2. The World Drama is a Powerful Force

(posted on 29-8-12)

The World Drama is a powerful force by itself. A soul who is not familiar with the 'Might of God' and the "might of the World Drama" can mistaken the "might of the World Drama" to be the Might of God. We are in the World Drama since we are in the corporeal world but we are not ‘in God’.

All the subtle regions, metaphysical souls and everything else, which are in the corporeal world, are all within the World Drama. The World Drama is a movie and we are the puppets playing our roles in it. This is why some people can see what is going to happen in the future, even before it happens (exactly as was seen).

Though the soul has descended into the corporeal body and is seated in the forehead of the corporeal body, the soul is metaphysical in nature. It is not corporeal in nature. Since it is metaphysical in nature, it is in a metaphysical dimension within the corporeal world itself. Though it has descended into the corporeal world, it does not become corporeal in nature. The metaphysical dimension, which the soul is in while it is in the corporeal world, is within the World Drama too because it is part of the movie. All that which happens in the subtle regions are also part of the movie. So, they too are in the World Drama.

Though God can give a vision of the World Drama in the subtle regions, the World Drama does not exist within a subtle region. The World Drama is the mighty force which we are all trapped in, once we come into the corporeal world. Sometimes, we can subtly sense the power of the mighty force, of this World Drama, which we are in because we are trapped within it. Only God can come and take us out of it, at the end of the cycle, when the movie comes to an end. Once you come into this World Movie, you cannot get out of it on your own.

Om Shanti


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