4.Gateway to Heaven, 2nd Coming of Christ, Bermuda Triangle

Ancient Builders, Structures & Myths Explained - Part 4: Ancient Gateways to Heaven; 2nd Coming of Christ; Bermuda Triangle

(Posted on 28-4-2012)

(includes a discussion on the Confluence Aged Gateway to Heaven; the second coming of Christ; Bermuda Triangle)

The ancient Builders were building Gateways to Heaven. These Gateways helped one to remove one’s consciousness from the rubbish of the impure world. There were many different types of ‘Gateways to Heaven’ based on the sciences that were used and the purposes for which it was used. Some of these Gateways were also used for outer space travelling projects. The Anunnaki wanted to see if they could extent their land acquisition and building projects in other places outside the earth. The King of Bharath was also collecting the black stones and other materials from outer space for his building plans.

Later, Ningishzidda (a son of Enki) used more and more of the advanced sciences relating to Quantum Mechanics etc during the creation of some of these Gateways. Through this he tried to make people disappear from one place and to appear in other places. He tried to move things around quickly in time. He tried to slow down human aging through staying in a quantum mechanics parallel dimension (in which time moved slowly). The Bermuda Triangle was also one of these experimental projects. I am not going to discuss this in great detail now. There will be a more detailed discussion on it, in later articles, when I understand the sciences relating to it better.

The ancient Gateways to Heaven were also seen as the places through which Anu/God arrives because the Gateways also represented the Confluence Aged subtle region and the Confluence Aged corporeal centers that had existed at the end. The Confluence Age, Confluence Aged subtle regions and the Confluence Aged centers are the Gateway to Heaven because it is through entering these that one will be able to live in the Golden Age. The Copper Aged Gateways to Heaven were seen as sacred places because of this, and because the Anunnaki were beginning the bhakti for the re-creation of the Golden Aged world.

In the myths, the gods were portrayed as traveling from these Gateways to Nibiru so as to meet Anu (God). This represented how the deity souls (who are in the Confluence Aged centers, at the end) subtly travel to meet God (who is in the Confluence Aged subtle region). It also represents how, when we are in the BK centers, we easily go beyond and our consciousness is linked to God in the Soul World. Among other things, Nibiru was used to represent the divine world, the Soul World and the Confluence Aged subtle worlds.

In the myths, heaven refers to a few things. For example, it refers to the Confluence Aged subtle region, the Golden Aged world, and the sky. As used in the myths, if one sees the Confluence Aged subtle region as a type of heaven; it can be said that in 1936, God opened the Gateway to Heaven when he created the Confluence Aged subtle regions. His opening of this Gateway enabled all those who come into the Confluence Age to use the heavenly subtle regions. It can also be said that when God created the Confluence Aged subtle region, it opened the entryway through which God returns to the corporeal world for world transformation. It enabled the second coming of Christ to establish the pure living religion of the Golden Aged world.

Opening the Gateway to Heaven also involves the purification process through which we are able to walk into the Golden Aged world or take our next birth there. The Gateway to Heaven is opened, in the corporeal way, when we see the corporeal world in existence. We walk through that Gateway when we walk into the Golden Age in which the true Heaven exists on earth (even in the corporeal way). During the Confluence of the Silver and Copper Ages, the Anunnaki’s Gateways to Heaven portrayed all these too.

The ancient Builders had also used these Gateways as spaceports because they associated the ‘journey to the sky’ to the ‘journey to the Confluence Aged subtle region and the Soul World’. Using representations in this way had helped to make their desires materialize. It was part of the ‘calling-out to God’ process so as to get Him to come and re-create the Golden Aged world again.


The Gateways were also used to easily attain a higher consciousness through using scientific practices that would enable human souls to go beyond easily. For example, Quantum Mechanics and certain kinds of electromagnetic waves enable us to easily attain a higher consciousness. In the Confluence Age, God was giving us the help to easily go beyond. All that which God did, at the end, was imitated in the Copper Age through using the sciences. Thus, they also used the sciences to help themselves to go beyond easily. They also used electromagnetic waves to develop the alien believe system.

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