Ancient Connection Between Copper Age and the End

Post 1: Thu, May 5 2011

Ancient people were connecting the mid-cycle Confluence (between the end of the Silver Age and the beginning of the Copper Age) to the Confluence Age at the end of the cycle.

Abraham being connected to Brahma is also an instance which shows this connection. For more on this read:

Is Abraham a Brahman or Not a Brahman?

Through the posts here, it will be attempted to show how the beginning of the Copper Age is/has been connected to the Confluence Age, at the end.

Sometimes when I write articles to post, I would be making statements like “There are no” instead of “There were no” because of the connection between the beginning of the Copper Age to the present time. I try to get it corrected through re-reading, so that the Copper Age is seen as the past and so that the Confluence Age is seen as the present. We have to be able to understand and see as to which represents the Copper Age in the myths and as to which represents the events in the Confluence Age.


Post 2: Tue, May 31 2011

More on this topic can be found in the first post at:

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Post 2 : Dec 28, 2011

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