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Enki is a Sumerian god of the Anunnaki clan.

Enki, the myths about Enki, and also one of the longest and best preserved Sumerian poem known as 'Enki and the World Order' will all be discussed further, here, later. For the time being, discussions on Enki can be found at:

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Enki is actually a role played by God at the End of the Cycle in relating to the Confluence Aged service and the sciences  that would be brought into the new divine world. However, God gets things done through instruments. Thus, from the beginning of the Copper Age, Enki was a role played by the Copper Aged human souls. The role of Enki is an immortal role because the Copper Age is connected to the Confluence Age.

Enki's role is also similar to the role of Brahma. Both Enki and Brahma are 'creator' deities who are also associated to knowledge. In this sense, all Confluence Aged souls play the role of Enki because they are all involved with the role of 're-creating' Mankind of the new divine world.

However, Enki has also been given a special role to play as a leader in the
Copper Age (which is linked to the Confluence Age). Not all Confluence Aged souls play the role of Enki in this sense.

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Oct 28, 2011

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My past birth, who walked out of the divine world, also played the role of Enki. More on how his corporeal body changed into the ordinary state etc is explained at:

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