' play a huge role in Quantum Mechanics. 'Probabilities also play a huge role in Hinduism. For example, in Hinduism, one of the main principles is to accept that there can be so many probablities in believes. So one can accept God as not being everywhere and that He is in a specific non-corporeal form. The terms Paramatma allows for this. Yet, at the same time one can also have the believe that God is everywhere and the term "Brahman" allows this. This view is a view which allows for probabilities. Similarly, the Hindu creation of the universe is a science based theory. Though Hinduism provides for a creation of the universe theory based on science, it also state that there is no end and beginning because time moves in a cyclic manner.

Friday 8th January 2010 09:21pm 10


In Hinduism along with the concept of Brahman, there is also the concept of Atma / Atman and Paramatma / Paramatman. Atma is the human soul. Each human soul is an atma. God is Paramatma, the Supreme Soul. Otherss have their own views about what Brahman is but my view of Brahman is that Brahman consists of all the infinite and finite energies, of all spiritual energies playing their role together in this world drama, in an intergrated or combined form. Brahman consists of the metaphysical spiritual energies in everything, including the human souls, animal souls, light energy in matter and God. So long as Brahman exists, there cannot be an end to our corporeal world. Time will just keep repeating in cycles.

Friday 8th January 2010 09:40pm 11


At the end of each cycle of time, at the end of kaliyug (during the Confluence Age), God comes into the corporeal world to lead us all. Until then, one can only communicate with God as Brahman or through the concept of Brahman. Brahman includes the human souls, God, the souls of animals and the living spiritual light energy of all matter. The essense of all these spiritual light energy is that it is spiritual living energy. It is not non-living like heat and light for bulbs. So there is a similarity between these energies which are in us and in God. Based on this similarity, we are all Brahman. However, there is a difference the Strenth of God's energies and the human soul's energy. When the human souls are in their satopradhan state (when in Satyug or Golden Age), the energies of the souls are similar to that of God. It is divine in nature and is very powerful. However. God's strength is like that of an ocean while the human soul's is the like a drop of that ocean. This is why the satopradhan people in Satyug are called deities, or gods and goddesses. The souls, God and the spiritual light energy of all matter are metaphysical. They are all connected to the corporeal world through the subtle regions. The subtle regions can also be referred to as the subtle dimensions or subtle worlds or parallel universes. Brahman, involves all these metaphysical spiritual energies and their role in relation to the corporeal world. So Brahman includes the subtle region and our roles there because it is through the subtle region that the soul will be able to play is role in the corporeal world. There are various kinds of subtle regions. Each religion will have their own subtle regions. Each group that develops a faith in certain believes have their own subtle region through which their believes are manifested. If one compares quantum physics to what has been stated in Hinduism, one would say that the quantum mechanics principles heavily influenced in the creation of the spiritual knowledge of Hinduism. Hinduism states that the corporeal world is a illusion. One can explain this through using the sciences, including quantum physics. Hinduism also states that Brahman is consciousness and that Brahman is everywhere. What is it that is everywhere? It is the spiritual energies which is everywhere. The energies of matter cannot think and behave like humans because they have no corporeal body to express themselves, their consciousness is basically to make them serve mankind. In the knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris, it has been said that all the 5 elements are waiting to serve us. In the heavenly world which is the next age, called Golden Age or Satyug, nature will serve us. But when we lost our spiritual strength, they also lost their spiritual strength cos their spiritual strength depends on our spiritual strength. When we become spiritually powerful again, the 5 elements of nature will serve us again. In the present Kaliyug world, men will have to master the art of getting the 5 elements to serve them. But when we are spiritually powerful, as we are in the Golden Age, nature will naturally serve us. In the knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris, it has been said that Mankind are the lord and masters in this corporeal world during the Golden Age. This is how it should be but our weakened state is not allowing us to be the lord and masters of this world. If we were the lord and masters of this corporeal world, matter has to serve us. This is why men who have developed the art to do magical things are able to do that. Since Brahman / consciousness is universal, we would be able to makes things disappear and appear. We would be able to make things happen through our command. However, there is also such a thing called the Law of Karma. If one does something wrong, one has to settle for their bad deed. Similarly, our good deeds brings us good luck.From the Copper Age, the purity of the yogis was helping to keep the world peaceful. But now, at the end of the cycle of time, we have God's help to transform the world into a divine world.

Sunday 10th January 2010 03:53pm 16


It would seem that if you wanted to “observe” or detect the electron, you are brought into the corporeal dimension and you see the electron behaving like a particle; and if you were not interested in looking at the electron or photon and you just let them act, you will be seeing the movement of the electron or photon as waves, i.e. you are observing what happens in the dimension of waves. It is as if the photon and electron are existing simultaneously in 2 dimensions, the particle dimension and the wave dimension. This and the fact that whatever we see hear, hear, touch etc are all done through electrical signals sent through our nerves, may have influenced the ancient Hindus to take the view that the Corporeal World is actually an illusion. The corporeal world is made of atoms and atoms have electrons in them. And the electrons seem to be existing in 2 dimensions – the particle dimension and the wave dimension. Light also has the properties of both the wave and the particle, like the electron. The tiny light particle is called photon. So you have a photon of light which is like a particle of light. Yet at the same time, that photon of light behaves like waves. So the light energy is in 2 dimensions which are the particle dimension and the wave dimension. Both these dimensions (the light's particle dimension and the light's wave dimension) are measurable and so they are in the corporeal dimension. The metaphysical energies are not measurable. The soul is in the metaphysical dimension. The soul is also a point of light (like a photon). The soul also has wave-like properties because our feelings can affect others and to do this, the souls' energies must be like vibrations or waves. So the soul, like light, also has 2 dimensions which are the metaphysical dimension and the subtle dimension. The energies of the soul are in the metaphysical dimension but the energies sent out to influence others is in the subtle dimension. But our brain waves are waves belonging to the corporeal dimension and this is why machines are able to easily record it. Brahman includes the subtle dimensions of the souls through which God can influence us through His vibrations and we can influence others through our vibration. Brahman includes the vibrations of God, human souls and the spiritual energies of nature. So there is metaphysical Paramatma (God) and Atma (human soul). Yet at the same time there is the subtle Brahman which includes God's vibrations and human vibrations. So it would seem that even the Hindu Paramatma, Atma and Brahman theories were developed through being influenced by Quantum Physics. Nature does not have the vices. This is why when we are upset and we walk among nature, we become influenced by their viceless state and become peaceful. We are influenced by their vibrations. However, natures' state is dependent on Man's state. So when when Man becomes satopradhan, nature is transformed through our vibrations and stays that way for so long as Man is satopradhan. The minute, Man looses his satopradhan state, nature also looses it. When Man goes into the sato stage, nature goes into the sato stage. When Man goes into the Rajo state, nature goes into the rajo state. When Man goes into the tamopradhan state, nature goes into the tamopradhan state. Nature's state is dependent on Man's state as we move through the cycle of time. Man's energies transforms from the divine into the ordinary as we move into the Copper Age. In the Satopradhan and sato state, there are only the virtues within man. From the copper Age onwards, our energies slowly transforms into the vices as we begin to use the vices. However, where nature is concerned, it's energies do not get transformed into the vices as Man's does. They only become weak like how Man have become weak. Since Nature does not have the vices within them. It feels good to be within nature.

One can't measure the metaphysical energies with the machines. One might be ale to measure that which is connected to the subtle regions depending on how closely associated it is to the corporeal world. For example, ghosts have attachment for something in the corporeal world and so they are closely associated to the corporeal world. So one might be able to detect their subtle energies. However, one might not be able to detect the other subtle bodies in the subtle regions because they not closely associated to the corporeal world. One might be able to detect the brain waves to decide the state which a person is in but that might be all that they can measure.

Sunday 10th January 2010 09:58pm 18


To understand Hinduism, you should understand the science called Quantum Mechanics. Mechanics is the science through which one studies force and motion. Mechanics is a branch of Physics. Classical mechanics is the theory of mechanics based on Newton's laws of motion. Classical mechanics is a also branch of classical physics. But this branch was not able to deal with quantum and so Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics was used for the study of the quantum. 1 particle of photon or electron is 1 quanta / quantum of energy. This is the basic unit of energy. Energy exists in quantums and not as a continuous form. These particles of quantum travel as waves in space. Quantum mechanics says that there is no empty space. It says that there is energy even in empty space even though there are no particles in it. Brahman is similar to all our spiritual energies in space. Our souls are in our bodies, they are not in the space outside us and yet our energies flows outside us into space and fills it up. So it is as if we are everywhere as Brahman and God is also everywhere as Brahman. Yet, at the same time, each human body has it's own soul (Atma) which is a quantum of energy. God (Paramatma) is also a quantum of energy but His energies are more powerful than the human soul's energies.

The communication between God and the soul, who is in yoga with God, works like the science of quantum entanglement. This is what BKs are aiming to achieve. A state where God's thought is our thought and we do as we get instructed by God. It will be as if God is getting it done. This is also my aim. This is what we mean when we say that we want to be and remain as instruments of God. This is how God gets the world transformed into the new world at the end of the cycle of time. But off course, if our link is not good, we would be doing what we want to do and our thought would not be what God's thought was. And so sometimes, it is difficult to say if we are doing what we want to do or whether we are acting as per God's instructions. One could also use the quantum entanglement theory to explain how we are all entangled into the world drama. The minute we leave the soul world to come into the corporeal world, we get entangled into the world drama and God is also entangled into it. Thus we are take our births as we do and God plays His role as He does. When the foetus is created for us and it is time for us to leave the present body to enter into that foetus, we leave and take our birth there because of the entanglement with each other and the world drama. Some people like the idea of having a 'quantum entanglement' kind of relationship with others and animals whereas others, like me, would prefer to have a 'quantum entanglement' kind of relationship with God. In heaven, a perfect 'quantum entanglement' kind of relationship exist between a husband and wife, and nature and animals. So animals and nature serve us there in the Golden Age. A husband (Narayan) and wife (Lakshmi) would behave like Vishnu.

Monday 11th January 2010 07:41pm 21


The following posts are on quantum mechanics for your understanding:

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Wednesday 13th January 2010 12:48am 22

After all that I had read and seen, I have come to the conclusion that the ancient Hindus and the ancient people in the Middle East area must have had some form of understanding or 'agreement to the plan' that:
1.the Middle East people should give emphasis to the 'destructive event' at the end of the 5000 year cycle of time,
2.while the Hindus give emphasis to the 'sustenance of the world' (with or without any destructive events at the end of the 5000 year cycle).

It is from the Middle East area that the Jew and Christian theories of destruction etc was got from. In a earlier post, I had mentioned how when I combined the Jew creation date/year and the Christian destruction date/year, it roughly comes to about the 5000 year period, similar to the Mayans. If one looks at all the evidences and knowledge from the ancient people in the Middle East, it would seem that they are geared towards preparing people for the destructive event. Hinduism, on the other hand gives emphasis to yoga which helps sustain the world.

Historical evidences show that there were communications between India and the Middle East area in ancient times. Further, if one looks at all the legendary stories, ancient culture, pyramids etc one would see a lot of similarities world wide. From all the evidences, it would be obvious that during ancient times there was an advanced science and there was world-wide communication as we have today. If not, one will not be able to explain all the similarities in the ancient culture, legends, pyramids, etc. Even now, there are a lot of similarities world wide but the similarity is based on the western culture. Earlier on, the influence was the Indian culture and there are evidences pointing to that because traces of Indian culture was seen world-wide from evidences left behind by the ancient people. From evidences left behind, by ancient people world-wide, through constructions etc, one would notice that there were 'plans' carried out on a world-wide scale even where the placing of the stars on the earth is concerned. So I have taken a view that the ancient Hindus and the Middle Eastern people must have come to some form of understanding or had made a 'plan'. Through this plan or understanding, the Hindus had concentrated on yoga so as to sustain the world through the purity of the yogis whereas the people in the Middle East concentrated on preparing everyone for 'destruction' after the 5000 year period, so as to ensure that Mankind do not get completely destroyed. I had taken this view a long time ago when I was informing through my earlier post that I will be making a comparison between the Mayan calender and the Hindu cycle of time. However, I had taken the decision to make sure that I have enough facts in my hand so that people can believe what I say. I had read a lot since many many years ago which I would like to use as evidence now but I had not collected a lot of those evidences and I have to start collecting them. So I decided not to inform of my view until a later time. However, when I heard Gary A. David, author of the book “The Orion Zone” say that his view was that the Hopi people's role was to help maintain the balance of the earth whereas the Mayans were the masters at keeping time (listen to the second half of the video below), I decided to state my own opinion now while I gather other evidences to support it.

Video : The Hopi Nation & The Orion Zone

The Hopis have ceremonies which are supposed to help keep the earth in balance for as long as possible despite the 'destruction prophesies'. The Hopis calender is not as good as the Mayans. Similarly, even the ancient Hindus may have embarked on such a task of trying to prevent destruction from taking place, at the end of the 5000 year cycle, through yoga. Or they may have tried to sustain the world while making it seem like as if destruction is very far away. Thus, they had probably decided to replace the 5000 year cycle with a different longer cycle which was based on the sciences. It is very obvious that the ancient Hindus had used the sciences a lot in their yogic theories, including the hatha yoga theories. The ancient Hindus may have decided to replace the 5000 year cycle of time to a longer one so as to have a cycle of time that can be proven through the sciences. Since the ancient Hindus were trying to remain scientific, they may have omitted the 5000 year cycle because the 5000 year cycle is not something which is based on the sciences like astronomy. The 5000 year cycle is based on spirituality. It is the spiritual cycle for the world drama. It is based on the soul's need to get re-charged every 5000 years through God's help.

The ancient Hindus, at the beginning of the Copper Age may have also purposely omitted the 5000 year cycle of time from their many cycles of time because they wanted to keep the yogis happy and peaceful. A happy and peaceful state enables one to go beyond into a spiritual state easily. Through this there can be greater purity in the mind which can help maintain peace in the world. It has to be noted that the Hindus also created the hatha yoga asanas. Exercise enables one to enjoy a happy and peaceful state. This will enable one to go within quickly. In the early 1980s, I was doing the hatha yoga asanas/exercises and I found that my meditation experiences were very good when I was meditating while doing the asanas. It would seem that the Hindus were creating spiritual practices and theories so as to enable yogis to have good yoga experiences. Thus, they could have intentionally, prolonged the date of the 'destruction' through changing the cycle of time which they used. Each cycle has the satopradhan, sato, rajo and tamo stages. These 4 stages are also there in our lifetime in the present birth. Even where the creation of the universe is concerned there will be a satopradhan beginning and a tamopradhan end. So the Hindu cycle of time is not wrong. It only does not represent the spiritual cycle of time. The Mayans have tried to insert the spiritual cycle of time into the astronomical cycle of time through their Long Count Calender. They have not based the '5000 year cycle of time' on any astronomical event. This may be so because the '5000 year cycle of time' is a spiritual cycle of time for the soul to get re-charged.

In the sakar murlis (of the Brahma Kumaris), it has been said that the yogis, from the Copper Age, had sustained the purity of the world so that people do not experience much sorrow. I would say that the yogis had not only done that but they may have planed to sustain the world through adopting spiritual theories which would help them in their sustenance of the world. They may have planned to do this through the Hindu theories related to Brahman and the cycle of time. According to their cycle of time, the extreme state of Kaliyug has not come yet. Kaliyug only started about 5000 years ago. According to their theory, Golden Age, Silver Age, Copper Age and the Iron Age are in this ratio 4:3:2:1. This means that Satyug has a time period 4 times that of Kaliyug. Silver Age has a time period 3 times as long as that of Kaliyug and the Copper Age has a time span of 2 times that of Kaliyug. They have made it seem like as if the suffering will not be for long. This kind of spiritual knowledge will enables the Hindu yogis easily attain a peaceful state which will help to sustain the world until destruction takes place. They will not have worries and fears (about destruction) would might bring their stage down. The thought of destruction can bring worries and fear into people. When one is filled with worries and fear, it will be more difficult to go beyond. Further, positive thoughts will help to keep things positive. The Hindus may have purposely discarded the '5000 year spiritual cycle of time' in an attempt to change the world drama, based on their mind power to influence the world drama, through the concept of Brahman. Or they may have done it so that it will help them to sustain the world through their yoga power, even while destruction takes place.

If one studies the Hindu theories, especially where Brahman etc are concerned, it is as if the ancient Hindus were saying that through our consciousness or mind power, we can control everything around us. If they can have this attitude, they could have also have had the attitude that they could prevent destruction from taking place. So they could have decided not to give any emphasis to the 5000 year cycle and they adopted a cycle of time based on astronomy. The yogis have developed a lot of powers to do a lot of impossible things through understanding and using the theories related to Brahman / consciousness, etc. Since the yogis are able to perform a lot of magical things through practicing yoga, they may have thought that through mind power etc, the destructive process can be pushed off. Can the destructive events be postponed through the Hindu practices and believes? There are certain things which we can change while there are other events which we cannot change. Maybe, what they did was merely a way to sustain the world while the world goes through the destructive events.

The ancient Hindus knew of the sciences and quantum mechanics which is why they came up with the theory that the corporeal world is an illusion (Maya). If one listens to what present day quantum physicists say, it would be obvious they are also trying to relate the quantum theory of the electron to the Hindu theory that the corporeal world is an illusion. The theory of the corporeal world being an illusion is also based on the fact that everything which we see, hear, taste and touch is based on vibrations. One has to understand this through understanding the science related to these.

Even though we are discussing the cycle of time in this post, I have to discuss a lot of other things before we can understand the Hindu cycle of time properly because it is all related. The ancient Hindus have given emphasis to the sciences and quantum mechanics, and they have included that into their spiritual studies and their Hindu cycle of time. It can also be said that they have related their cycle of time with probabilities (probabilities is a main Quantum Mechanics concept). Where the Hindu cycle of time is concerned, it can be taken that they are saying that 'it is this and it can also be that'. Thus, where destruction is concerned, the Hindu principles say that there will be destruction and yet there will not be one. The Hindus have explained how the universe is created. It is as if they are saying that there is a beginning and an end to the Universe based on scientific knowledge. Yet, at the same time, they are also saying that there is no beginning and end to the universe because creation and destruction of the universe continues in a cyclic manner. So there is no beginning and there is no end.

Science has to give a beginning to the Universe because that is how science works. So the ancient Hindu texts have created the theory for the creation of the universe based on the sciences. But in the spiritual context, and in reality, there is no beginning or end for the universe because everything is cyclic.

Later, I will compare 'the Hindu cycle of time which is based on the cycle of time for the universe' to what the Jews, science etc are saying. For the time being, I am just pointing out that the Hindus may have also applied the Quantum Mechanics principle of probablities when they are talking about the 2 different kind of theories:

1. when they put forward the theory of how the universe may have been created based on the sciences,
2.when they say that there is no beginning and no end because time travels in a cycle.

Quantum mechanics is all about probabilities and the ancient Hindus were influenced by the quantum mechanics theory of probabilities. If one considers everything else in Hinduism, one would find that Hinduism states that “it can be this or it can be that” to almost everything where religious views are concerned. It is this attitude which allows Hinduism to accept any religious theory into the religion.

Wednesday 13th January 2010 11:35pm 23

In Hinduism, Vishnu and Krishna have been seen as roles for sustenance of the world. Krishna belongs to the Golden Age and Dwarka. Dwarka is another name for the heavenly world, in the Golden Age. Yet, Krishna has also been associated to the Copper Age because it is from the Copper Age that the world really needs sustenance because of the impure state of the world. In the Golden Age, Krishna naturally sustained the world through his satopradhan state. But from the Copper Age onwards, there was a need for the incarnations of Krishna because of the need for sustenance. Thus, from the Copper Age until now, religious founders have often been referred to as an incarnation of Krishna. Krishna is a role where the soul is in a pure state. Such a pure soul does provide sustenance to the world. The Krishna of the Copper Age is a role which is similar to the Pharaohs of the Old Kingdom of ancient Egypt. The Pharaohs were also kings associated to sustenance of the corporeal world. It was because the Pharaohs were associated to sustenance that the Pyramids were built for them. After the Old Kingdom of ancient Egypt fell, no more pyramids were built for the Pharoahs. Present day researchers say, based on evidences, that the Old Kingdom fell because the Nile River went dry or was drying up, which was why the people had abandoned their homes which was near the River Nile. It was after that that the Egyptians stopped building pyramids for their Pharaoh. Maybe, they lost faith that their Pharaoh was sustaining them when they were suffering as the River Nile started drying up. The Old Kingdom of ancient Egypt was also called the Pyramid Age because all the pyramids had been built during that time. During the Old Kingdom, the Pharaoh was God on earth. Then, the old kingdom was abandoned. Later, the Middle Kingdom of Egypt began. During Middle Kingdom, the ancient Egyptians did not give as much importance to the Pharaohs anymore and no more pyramids were built for them. The Middle Kingdom began with the kings of the Twelfth Dynasty which restored central government control under the Pharaoh.
In the Old Kingdom, divine kingship was the most striking feature of Egypt. The whole political and economic system in the Old Kingdom of Egypt developed around the concept that the Pharaoh was a god incarnate who had magical powers to control the Nile flood for the benefit of the nation. The Old Kingdom came to an end when the central administration collapsed in the late Sixth Dynasty. It is said that this collapse was partly a result of climatic conditions that caused a period of low Nile waters, during which time there was great famine. If the Pharaoh had such great powers to control the Nile flood, how could this have happened. Maybe, the initial Pharaoh did have such great powers but the subsequent Pharaohs lacked this ability. The initial or first Pharaoh may have been like Krishna of the Copper Age. They may have been very powerful spiritually. It is being said that during the Old Kingdom, Egypt was ruled by a strong government until priests and other government officials demanded more power.

Thursday 14th January 2010 01:10pm 24

There is a difference between the work of 'sustenance of the world' and 'transformation of the world'. Sustenance takes place throughout the cycle of time because the world (including nature) is sustained by Mankind. Transformation of the world can only take place at the end of the cycle when it is time for the world to get tansformed from the ordinary to the divine; from the Tamopradhan to the Satopradhan or 'from Hell to Heaven'. Transformation of the world takes place through the Confluence Age at the end of the cycle. God has to come into the corporeal world to initiate the transformation process and to take all souls back. One can't go back to the Soul World without God's help and presence. However, anyone can get involved with the work of the transformation of the world. Anyone who is doing the work which the Brahma Kumaris are doing is in the Confluence Age. One need not be in the Brahma Kumaris to be in the Confluence Age. The Confluence Age began with the Brahma Kumaris but at the end it would be accepted world-wide. When we say that it would be accepted world-wide, it does not mean that all Confluence Aged souls will have to be involved with the Brahma Kumaris. So long as souls are taking in God's vibrations into themselves and transmitting it out into the world, through them, they are involved with the Confluence Aged work and they are in the Confluence Age.

Thursday 14th January 2010 02:07pm 25

Even in the present world, there are abuses in science. But if people are told to stop the usage of the sciences, they will not stop it because it is the tamopradhan world. They will value the sciences more than the earth and Mankind. This is why even though there are the effects of global warming, Mankind is not really doing much about it. But in the Copper Age, people were in their Rajo state, if they saw the bad effects of science, they would have stopped the usage of the sciences because those people would have valued the world and Mankind more than the sciences.

Thursday 14th January 2010 08:20pm 1

There is also global warming on Mars. So the scientist might not be sure if the global warming on earth is related to what we are doing though it is obvious that we are contributing to global warming.

The Hindu ratio 4:3:2:1 for the cycle reminds me of how we count backwards for something to get started. Laughing LOL.
Friday 15th January 2010 04:20am 2

According to the advanced knowledge the ratio 4:3:2:1 does not concern the yugas in the cycle, because according to the knowledge they are all equal, but it concerns the periods in the Confluence age which corresponds to these yugas. The Golden period of the path of knowledge is most long because the method of giving the message is most slow, because the people having the knowledge are very few as it is the population and the growth of population in the Godlen Age. Then the message spreads progresively - the more people receive it the more they spread it.

Saturday 16th January 2010 12:14am 3

It does seem like as if the things said, in the upanishads etc, relating to Paramatma, Atma and Brahman may have been a theory based on the sciences. It would seem that Shankaracharya had given a wrong interpretation on these 3 words in the Hindu scriptures, maybe because he did not know or understand the sciences related to which these concepts were created. When a theory may have been created through using the sciences, how can anyone give an explanation to it without first understanding the sciences based on which is was created.

Saturday 16th January 2010 01:00am 4

There are also other interpretations on the word, “Brahman, Paramatma and Atma” after Shankaracharya and I don't think any of them had pondered on the sciences before giving their interpretation on these words in the Hindu scriptures. So much emphasis has been given to the sciences in Hinduism and yet, people were not considering the sciences before giving their interpretations on Brahman, Atma and Paramatma. I suppose this was because Brahman, Atma and Paramatma are spiritual words. But then, a distinction has been made between Paramatma and Atma in the Hindu scriptures. Those who did worship saw God as being different from themselves. The yogis seemed to have prefered an interpretation that made themselves look like God.

Saturday 16th January 2010 01:53am 5

Though the Upanishads began to get written before Shankaracharya, it continued to get written even after Shankaracharya. One should actually look at the words before the influence of Shankaracharya to understand what the original writers had intended. But off course, there is a possibility that the people writing the Upanishads were not the people who came up with the concepts of Atma, Paramatma and Brahman. Originally, nothing was in writing. It was only later that they began putting everything into writing. So, the question which should be asked is, "Did those who started writing the Upanishads understand what was originally intended?"

Saturday 16th January 2010 04:14pm 6

Cygnus, the swan constellation and the stories relating to the swan are a representation of the Confluence Aged flying stage and the Confluence Aged events. The flying stage is enjoyed through the subtle region, even though the soul is in the metaphysical region. If one applies the quantum physics theory of 2 dimensions being enjoyed at the same time, it can be seen like as if the flying stage (the swan) is carrying the soul (the deity). The act of flying is a representation of the movements of the vibrations of the soul when the stage of the soul is good. While in the corporeal body, the soul does not fly around, it is consciousness which has the ability to fly / move as vibrations and this consciousness is represented as the bird during the flying stage. From the videos below, one would notice a lot of similarities in respect of the ancient world-wide believes where the swan is concerned and the ancient people have used the cygnus constellation to portray their ideas. There was no need to portray the constellation as a swan. The ancient people could have chosen any other picture instead for the stars in that constellation. However, the ancient people were connecting the 'flying stage' to 'creation' through the constellation and the related stories. The soul is like a god in the corporeal body. The corporeal body is like the temple of the soul. This aspect of BK knowledge relates to the corporeal dimension and the metaphysical dimension. However, the swan carrying the soul concerns the subtle dimension and the metaphysical dimension. The ancient people knew of quantum physics and they were applying it to the spiritual theories, stories and pictures.

The swan is said to be able to pick the pearls out from among the sand. We have to be like swans and be able to pick the jewels of knowledge out from the sakar murlis.

I will be dealing with the aspect of DNA change at a later date because I do believe that DNA will get changed when the new world begins, though I am not sure if this change in DNA will be a slow process or a quick process.

1.Cygnus constellation (Swan) & Human DNA I

2.Cygnus constellation (Swan) & Human DNA 2

3.Cygnus constellation (Swan) & Human DNA 3

4.Cygnus constellation (Swan) & Human DNA 4

5.Cygnus constellation (Swan) & Human DNA 5

Saturday 16th January 2010 10:42pm 7

GBK Indran
The Hindu religion is the only religion on earth that believes that the cosmos has undergone a number of deaths and rebirths. They have probably come up with this theory based on the sciences. In the Christian and Jew faith, there is only one creation. I am not sure if either of the Hindu or the Jew / Christian views are correct. How will we know that our Milky Way galaxy was created at any specific point in time? We can only use the sciences to imagine that there must have been a creation. The scientists can state that the Milky way galaxy is expanding but this does not proof that there must have been a creation or that there will be a destruction. Maybe the Hindu idea that there was a creation and destruction may have been based on scientific evidences that if the Milkyway is expanding etc, then there may have been a creation and so there will be a destruction. They probably used the cycle theory to state that there cannot be an end to Mankind because we have the power to control creation and destruction. If there were evidences that the Milkyway was to come to an end, do you think that Mankind would just sit quietly and watch. Man know that they can make things happen with their mind.

Sunday 17th January 2010 02:13pm 8

GBK Karen
Theories related to the creation of the universe can only remain a theory. It will be very different to state with any certainty as to whether there was a creation or a beginning where human beings are concerned. People can attempt to give all sorts of explanations but they will all only remain as theories. The BK knowledge state that the corporeal world and the human beings were always there and that there is no need to question about how the Human race came into existence. They consider it a waste of time to consider this issue because nothing can come out of it. The BKs believe that time is well spent if one spends one's time making effort instead. But this is not going to stop all the people from wondering as to how Man came into existence. Only the BK's attention would stop being turned to such a question. If you ask me, I would say that wondering about how Man came into existence is futile because people can only give theories which can never get proven. The scientists get carried away and think that they can do wonders with the sciences. They think they can build machines which will take them back into time. They use all the scientific theories to make it look like as it it is possible. But I don't think they can go back in time. There is a difference between spirituality and the physical world. Our lifes are based on spirituality and it is different from the physical world which the science is related to.

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I had posted the following in the ex-BK Forum and since I can use it to explain the cycle, I decided to post it here as well. The 5000 year cycle is a spiritual cycle and the transformation of the world at the end of the cycle depends on our ability to transform our consciousness into the subtle and the metaphysical consciousness.

The ex-BK post: “In my post on Brahman, Paramatma and Atma, I was using the wave-particle duality principle (of quantum physics) to explain the concepts of Brahman, Paramatma and Atma. I was saying that just as there is a duality in the existence of the electron and photon as particle/wave, there is a duality in the existence of Atma/Brahman and Paramatma/Brahman. I was saying that just as the electron and photon can seem to exist as a particle and as waves; even where the soul is concerned, there is the metaphysical state of the soul as a point of light and at the same time, the soul is using the subtle region where it has the qualities of waves/vibrations.

But Deepak Chopra is talking about something else. He is talking about our consciousness being in the corporeal dimension or/and in the subtle dimension. He is talking about how our consciousness can leap from the consciousness of being in the corporeal world to the consciousness of being in the subtle. I would say that though we are seeing everything in the corporeal world, our consciousness is actually in the subtle dimension. However, there can be an increase in the energy level of our consciousness as we shift it from the corporeal realm to the subtle realm. Then, when our consciousness drops from the subtle to the corporeal dimension, our spiritual energy level drops. This is similar to being body-conscious and being soul-conscious. While in the body-conscious state, we feel like as if we are the body. We feel this way because our consciousness (which is spiritual energy) is off a lower quality (a lesser energy level). This is different from the soul conscious state where our spiritual energy level is higher. The BKs are trying to use the higher subtle energy level even while doing everything in the corporeal world. They are trying to make sure that the spiritual energy level of their consciousness does not drop while they are carrying out their activities in the corporeal world. Where consciousness is concerned, there can be various energy levels which we adopt like how the atom has various orbits for the electron to use. In quantum physics, the quantum leap is the movement of an electron from one orbit in an atom to another. It involves a change of an electron from one quantum state to another within an atom. The electron can "jump" from one energy level to another very quickly. Similarly, we also jump from one energy level to another when we become body-conscious and soul-conscious. Our consciousness adopts another energy level as our consciousness jumps from the corporeal dimension to the subtle dimensions. The corporeal dimension is like a different energy level from that of the subtle region. So to shift our consciousness from the corporeal dimension to the subtle dimension, we have to change the energy levels of our consciousness. When we are in the body-conscious state, we will feel like as if we are the bodies and when we are in the soul conscious state, we will feel that we are not the bodies and that we are in the corporeal body but that we are not the corporeal bodies. A similar theory applies even for spiritual healing and for 'positive thinking'.

Deepak Chopra is refering to how our consciousness has to leave the corporeal dimension and go into the subtle dimension for spiritual healing and for positive thinking to work. But off course, all thoughts have to go into a subtle/metaphysical level because they have to get stored in the memory bank of the soul. So we have to be very careful of our thoughts. This is what the 'positive thinking' theories tell us. It tells us that we can create anything through our thoughts.

Deepak Chopra's words as follows are being given an explanation after the word, “Disease can be caused and cured by a shift in consciousness. ..... If you feel genuinely attractive/attracted, you will attract others to you”. Deepak Chopra is trying to say that whatever thoughts we create while in the subtle levels, can easily turn into a reality in the corporeal level. This is the concept of “positive thinking”. Chopra is saying that a thought is a unit of consciousness which represents 'information and energy' just as electron and the photon are the indivisible quantums of 'information ad energy'. A quantum is a basic unit for the energy of electron or photon. Chopra is trying to say is that the thought as a basic unit of information (as energy), can change the energies in matter based on the information in the thought.

Deepak states that a shift in consciousness creates a shift in biology. This mean that when we go into the subtle dimension, nature is also there in the subtle dimension and we will be dealing with nature in it's subtle state. A thought at subtle level is very effective and it easily takes shape / form. This can be referred to as the 'creative forces' as a result. Healing is enabled through such thoughts at subtle level and such healing are through those creative forces.

It is in the subtle region that we influence matter. Just as we have the soul, matter (in the corporeal world) also has subtle spiritual light energies (in the subtle dimension). When we take the subtle form and instruct the subtle energies of matter to heal itself, they act based on our instructions and the matter of those subtle energies gets healed.

I had studied a little on spiritual healing though I do not practice it. In the knowledge of spiritual healing, it is said that our corporeal body has a subtle body which represents the corporeal body. The subtle body is an exact representation of all our organs etc in the corporeal body. When any part of the corporeal body is in a bad state, the subtle energies in the same area in the subtle body is in a bad state. Thus, when healers go into a meditative state, they will look at the subtle body which represents the corporeal body to see where the problem is. Then, they will advise the patient that there is a problem in the heart area or lungs or certain part of the hands or body etc. The patient will then go and do all the medical tests to see what is wrong in that area of the corporeal body and the medical tests will state the problem and the patient will take whatever medical treatment that is necessary. Yet at the same time or as an alternative treatment, the healer will heal the subtle body at the relevant area and through healing the subtle body in that area, the corporeal body responds and gets healed. Healers go into a meditative state to heal the subtle body. When there is any problem with any part of the corporeal body, the subtle body in that area will look darkened and when the corporeal body is fine, the subtle energy is just pure white light energy. Some of the healers see coloured lights when they examine the subtle body and I have forgotten what each colour represents. There are many different kinds of subtle bodies representing different aspects relating to us. So the BK subtle bodies for transformation etc is different from the subtle bodies used for healing.

Spiritual healing has to be accompanied with the intake of proper nutrients and 'proper thinking' because if the body lacks any nutrients, the corporeal body will get affected and so proper nutrients have to be taken. Improper thoughts can also bring about diseases. Constantly using the vices will easily bring diseases to the corporeal body.

I am not a student of Deepak Chopra and so I wouldn't know what he had in mind when he said something. But based on common sense etc, I have tried to understand what he was saying.

I hope I have not confused you guys further with what I have said. You are right; science is not a language which everyone will understand. It is easier to understand words like, “Whatever you think will become a reality in the corporeal world”. The spiritual science behind this is that whatever we think will be turned into subtle energies to get stored in the memory bank of the soul. When it is put into record in the the subtle form, it will become a reality.

Since I was little, I was exposed to medical treatment, medicines etc because I had brothers and sisters who were doctors and they were always talking about it. Later, I married a doctor and that had also given me some exposure. I also understood a lot about the subtle self since I was reading and trying to understand it since I was around 10 or 12 years old. So when I did spiritual healing after I left the Brahma Kumaris, I understood what they were teaching me. I have family members who seriously study spiritual healing though they are only using it on themselves and to help close family members (with no payment). So discussions with them had also helped me understand it all easily. Maybe, all these have helped me to understand what Deepak Chopra was saying. But I don't think a person who did not understand the sciences relating to Quantum Physics, spirituality etc, will be able to understand what he is saying. Deepak Chopra may also be using words used by the quantum physicists in an ordinary way thus making people wonder if the word had a scientific meaning or an ordinary meaning.”

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Quote Filthy Shudra : As you bear the name of the divine being that carries Vishnu throughout the world (nice picture by the way)...

Through effort making I am becoming Narayan who will be Vishnu in Heaven. Right now, I enjoy the flying stage of Garuda through which the soul is becoming divine / Narayan. I call myself Garuda because it reminds me that I have to constantly enjoy the flying stage. Through constantly experiencing the flying stage, I will one day be flying around the world as Vishnu, in my Viman (flying craft), in the Golden Age.

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Spirituality can have different cycles from the cycle of the corporeal world. Why should the 2 co-incide? When the divine people of the Silver Age were coming out of the Silver Age, whatever they need to know in respect of spirituality should have emerged to make them come up with the 5000 year cycle for spirituality. This is why the Hinduism states that the knowledge of the Hindus were handed down by the gods. The concept of Brahman may have also been put forward based on what had emerged at that time, especially since the people had the advanced sciences, they could have understood what had emerged through the use of the sciences. However, the later people must have misunderstood or did not understand what the gods from heaven were saying, at the end of the Silver Age. Whatever, the people at the end of the Silver Age had come up with was for sustenance of the world from the beginning of the Copper Age. The theories must have been started by the people from the end of the Silver Age cos this must be why the ancient stories etc connect these stories etc to the giants. The people from heavenly world of the Silver Age are being seen as people from another world or from heaven. This is being misintepreted as meaning aliens who came from the sky. They have associated the sky to heaven. They may have also done this because the spiritual world is higher than the corporeal world. Surely the lighter the region, the higher it would be. 'Corporeal' is the densest and so that may be why it is portrayed the lowest. The metaphysical is the lighest and that may be why that is portrayed as the highest. I think the ancient people have portrayed the vices and the dead as below the corporeal, as underworlds. For them, divinity is the highest while the vices and ghosts (an unholy state) are the lowest. Actually, it doesn't really matter as to where the region is located in relation to the other regions. It is just the knowledge that these different regions exist that is important. Well, at least where spirituality is concerned, it is important.

Wednesday 20th January 2010 06:30pm 12

Actually, the Hindu cycle of time is further divided and sub-divided into numerous cycles. You can read something about these Hindu cycles at

There are 14 Manus (Manu is the first man who rules after the Great Flood) in each day of Brahma. I shall deal with this later. You can read something about Manus at the following site:

For the time being, I am just going to concentrate on the Hindu day and night of Brahma which is 8.64 billion years long as a total. This figure is very close to the 'age of the universe' which the present day scientists are giving as about 10-15 billion years. (The day of Brahma last for 4.32 billion years and the night of Brahma lasts for 4.32 billion years. So there is a total of 8.64 billion years for the Hindu cycle which represent the life-span of one cycle of the universe.)

Present day science states that, “Calculation shows that the big bang occurred as long as 10-15 billion years ago, which is about three times the age of the Earth.”(From website :

Note that the present day scientist are not really very sure as to when the Big Bang actually began. Present day science is saying that the Big Bang is about 3 times the age of earth, which would mean that the Big Bang came first and then after a long time, the earth got created to what it is now. This would mean that there was no life on earth until a much later date and the Night of Brahma fits well with this scientific theory because there is no human beings living during the night of Brahma. Human beings only exist during the Day of Brahma through the Manus (who are the 14 generations of first man).

From website: “Modern geologists and geophysicists accept that the age of the Earth is around 4.54 billion years. ...The Sun, in comparison, is about 4.57 billion years old, about 30 million years older.”.

All these ages of the earth and sun seems to fit well with the Hindu Day of Brahma which is 4.32 billion years long. It has to be noted the age of the sun, earth and universe are just estimates. But the Hindu scriptures has given a neat round figure of 4.32 billion years for the day and another 4.32 billion years for the night. The Day of Brahma was the time when life began to exist on earth (after it's creation). I suppose, Hinduism presumes that once the universe comes to an end, all souls go back to the Soul World and stay there until a new stage gets created for us. However, there is a possibility that there may not be an end to the universe as the Big Crunch may not take place to bring the universe to an end. Something else might happen. The Big Freeze is only one of those other possibilities.

According to the sciences, the universe has been expanding since the Big Bang and it is still expanding. Scientist say that after the expansion stops, the universe might experience a Big Crunch where the universe will start falling back in upon itself. I would say that the night of Brahma might include from 'the time in the Big Crunch when life will not be able to exist anymore' until the time when life begins to exist again on earth, after earth gets re-created (which would be after the next Big Bang). The scientists also have the theory of the Big Freeze which happens after 'expanding of the universe' stops. But I think the Hindu cycle is based on the Big Bang and the Big Crunch theories.

NB: in the following site there are so many different views about the creation theory in respect of it's age etc.

You can read something about the Big Crunch at the following sites:


The Hindu scriptures state that there is the day and night of Brahma. According to Hindu scriptures, nothing exists during the night of Brahma. This flows along well with the present day science that life did not exist once because earth did not exist, for awhile, after the Big Bang. But how can there be no life for so long? This may be why the concept of Brahman was created because for so long as Brahman exists, the corporeal world has to exist.

Wednesday 20th January 2010 11:09pm 13

The sky may indicate a high state of mind. People of heaven live in a high state of mind that's why they are indicated to live in a high place. The mind energy is concentrated in the high organs of the body - the forehead in the beginning, later it falls to the level of the eyes , the shoulders in Silver age, the stomack in the Copper age and by the end of the Iron Age people start thinking only for the low organs.

Even today when we feel in high spirit we say that we are in the clouds.

Wednesday 20th January 2010 11:21pm 14

GBK Hanuman
What you have just said is good Omshanti. It makes a lot of sense.

What Pari has said was good too. Now how is Pari going to explain the 14 Manus, 71 Chaturyugas and the 4 ages in each Chaturyuga? That's the confusing part, isn't it? Laughing LOL

Thursday 21st January 2010 12:56am 15

Bast (The Cat)
The Yogi Sri Yukteswar had also said that the Hindu cycle was purposely prolonged and also prolonged out of confusion. From :“In The Holy Science, Sri Yukteswar wrote that the traditional or long count view is based on a misunderstanding. He says that at the end of the last descending Dvapara Yuga (about 700 BC), "Maharaja Yudhisthira, noticing the appearance of the dark Kali Yuga, made over his throne to his grandson [and]...together with all of his wise men...retired to the Himalaya Mountains... Thus there was none in the court...who could understand the principle of correctly accounting the ages of the several Yugas."[3] According to Sri Yukteswar, nobody wanted to announce the bad news of the beginning of the ascending Kali Yuga, so they kept adding years to the Dvapara date (at that time 2400 Dvapara) only retitling the epoch to Kali. As the Kali began to ascend again, scholars of the time recognized that there was a mistake in the date (then being called 3600+ Kali, even their texts said Kali had only 1200 years). "By way of reconciliation, they fancied that 1200 years, the real age of Kali, were not the ordinary years of our earth, but were so many daiva (or deva) years ("years of the gods"), consisting of 12 daiva months of 30 daiva days each, with each daiva day being equal to one ordinary solar year of our earth. Hence according to these men 1200 years of Kali Yuga must be equal to 432,000 years of our earth."[3] ”

This view that the people mistook the human years as 'years of the gods' is good. The 'years of the gods' is longer than the human years. Pari's view that the ancient Hindus preferred to ignore the '5000 year spiritual cycle' for the sake of sustenance is also good. Both views seem to suggest that the ancient Hindus may have preferred to prolong the cycle to keep fear away etc. Maybe both of these and further confusion had made the ancient Hindus adopt the cosmological cycle as the cycle of time. The Hindus do also have very complicated systems of time keeping which may differ from group to group.

Thursday 21st January 2010 01:35pm 16

GBK Indran
Science has to give theories when they have some evidences to give a theory even though there is no real proof that it is like that. A theory can just be a speculation. It is not a proven 'fact'. There may not be any certainty or any reality in it. A theory os just a belief or a hypothesis. These theories remain as theories unless it can get proven. The creation story is based on a scientific theory. It would be very difficult to prove what the Hindu cosmology is saying. The Jew and Christian creation stories are no better. Hindu cosmology may be a scientific theory which may have got incorporated into religion. The fact that it has got incorporated into religion does not turn it into true facts. The Hindu scriptures are giving information of the sciences, so what's so different about information being given in respect of cosmology in the Hindu scriptures. Maybe, it is because it is just a theory that Hindu cosmology was stated like a story including the Hindu gods. Other sciences have related in a very factual way in the scriptures. The Big Bang theory is also only a theory because they can't really prove it. They just created the theory based on evidences which they got which suggests that a Big Bang must have happened. They are saying that the Big Bang is continuing to happen even now. I think they are saying this based on the fact that it takes a long time for evidences to come to earth because of the width of the universe.

Thursday 21st January 2010 05:08pm 17

It takes the sun about 225 to 250 million years to complete one cycle around the center of the galaxy. The time taken for one complete revolution of the Sun around the center of the galaxy is called a “cosmic year”. It is said that the Sun has orbited around the galactic center, about 20 times during its 5 billion year lifetime. This is just an estimate. It can be less or more. Actually the sun is less that 5 billion years old. It is only 4.57 billion years old. The scientists have just taken rough estimates. So there is a possibility that the number of times the sun has gone around the center of the Milky Way galaxy is less than 20 times. I shall compare this to the 14 Manus in the Hindu cosmological cycle. Each Manu might represent the Sun's cycle around the center of the Milky Way galaxy. The time span of one Manu is about 306,720,000 years. This is not very far from the time span for the revolution of the sun around the center of the Milky Way galaxy which is about 225 to 250 million (250,000,000) years. The ancient people had associated the sun to God and it is God who creates Man. Thus, the beginning of the sun's evolution around the center of the Milky Way galaxy may have been associated to the Sun's (God's) creation of the first man (Manu), i.e. Man gets created at the beginning of each cycle. It is the role of Brahma which is used for creation, so the scripture story says that Brahma created the first Manu at the beginning of each dawn of a new era, or Manvantara. It has to be noted that even though the Mayans state that destruction takes place at the end of each 5000 year cycle; the Mayans have also stated that destruction through flood does not occur at the end of each 5000 year cycle in the 25,000 year precessional cycle related to the Long Count Calender. A different element is the cause for the destructive event at the end of each of the 5000 year cycle in the precessional cycle related to the Long Count Calender. This view would be similar to the Hindu view that the creation of Manu (the first man, after the Great Flood) will only happen once in every 306 million years.

The Chaturyugas will be explained in my next post.

Wednesday 27th January 2010 06:54pm 18

Before my post on the Chaturyuga, I would like to explain something more about the Hindu cosmological cycle. One has to understand that the ancient Hindus knowledge about the universe was very good and so they would have been able to identify cyclic events which might bring about great possibilities for destructive events on earth. I will be discussing this in my next post on the Chaturyugas which consists of the 4 ages (Golden Age, Silver Age, Copper Age and the Iron Age).

In the following videos, the ancient Hindus had presented various kind of maps, in a concise manner. It would seem that the ancient Hindus were using their intelligence to present scientific and spiritual knowledge about various aspects of the universe, through a single concept called Bhumandala. It's everything in a nutshell. The videos below explains Bhumandala.

1.Part 1 - Hindu Cosmology - Bhagavatam - Mysteries of the Sacred Universe

2.Part 2 - Hindu Cosmology - Bhagavatam - Mysteries of the Sacred Universe

3.Part 3 - Hindu Cosmology - Bhagavatam - Mysteries of the Sacred Universe

4.Part 4 - Hindu Cosmology - Bhagavatam - Mysteries of the Sacred Universe

5.Part 5 - Hindu Cosmology - Bhagavatam - Mysteries of the Sacred Universe

In part 3 of the video clips above, it has been state that astrologers had underestimated the distance from the sun to the earth until modern times. It is said that the information given in the Hindu scriptures, relating to Bhumandala, is consistent with the information given by modern day scientist. It also shows how the facts given in the Bhumandala are accurate based on existing facts, evidences etc. Despite this, I would like to point out how certain numbers (4,3,2,1) are used regularly in Hindu cosmology. It would suggest that just as the Bhumandala concept is used to simplify knowledge about the solar system etc into a nutshell, the numbers 4,3,2,1 may also have been used regularly to make scientific knowledge easy to remember. For example, the Hindu cycle counts backwards in the ratio 4:3:2:1. It has to be noted that 1 is often used in the sense that there is 1 Day of Brahma and 1 Night of Brahma, each of which is 4.32 Billion each (4,3,2 also counted backwards). 1 Mahayuga or Chaturyuga is for 4.32 million years (also counted backwards). Kaliyug is for 432,000 years (also counted backwards). It has to be noted that the same numbers are used in descending order : from Billion to Million and then to Hundred Thousand. Further, each yuga (satyuga, treta yuga, dwapur yuga and kaliyuga) is a multiplication of 432,000 in the ratio of 4:3:2:1. Brahma will live up to 100 years (notice the 1 in the 100). The total number of Mahayuga or Chaturyuga in 1 day of Brahma is 1000 (1000 also has one in it). How beautifully the ancient Hindus have calculated and divided the time up such that the numbers used are all 4, 3, 2 and 1 for the important concepts. Are these really accurate figures or are they just showing the intelligence of those people in their mathematical calculations and presentation. It shows that the ancient people gave a lot of importance to creativity. Even their scripture stories show creativity.

There is a possibility that the ancient Hindus just used numbers which were appealing to them while giving approximates. It would be easier to remember numbers if the same numbers were used.

Anyway, it is very obvious that the Hindus have based their cycle on astronomical events and cycles, and not on the 5000 year spiritual cycle which the Mayans, Brahma Kumaris and others have used. However, it would be very interesting to note that the Mayan state that it is about 5000 years since the beginning of the cycle while the Hindus say that it is about 5000 years since Kaliyug began. But the Hindus do not see the present time as a time for destruction. There are also similarities between what the Mayans say in respect of their precessional cycle and what has been said in the Hindu scriptures. The following has been said in the following 2 websites :



" Vishnunabhi: Yugas and Galactic Center

One of the oldest writings in Vedic literature comes from a pseudo-historical god-man called Manu. René Guénon pointed out that Manu belongs to a family of related archetypal figures, which include Melchezidek, Metatron, St Michael, Gabriel, and Enoch. As an angelic inspiration for the rebirth of humanity at the dawn of a new era, or Manvantara, Manu is the primal law-giver, and his laws were recorded in the extremely ancient Vedic text called the Laws of Manu. Much of its contents describe moral and ethical codes of right behavior, but there is a section that deals with the ancient Vedic doctrine of World Ages - the Yugas. Manu indicates that a period of 24,000 years — clearly a reference to precession — consists of a series of four yugas or ages, each shorter and spiritually darker than the last. In one story this process of increasing limitation is envisioned as a cosmic cow standing with each leg in one quarter of the world; with each age that passes a leg is lost, resulting in the absurd and unstable world we live in today—a cow balancing on one leg.

According to the information in the Laws of Manu, the morning and twilight periods between the dawn of each new era equals one-tenth of its associated yuga, as shown in the following table:

Dawn Era Dusk Total Name

400 + 4000 + 400 = 4800 years. Satya Yuga (Golden Age)
300 + 3000 + 300 = 3600 years. Treta Yuga (Silver Age)
200 + 2000 + 200 = 2400 years. Dwapara Yuga (Bronze Age)
100 + 1000 + 100 =
1200 years. Kali Yuga (Iron Age)
12,000 years

In Vedic mythology, a fabled dawn time existed in the distant past, when human beings had direct contact with the divine intelligence emanating from Brahma—the seat of creative power and intelligence in the cosmos. This archaic Golden Age (the Satya Yuga) lasted some 4800 years. After the Golden Age ended, humanity entered a denser era, that of the Silver Age, lasting only 3600 years. In this age, humanity’s connection with the source was dimmed, and sacrifices and spiritual practices became necessary to preserve it. The Bronze Age followed, and humanity forgot its divine nature. Empty dogmas arose, along with indulgence in materialism. Next we entered the Kali Yuga—in which we remain today—where the human spirit suffers under gross materialism, ignorance, warfare, stupidity, arrogance, and everything contrary to our divine spiritual potential.

As the teachings tell, Kali, the creator-destroyer Goddess, will appear at the end of Kali Yuga to sweep away the wasted detritus of a spirit-dead humanity, making way for a new cycle of light and peace. Notice that the Manu text takes us from a pinnacle of light to the ultimate end-point of the process—the darkness of Kali Yuga. And notice that the four ages, when the overlap period is added, amounts to only half of the 24,000-year period of the Vedic Yuga cycle."

So it would seem that, though the Hindu cycle is for 8.64 billions years with 14 Manus, Manu creates a law for a Vedic Yuga cycle of 24,000 years. The 24,000 year Vedic Yuga cycle is similar to the Mayan 25,000 year cycle which is based on the earth's precession (see my 5th post in the 1st page of this topic relating to this).

However, where the Hindu 24,000 year cycle is concerned, when calculations are made to show how the ages overlap, the total amount of time comes to only 12,000 years. There is a possibility that Hindus prefer to overlook this Vedic Yuga Cycle because of the error in the scriptures or because they did not know what to make of it since there were 2 different figures given. However, Yogi Sri Yukteswar used it through giving his own interpretations. Yogi Sri Yukteswar had also said that at the end of Dvapara Yuga (about 700 BC), Maharaja Yudhisthira, noticing the appearance of the dark Kali Yuga, handed over his throne to his grandson and, together with all of his wise men, retired to the Himalaya Mountains. This would mean that about the time when Christ exists, Kaliyug was about to finish. It has to be noted that Christ was supposed to have brought in a new Age (the Age of Pieces). So at the end of the Hindu cycle, the Christians New Age begins (like as if it is a continuation of the precessional cycle). The next Christian Age (which will be the Age of Aquarius) is supposed to bring in the new world around 2012. Pieces and Aquarius are constellations in the sky. The precessional cycle takes us through all the constellations in the sky which are used in astrology, and so this would be a very important cycle too. There is a possibility that the Vedic Yuga cycle is a cycle based on the astronomical constellations (which is based on the precessional cycle). The Vedic Yuga cycle is not the spiritual cycle of 5000 years. Hinduism has completely ignored the 5000 year spiritual cycle. The Hindus in North India began giving greater emphasis to Vishnu for sustenance and this may be a reason why the Hindu religion began to ignore the 5000 year spiritual cycle. The 5000 year spiritual cycle gives emphasis to a regular 'creation' and 'destruction'. This would have given emphasis to Shiva and Brahma instead of to Vishnu. Brahma is the god for creation and Shiva is the god for destruction. Vishnu is the god for sustenance. A prolonged cycle would give emphasis to Vishnu. The Hindu cosmological cycle thus gives emphasis to Vishnu because through such a long cycle it is Vishnu who would be playing a huge part for a long time without Brahma and Shiva coming into the picture. Brahma's and Shiva's part in the cycle are diminished or complete removed for the long span of the Hindu cosmological cycle.

Sunday 31st January 2010 12:31pm 20

GBK Indran
Not everything can be identical in every 5000 year cycle. It is only where the energies of the human soul is concerned, it will be identical and so human roles would be identical in this sense because in each birth their spiritual power would be weaker.

Monday 1st February 2010 07:32am 21

Dear Indran,

In the murli it is said that the cycle repeats identitcally. If a fly flies in front of our eyes in 5000 years the same fly will fly.

Dear fithy shudra,
You don't have to tell us what this topic needs to do. It does exactly what it has to do. We are here believers so belief is what we are discussing.

Monday 1st February 2010 01:50pm 22

The sakar murli actually does give a lot of emphasis to how souls take 84 births in each cycle, during which time it looses spiritual energy from the beginning of the cycle. Then, the soul uses God, at the end of the cycle, and quickly becomes spiritually powerful. Since a lot of emphasis is given to the 84 births in the sakar murlis, it can be taken that when Baba said that the cycle repeats identically every 5000 years, he was having the cycle of birth and re-birth in mind. Where the cycle of birth and re-birth is concerned, roles will be the same and everything in respect of that will be the same. Maybe, most of what happens around us will be the same. In fact, Baba does give provision for free will. So we can make decisions based on what we want to do. The decision we make will be considered as how it was supposed to be. However, if one contemplates on how Baba gives room for people to make decisions, it can also be said that it infers that there can be differences in the 5000 year cycle. How can we expect the stars and planets to immediately move to the position they were in 5000 years ago. They do not move identically during a 5000 year cycle. So from this, it has to be accepted that not everything can be the same. In fact, in the sakar murlis it has also been said that we can change our future by staying on the path of knowledge and continuing to serious make effort. This itself gives room for changes in the cycle.

Tuesday 2nd February 2010 04:19am 23

The cycle can be eternal only if it is identical. If it has been turning since times immemorieal for innumebrable times and if there is slight difference then already it will be totally different, because already innumerable times it has been played with little difference. Then if the role of ShivBaba would be just the same it will not be adequate to the situation.

Decisions about changing our destiny concerns our present destiny. We can change the conditions and position in which we are at present. Our present situation is result of our past. We don't know our future so we have a feeling of free choice, but ultimately we cannot make a wrong choice. We cannot get liberated from the cycle and do something that is not there.

Stars are not moving as much as the earth is moving and all the objects in universe are interconnected. Thats why we say that we change ourselves and the world changes. So if earth changes it is possible that the whole universe changes.

Tuesday 2nd February 2010 01:40pm 24

GBK Karen
When we say the earth changes as we change, we mean that it will get transformed into a divine state as we get transformed. The whole universe should get transformed as well because the whole universe is part of the corporeal world. This will not make the stars and planets move back to the position it was in 5000 years ago. The stars and planets will have to continue with their rotation from where there are. Light will continue traveling from the stars to reach us and it takes millions of years for them to reach us. So everything can't be the same.
Further, to understand the whole picture of the cycle, one must consider all the things Baba has said in respect of them in the sakar murlis. One can't just take one phrase from one murli and say that that is all there is to it. IN fact I would say that all that has been said from the beginning has to taken into account. The Brahma Kumaris have only concentrated on the 5 years of sakar murlis to be re-read because there were changes in the sakar murlis in the last few years. It is those who have been there from the beginning who will know of all the things that has been said in respect of the cycle. Even then, they may not have really understood everything. One should re-read all the sakar murlis and re-consider them on the basis that the 5000 year cycle was only a cycle of birth and re-birth. It is just a cycle of the 84 births where everything is the same in repect of our roles because we are losing our spiritual energy as we take each birth. Since the whole corporeal world is depedent on our stage, whatever state we go into they also move into that state. So when we become divine, they also transform into their divine state. So the whole corporeal world also changes exactly every 5000 years where it's spiritual energy is concerned. All the sakar murlis have to be re-read and seen from this light. From what I can remember, it would fit very well because Baba's main concern for having come is for the transformation process because we have come to the end of the cycle of birth and rebirth. So we have to be re-energied to become spiritually powerful again. When we become spiritually powerful, the new cycle of birth and re-birth starts again. WE will play the same roles again because it is the same roles which we are playing. However, we still have our free will to make decisions. So there can be changes. All the choices we have are like virtual realities in the world drama. whatever decision we make will turn that virtual reality into a reality. Virtual realities are also part of the world drama. So there can be differences in the world drama based on our choices. But on an overall level, it is the same drama that is being repeated.

Tuesday 2nd February 2010 04:03pm 25

I don't know if any Dadi has been left with the impression that there will be change in the cycle. If you like to revise all the murlis available, please come with final desicion. I thought it is perfectly clear for every BK and Dadi, based on the murlis of 5 years or more whether the commonly-accepted opinion is that there will be change in the cycle or not. You can ask. You can anyway have your own oppinion, but here you are trying to misguide people that in fact probably Baba has said so in the murli, whilst it is your own new idea.

It is said in the murli that we are responsible to change even matter. Our body will be purified (renewed). The earth will be purified. If we can purify the earth why not the sky.

In the advanced knowledge the ideas is that every particle has its own cylce and at the end of the cycle after the transfomration it arrives at exacly the same place where it started. I don't know if this applies to the stars, but why not. God is said to be God of the entire universe and not only of the earth. If you ask the scientists they will tell you that the earth itself is billions of years old, but they have completely different understanding of time being linear. Same way where stars are concerned it is possible they have some cycle of their own and a way to renew themselves.

Thursday 18th February 2010 03:00pm 11

I had wanted to accumulate more evidence to support what I am saying here in respect of the Chaturyugas. Then, on second thoughts, I decided to post what I have first. I will collect more evidences and post them later.

It has been stated as follows, in respect of the sun's movement around the center of the Milky Way galaxy:
“The solar motion on top of it's circular orbit about the centre of the Galaxy (which has a period of about 230 million years) can be described by how fast it is going in three different directions U = 10 km/s (radially inwards) V = 5 km/s (in the direction of Galactic rotation) W = 7 km/s (northwards out of the plane of the Galaxy) Of course the Sun won't keep on going in this direction forever. In fact we approximate it's motion by an 'epicycle' on top of the mean motion around the Galaxy. The period of oscillation in and out of the plane of the galaxy (up and down) is about 70 million years. This means that we pass through the Galactic midplane about every 35 million years which some people have compared with the period between mass extinctions on Earth to come up with yet another doomsday theory. In fact it is true that the number of cosmic rays which hit the Earth will increase during the (about a) hundred thousand years we are closer to the Galactic plane. There have also been some plausible theories about the overall temperature of the Earth increasing (with the relevent climatic changes that implies). In the plane of the galaxy the Sun is located in the small spiral arm we call the Orion arm (or local arm) which is really just connection between the two nearest major spiral arms (the Sagitarius and Perseus arms). There is a neat page on these structures: SEDS Milky Way Spiral Structure page. We pass through a major spiral arm about every 100 million years, taking about 10 million years to go through. During the transit, there would be a higher rate of 'nearby' supernova and possibly other so called 'environmental stresses' which could alter the climate of the Earth. There is an interesting review of this (and other external influences on the climate of the Earth with reference to possible causes of the extinction of the dinosaurs) from which I get most of my figures. It's Russell, 1978 in the Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Science (ADS link).” ( From the website: )

In the above website the 2 important events which have been referred to are:
1.about how the sun oscillates up and down while it moves around the center of the galaxy,
2.about the sun's position and movements in relation to the spiral arms in the Milky way galaxy.

While going through both of the above events, the earth may be going through destructive events. Thus, these 2 events may be 2 reasons, among many other reasons, why the ancient Hindus have subdivided each Manvantara into 71 Chaturyuga.

In a earlier post, I had associated Manu and the Manvantara to the revolution of the sun around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Please read that for further clarification.

At the beginning of the Copper Age, the people had associated the sun to God and to the first man who had been created by God, during the Confluence Age. Since it was in the Confluence Age that the first man was created, the Confluence Age can be seen as the beginning of the cycle. The beginning of the Golden Age is also in the Confluence Age. Thus, the beginning of the sun's evolution around the center of the Milky Way galaxy may have been associated to the Sun's (God's) creation of the first man (Manu), i.e. Man gets created at the beginning of each cycle. Since it is the role of Brahma which is used for creation, the scripture stories say that Brahma created the first Manu at the beginning of each dawn of a new era, or Manvantara.

In the following videos, Maurice Cotterell tries to connect the cycles in relation to the sun to the Mayan prophesies and the numbers which they have picked for their prophesies and cycles. I am not sure if anyone has tried to do something similar to the Manvantara and Chaturyuga in relation to the sun's movement around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. One can create a cycle based on any of the astronomical aspects. So there can be some difference between the Hindu and the Mayan cycles. Maurice Cotterell says that sun spots and it's cycles affect fertility. He says that during the sun-spot cycles, civilizations died out because of decrease in fertility. He has said in the following videos that the sun is needed to bring in babies. If this was true, then one can understand why there is a Hindu scripture story that the sun had fathered a child as the sun-god. It will also explain why the sun has been used to signify the creation of the new Man in the legendary and ancient scripture stories.


1.Matrix News - Maurice Cotterell - Solar Cycles (Part 1 of 2)

2.Matrix News - Maurice Cotterell - Solar Cycles (Part 2 of 2)

1.Maya, Fertility,Prophecies & Sun Magnetic Reversals-1

2.Maya, Fertility,Prophecies & Sun Magnetic Reversals-2

3.Maya, Fertility,Prophecies & Sun Magnetic Reversals-3

4.Maya, Fertility,Prophecies & Sun Magnetic Reversals-4

5.Maya, Fertility,Prophecies & Sun Magnetic Reversals-5

6.Maya, Fertility,Prophecies & Sun Magnetic Reversals-6

7.Maya, Fertility,Prophecies & Sun Magnetic Reversals-7

In the next post, I am going to associate what has been said in the Bhagavad Gita in respect of the son-god, Vivasvan (who was the first of mortal), Manu (the progenetor of Man or father of Mankind or the original ancestor or Adam of the Human race), and the Solar King Iksvaku (the ruler of the planet Earth) to the sun's revolution around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy ( or Manvantara) and to the 5000 year spiritual cycle. Now, I am just going to explain why the ancient people may have divided up each revolution of the sun around the center of the Milky Way galaxy into the 71 Chaturyugas since each Manvantara is divided into 71 Chaturyugas. One Chaturyuga (which has a time-span of 4.32 million) is made up of four Yugas (eras) called Satya, Treta, Dwapara and Kali. In other words, it is in each Chaturyuga that the Hindu cosmological Golden Age, Silver Age, Copper Age and Iron Age exists. These ages are put there, into each Chaturyuga, to represent or point out the destructive periods during the sun's journey around the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

Some present day researchers associate the abovemention events ( sun oscillations and, the sun's position and movements in relation to the spiral arms in the Milky way galaxy) to the possible destructive events after 2012. It is suggested that the Mayan prophesies may also have been based on what would happen during the sun's movement around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Similarly, since the ancient Hindus were very good at the sciences, including cosmology, it might be that the Hindu cosmological cycle for destructive events might also have been based on the same or similar events as that of the Mayans. It might be that the Mayan prophesies and the Hindu cycles were based on the same scientific knowledge that had existed at that time. They may have been based on a 'science' that was known world-wide at that time.

Let us first try to divide up the oscillations of the sun while it moves around the galactic center, before we proceed to consider the other possible periodical destructive events. If the sun's oscillation (one 'up and down' oscillation) are divided into 8 with 4 eras in the top wave of the oscillation and the other 4 eras in the oscillation that goes below the galactic plane; then at the end of each 4 eras, destructive events would take place because of the earth's closeness to the galactic plane. The time span for each quarter of the upward or downward oscillation would be around 5 to 8 million years (since the sun crosses the galactic plane every 20-30 million years). This figure would be close to the 4.32 million time-span of the each Chaturyuga. A division based on the sun's oscillations might only explain some of the destructive events (the 4th one near the galactic plane). Actually, the fourth cycle should not end at the center of the plane, about 100,000 years should be below the plane and about 100,000 years should be above the galactic place because that will be the time for the worst part of Kaliyug since the world might get badly affected by being in or near the galactic place. The possibility of destructive events is also supposed to get worse as the solar system goes deeper into the galactic plane. Kaliyug is supposed to be for 432,000 years. Kaliyuga is divided into 4 quarters (padas). If the 4th quarter is below the galactic place and the 3rd quarter is just above the galactic place, then the worst part of Kaliyuga would be the last quarter because it takes sometime for the galactic alignment to affect Earth badly. Based on what scientist say (as can be seen in the above quotation), the likelihood of destructive events taking place is high, when the earth is near the galactic center (around 100,000 years near the galactic center). So when one divides the up and down oscillation into 8, one has to make sure that the 4th section overlaps into the galactic place. Since only the 4th destructive events might be caused by the earth being near the galactic center, there have to be other events that might bring about the destructive events during the other 3 destructive events. This would be similar to how the ancient Mayans state that each destructive event, at the end of the 5000 year cycle, would be caused by something different. Similarly, the Chaturyuga might not just be based on the destructive events that can occur through being near the galactic plane. So, the ancient Hindus may have also seriously considered other destructive events during the sun's cycle around the galactic center, to arrive at the time-span for the Chaturyuga. They may have also considered the movement of the solar system through the spiral arms and posibilities of asteroids, comets and other objects passing by in a cyclic manner, etc.

The solar system is said to move through the spiral arms about every 100 million years, taking about 10 million years to go through. It is also said that during the transit, “there would be a higher rate of 'nearby' supernova and possibly other so called 'environmental stresses' which could alter the climate of the Earth”. These would bring in destructive periods in the sun's journey around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. However, I am not sure if there are any cyclic patterns of destruction caused by these. So I cannot say much on these now. Maybe, there is something more which our scientists have not discovered yet.

Asteroids, comets or other objects might be orbiting our planetary system in a regular manner, which might bring about destructive events around every 4.32 million years. The ancient Sumerians have more planets in their pictures of the Solar System. Among the ancient Sumerian pictures, on the Berlin Seal, also known as the Akkadian seal, you will see more planets than there are in our solar system. It is said that one of those is Planet X and that it might bring about destructive events when it comes near earth, in a regular manner. It is being said that Planet X takes 3600 years to make one orbit around the Sun. Planet X is supposed to have a huge orbit. So most of the time, it is far away and is not visible to us. It just returns once in every 3,600 years. When it is near earth, the increased gravitational forces in the area can bring about destructive events on earth. They say that Planet X will trigger earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis etc when it comes near. They even say that it will turn the Earth’s axis over and that it can stop our planet from rotating for awhile. The ancient people had given Planet X names such as Nibiru and Marduk. The search for Planet X is also based on what the ancient Sumerians had written on clay tablets. According to Sumerian legends, there was a war between 2 gods called Tiamat and Marduk. After Marduk won, he cut Tiamat to bits and created earth from those body part. Since the ancient Sumerians connected their gods to the planets; Marduk has been connected to Nibiru, which is also refered to as Planet X by present day researchers. Therefore, an interpretation is being given that earth was Tiamat and that Marduk was Nibiru (Planet X) or Jupiter. It is being said that planet X will be very huge. Maybe, it will as huge as Jupiter and that's why Jupiter came into the picture. An interpretation of the Sumerian tablets is that Nibiru collided into Earth and Earth broke to get divided into the earth and moon. Present day scientist also say that something huge did crush into our planet. They say that the collision took place about 4 or 5 billion years ago. It has to be noted that this time-span of 4 or 5 million years ago is very similar to the time-span of the Hindu Chaturyuga. Scientist say that about 4 or 5 million years ago a huge heavenly body hit the earth and split our planet into two, creating the Earth and Moon. They say that humans did not exist at that time. It is being suggested that there may be a wave a mass extinction happening regularly and there is a possibility that some of these destructive events are a result of something hitting earth. I'm not sure if scientists have spotted Planet X. It seems like as if they have not. But something might be orbiting our way regularly for the ancient people to have come up with their theories. The ancient people seemed have more advanced knowledge of the sciences than we do now. Since they had advanced sciences with them, they might have known better than our scientist who are only beginning to discover things which the ancient people knew.

The Mayans also talk of planetary alignments which will bring about destructive events in 2012. This may also be a reason why some people think that Planet X might exist even though there are no evidences yet to show it's existence. Present day scientist do not know of all the cyclic patterns of planetary objects in the universe. However, they do know of the Halley's Comet which orbits around the Sun and they say that we are able to see it from earth every 75 or 76 years. They also say that there are others which are not that frequent.

The following is from the website: "Halley's Comet or Comet Halley (officially designated 1P/Halley[1]) is the best-known of the periodic comets, and is visible from Earth every 75 to 76 years.[1][10] Many comets may be brighter and more spectacular, but will appear only once in thousands of years."

Present day researchers have noted that there are more earth quakes etc when Venus transits between the sun and the earth.
“A transit of Venus across the Sun takes place when the planet Venus passes directly between the Sun and the Earth......Ancient Greek, Egyptian, Babylonian, and Chinese observers knew of Venus and recorded the planet’s motions”: From website

It has also been stated in the following website:
“Destruction from Venus is well known since ancient times. Venus during transits, during inferior conjunctions reinforces gravitational-tidal forces from Moon and from Sun-especially during spring tides. When Earth, Moon, Venus and Sun are circa in-line so spring tides could be about 1/3 stronger than normally. So we have stronger tides, more earthquakes, floods, vulcanoes' explosions, storms,…Those things were represented by pentagram encircled by two circles. It represent positions of 5 Venus inferior (down) conjunctions during 8 years- it makes pentagram and circles around pentagram are orbits of Venus and of Sun. There were strong earthquakes after Venus transits: in 2004/tsunami super strong earthquake in Sumatra. Krakatoa explosion with tsunami in 1883,.Another super strong vulcanoes explosion in 416 A.D.,…Chinese scientiest made proofs for significant tidal influence of Venus during their many years long recording of vater level on big chineses lakes.”

In the video clip, posted in one of the above posts, titled “Part 3 - Hindu Cosmology - Bhagavatam - Mysteries of the Sacred Universe”, the movements of Venus in relation to the sun and the earth has been shown on the Bhumandala (an ancient Hindu map system). From the Bhumandala, one will be able to see how Venus comes close to the earth periodically. One will also be able to see how Mercury and Mars comes close to earth periodically. Even Jupiter is shown to come close to earth periodically. Just as the Venus transit can affect earth, the earth might also get affected when other planetary objects, asteroids or comets pass close by, even if they do not collide into earth.

In 1994, 20 fragments of a comet were seen to strike the planet Jupiter. This was watched by many on TV. It has been stated in the following site:
“From July 16 through July 22, 1994, fragments of Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 collided with Jupiter, with dramatic effect. This was the first collision of two solar system bodies ever to be observed. Shoemaker-Levy 9 consists of 20 discernable fragments with diameters estimated at up to 2 kilometers, which impacted the planet at 60 km/s. The impacts resulted in plumes many thousands of kilometers high, hot "bubbles" of gas in the atmosphere, and large dark "scars" on the atmosphere which have lifetimes at least on the order of weeks. Smaller bits and dust continue to impact the planet. Shoemaker-Levy 9 is gone, but as the Earth- and space-based images show, it did not go quietly.”

In the Mahabharatha, Vyas has said that at the time of the Mahabharat War, a big comet was seen just beyond Pushya Nakshtra. It is not known as to which comet was meant.

Even the Hopis talk of certain stars in the sky when destruction takes place.

The following is another relevant article from the website:
"In 1984, paleontologists David Raup and Jack Sepkoski published a paper claiming that they had identified a statistical periodicity in extinction rates over the last 250 million years using various forms of time series analysis.[1] They focused on the extinction intensity of fossil families of marine vertebrates, invertebrates, and protozoans, identifying 12 extinction events over the time period in question. The average time interval between extinction events was determined as 26 million years. At the time, two of the identified extinction events (Cretaceous-Tertiary and Late Eocene) could be shown to coincide with large impact events. ... The last major extinction event was about 5 million years ago".

The last extinction event being about 5 million years ago is very similar to the 4.32 million time-span of the Chaturyuga. From all the above it would seem that destructive events are taking place over a regular period of time, some of which may have been through collisions. I am not sure if destructive events that are not that bad can be noticed based on all the evidences that are existing. Maybe the Hindu 4.32 million period for the Chaturyuga is a period which gives a cycle for possibilities of destructive events, in the sense that destructive events might occur unless by some chance nothing great happens. We don't know of which planet, comet, star, asteriois or other ojects are capable of coming near earth, which might result in destructive events taking place on earth at the end of each 4.32 million years but the ancient Hindus might have known. It must have been based on this knowledge that they came up with the 4.32 cyclic pattern for the Chaturyuga. The ancient Hindus may have been keeping track of all the movements in the universe so as to know the cyclic movements of many of the stars, planets, asteroids, comets etc that exist out there in the universe. There may be a planet or something else that comes near the earth every 4.32 million years to affect the earth badly. It has to be noted that it is already 3 million years since the sun began moving up from the galactic plane and so it is going into safer zone. However, there is a prediction that planet X may come very near earth to bring about destructive events. When researchers say that it's 3 million years since we began ascending from the galactic plane, I am not sure as from where exactly they started measuring. However, the 3 million years is also only an approximate figure. Researchers don't expect Planet X to come now but they say that it might come at a later date. Not much is known about ALL the cyclic patterns of all the comets and other planetary objects. Until, we are able to know of all the cyclic movements of planetary objects, with certainty, we would not be able to relate them to the Manvantara.

It has been said in respect of the Hindu Yugas: “Definition of a Yuga : A Yuga means a joining or an alignment of planets and/or stars and/or their apogees and perigees. Yugas have to do with alignment and the more celestial bodies that have to line up, the more time it is going to take and the more corrections it is going to take. ….... Whenever any Siddhanta defines a Yuga, it refers to the Mahayuga or the Chaturyuga. While some of the Different siddhantas divide up the Mahayuga into fractions in the ratio 4:3:2:1 or 1:1:1:1, all of them do not.”

Based on what has been said above, the Chaturyuga (which is also known as the Mahayuga) is expected to begin / end with an alignment of planetary objects. The sciences can be used to explain that an alignment of the planets is associated to destructive events because during the alignment, there will be strong gravitational forces in the area. These strong gravitational forces are supposed to bring about destructive events on earth. For an alignment to take place, something has to come close to the earth based on it's orbits, etc. So, based on Hindu theories from the past, once in every 4.32 million years, at the end of a Yuga, an alignment takes place which can bring about destructive events.

Thursday 18th February 2010 03:32pm


Note, in my above post, the galactic alignment at the equator of the Milky Way Galaxy is also a planetary alignment. So it is also one of those planetary alignments at the end of the Chaturyugas / Mahayugas. Since the Chaturyugas were created based on the planetary alignments, it would be best to divide up the sun's movement around the center of the Milky Way galaxy, since this by itself provides for some of the planetary alignments. By planetary alignments, there need not be a row of planets all in a line. So long as the planetary objects are close to earth to cause some disturbance to earth, it is an alignment which one should be careful of.


(Posted on 8-10-2013)

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