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Mon, Feb 14 2011 12:17pm MHT 

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To understand what is being said here, please also read my other articles.

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Title : Part 1 - Dream & Visions - I have a Dream

Please read the articles in the series, “Aliens, UFOs and Parallel Universes” so as to understand what I mean when I refer to the Immortal Reptilian Collective Consciousness of past births. In those other articles, I have explained how the ancient people at the beginning of the Copper Age had tried to give immortality to their roles so as to achieve immortality at the end of the cycle. This was also what the ancient Egyptians were trying to do through their mummification process etc. A lot of things were placed with the mummies because they were meant to be used by the souls (of those who were mummified) while they are playing the Reptilian immortal role.

Apart from that, structures, stories and so many other things were also left behind by the ancient people as reminders of the dreams and visions of those ancient people. These reminders would remind the souls, who play the Reptilian 'immortal role' until the end of the cycle, so that they would continue participating in, and through, the 'Reptilian Collective Consciousness' until the end of the cycle.

This reminder will keep stirring a memory that is being kept in an emerged state so that it is not forgotten. The stirring of this memory will keep the soul actively participating as part of the Reptilian Collective Consciousness even though at body-conscious state we are not aware that this is going on.

This is similar to how something stirred within me when I first learnt of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon during a history class, when I was about 13 years old. There was a small picture of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in my history book and I would just keep looking at that picture with so much of attachment. I had kept remembering the Hanging Gardens from that day onwards. The Hanging Gardens was also a reminder and so it did it's job when I saw it in this birth.

The reminders help to keep the collective consciousness of the immortal Reptilian past births in an emerged or immortal state so that, in a very subtle manner, there is support for the creation of aliens, UFOs, messages and other things (until the end of the cycle).

The reminders also help to keep the collective consciousness of the reptilian past births in an active state so that everything that needs to be done for the New World Order gets done.

The reminders also make sure that everything else, that the new world needs, gets developed so that it can be brought into the new world, so as to make it perfect in the corporeal sense.

This Reptilian collective consciousness works like a dream or visualization that is being made to come true, over time, when it is time for something to happen. The Reptilian Collective Consciousness turns the dream, which we had, into a vision which will then become a reality.

Since I was a little girl, I used to really love the song “I have a dream” which was sung by Abba. The words “I have a dream” had so much of meaning for me. I had also loved the word “angels” in the sentence “I believe in angels” in this song. I used to feel like as if I did have a dream that involved angels. I could never understand this because as far as the present birth was concerned, I did not have any such dream that involved angels. So I would keep asking myself as to whether I had any such dream which is making me like those words and have the kind of feelings that I was having. It felt like as if the words had a lot of meaning for me. I never knew why I was touched by those words until I heard the song after the reptilian past birth had emerged in 1996.

It was as I was listening to the sung, after this Reptilian Past Birth had emerged that I understood all my feelings related to the song. The song was influencing my emerged sanskaras, which were meant to play a role in the collective immortal consciousness until the end of the cycle.

My reptilian past births had 2 dreams. The first dream was the dream of wanting to get the perfect world re-created. The second dream was the dream of wanting to continue playing the immortal role until the end of the cycle when the angelic roles begin to be used again for the re-creation of the new divine world.

The people in the divine world are also like living-angels or deities. In the Confluence Age, we become angels again through our link to God.

In 1996, when I was listening to the song “I have a dream”, I began to understand a lot of the feelings that were in an emerged state influencing me. I began to experience the unhappiness that had made me have the relevant dreams. The unhappiness was the unhappiness of having lost my divine world and kingdom. It was after this that I began to realise that the dream which I have was the dream of wanting to get the divine world re-created.

As a deity soul, I had that dream too because the deity souls enjoy happiness in the new divine world. Since the soul is a deity soul, those past births had the dream of wanting to re-create the divine world too. So, they were involved with keeping their consciousness in an emerged form so as to play a role together, in a collective manner. So, this second dream was also in an emerged form to influence me.

This Reptilian Collective Consciousness itself works like a dream that comes true. When they make things happen, it is like as if we are dreaming it in. The Reptilian Collective Consciousness turns our dreams into a reality.

Om Shanti

Tue, Mar 15 2011 03:18pm MHT 3

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I had started this topic so as to explain the dreams and visions of the ancient Copper Aged people which involved making their dream of re-creating the divine world come true. I wanted to explain how it was affecting us even in the present birth.

However, I had a dream just before I woke up this morning (15-3-2011,Malaysian time). I was dreaming that because of the earthquakes etc that were taking place recently, souls have began accumulating in the subtle region. And I was told that I had to get something from the Higher Authority so that these souls can go back to the Soul World. Soon after this, I woke up and I began wondering what it was that I had to get from the Higher Authority. And the divine message that came to my mind was “spiritual strength”. I understood that the Power of the Gathering had to become more powerful. When the Power of the Gathering becomes powerful, then only will the souls be able to go back to the Soul World. I began to wonder as to what had happened to “God”. It is God who takes all souls back to the Soul World. This is what we were told in God's messages in the BK murlis. Now it is as if our spiritual strength (as a gathering) was necessary for souls to go back. I consider myself as God's wife and would not want Him out of the picture. So I included Him into the understanding. Maybe, this understanding (which I received earlier) was for those who do not want to believe in God because they would prefer to play God on earth. But I would prefer to have God in my life and I would prefer to see Him as the Highest Authority who has come to help us.

In the BK murlis, it has been said that the Power of the Gathering will play a significant role at the end. Maybe, this significant role also includes the Gathering's role when souls have to go back. But one should not get too carried away with this and try to usurp God's role to themselves.

NB: For those who have not understood the Confluence Aged knowledge as yet, the Power of the Gathering involves the spiritual strengthening of the Confluence Aged souls for world transformation. You have to see yourself as a point of light and see God as a Point of Light and absorb His power into you to make yourself more powerful. So one cannot leave God out of the picture. In fact, this is also what the dream was trying to say through the point that I have to take something from the Higher Authority. The Higher Authority is God. God has the ability to keep giving. Nothing else on earth has this ability.

Anyway, since I felt that this dream, which I had, was relevant to the dreams of the ancient people, I am relating this dream here.



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