Deities and Deity Souls

Posted on Oct 16 2011

When I refer to deity souls, I am referring to those who take births in the Golden and Silver Ages.

The human beings who live in the
Golden and Silver Ages, are deities because they are divine. Both, their souls and their corporeal bodies, are in their perfect, divine state until the end of the Silver Ages. The human beings who live in the Copper Age and Iron Age are not deities because the souls and corporeal bodies are not in the perfect, divine state. The people in the Confluence Age are also not deities though, in the Confluence Aged subtle region, they use deity roles.

The deity souls who take birth as deities in the
Golden and Silver Ages are no longer deities from the beginning of the Copper Age. At the beginning of the Copper Age, they transform back into the ordinary state. They are ordinary human beings from the beginning of the Copper Age until the End of the Cycle. Then, at the End of the Cycle, they will make effort to transform themselves back into deities (during the Confluence Age).

My role is to explain that which these souls had done in the
Copper Age. I need to make my explanations understood (as to which souls I am referring to). So, I always refer to these souls as deity souls (even during their births in the second half Cycle, when they are actually in the ordinary state). This does not mean that they are gods and goddesses in the Copper Age.

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