A>V>C> Kit

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Plugin AVC_Kit for AutoCAD and BricsCAD.

A>V>C> software suite for furniture maker: 3d-modeling tools and utilities to speed up work. AVC-Slice, Drill, Lay, TNT, Smart Leader and more.

A small set of A>V>C> programs will radically accelerate the solid modeling of any product. But even those who still consider AutoCAD to be an electronic drawing board will also find useful functions in the kit. The kit does not include commands for preparing contours for CNC and working with 2D contours, as well as commands for extracting data into tables.

List of commands included in A>V>C> Kit:

  • A>V>C> Properties Palette (AVCPalette) New property panel. For all objects in the drawing, you can edit the NAME, like blocks. Solid sizes appear in the Metric section. Density and cost of materials. Editing coverings and edges. Editing and adding block attributes, editing parameters. Reverse polylines

  • Assembly (AsmCreate & AsmNew) Combine parts into a block assembly. Give the block an automatic name based on a pattern with a sequential number. Replace the block with a new one while maintaining the attribute values.

  • Auto Annotate Automatic inclusion of the "Annotation" layer when creating texts, leaders, dimensions, etc. And also disabling snapping and orthogonality.

  • Auto Language Keyboard Language automatic switch. Plugin helps to switch the keyboard between English and your native language.

  • Block Update (BUpdate) Replace selected blocks with blocks of the same name from another drawing.

  • Chop (CH & CHE) Chop a 3d-solid into many pieces. Make ribs and stair-step.

  • Cross-Piece (CRS) To make the notches in intersecting parts (3D-solids) to connect cross.

  • Dado Joint (DDJ) Formation of dado joinery between 2 contacting solids. Automatic creation dadoes, grooves, pockets, cutouts.

  • Drill (DRI & GAP) 1 click - 1000 holes! Plugin for fast drilling many holes in many 3D-solids. Drill and Gap commands.

  • Find by Name (FindName) Search for parts and blocks by name, kind and description. Search by mask. Invert the visibility of found objects.

  • Fixture Arrangement of fixtures along joints of solids. RTA fittings, Fasteners, Furniture hinges, Shelf holders, Hardware

  • Invert visibility (Invert) Isolate selected objects along with those that were previously hidden.

  • Lay Lay 3D-solids to XY plane. Group and sort list of details, make FlatShot for CNC.

  • Mark Inserting texts or blocks with part marks in a drawing. Info-Points for data extraction.

  • Mesh to Solid (MeshToSolid & MeshExplode) Convert Polyface Meshes and regular Meshes to 3D Solids. Connecting of meshes. And command for explode the mesh on the line.

  • Miter Joint (Miter) Cutting the solid along the bisector of the angle of joining of two surfaces.

  • MultiSlice (MSL) Cutting off many solid surfaces. Creating a Miter joint. Modeling columns and walls from particleboard/plywood in 1 click.

  • Page Numbering (PNo) Numbering of drawing sheets in one DWG file. Drawing up a table of contents.

  • Paste to Table (PTT) Insert text table from the Windows clipboard into the AutoCAD table. Splitting of long tables into layouts.

  • Removing Holes (RemHole) Find and remove all cylindrical holes in all solid parts, even inside assembly blocks.

  • Reduce Weight (ReduceW) Cut through windows or pockets in free places of the part to reduce its weight.

  • Select Same Objects (SSO) Quick select same objects in drawing. Search for block by attribute and parameter, Search for solids by face color.

  • Slice (ASL) Quick and smart similar SLICE command. Delamination (peeling) flat and curved faces of solid.

  • Smart Leader (ALD) MLeaders looking for an object under the arrow and fill the text for itself.

  • Tab-slot Joint (TabSlot) Modeling the connection of two parts using a series of tabs(pins) at the end of one part and a series of slots(dadoes) on the plane of another part.

  • Text Height Update (TextHeight) Resize the Model Space MultiText to the scale of the current viewport.

  • TNT Explosion of assembly. Moving apart solids in space for an illustration of the form of the assembly.

  • Unpack Search for blocks in which only one part is packed (solid, polyline...). Explosion of these blocks. Transferring the name and attributes of the block to the part.

Also included are additional bonus commands:

    • SumLen - calculates the sum of the lengths of all selected drawing objects: lines, arcs, and polylines

    • SumArea - calculates the sum of the areas of all selected drawing objects: closed polylines, circles, ellipses, and splines.

    • SolSize, SweepSize – solid measurement

    • SawRed - Coloring of solids depending on the manufacturing technology - details for the saw - red, for milling - green.

    • AvcUpdate - Updating the metric of solids. Colorizes solids and faces according to the color of the material. Update SmartLeaders.

    • AvcOptions - Configuration palette for all A>V>C> commands.

After install this plug-in a new tabs “A>V>C>” will appear in AutoCAD Options dialog. It allows you to customize all of the above functions without using the command line. For program settings, see Common Options. To save settings and restore them, see Export settings.

According to your request I can optimize the program for the standards of your company. Offer your price.

If you did not find the command you need in this kit, then you should pay attention to the full set of my programs: A>V>C> Pro

Read about downloading and installing the program here.

To run the plugin, you will have to register account and top up your account balance by making a donation or receiving bonuses.

Then you can activate one of the licenses:

  • Annual license - 70 EUR.

  • Perpetual license - 350 EUR. Free updates for 1 year.

  • The trial period is 20 days.


From the download folder you only need to download this one file. No other files are needed!

Before installing this set of programs, you must remove all other plugins A>V>C>. To do this just delete all subdirectories starting with “AVC” letters in the folder ApplicationPlugins.

The commands that do not have their own pages are described below. This commands that are available only in AVC_Kit and AVC_Pro:


Updating the metric of solids (only for those solids that were previously measured). Colorizes solids and faces according to the color of the material (Only if color update is configured. See A>V>C> Palette settings). Update Smart Leaders. The command processes the objects selected in advance. If nothing is selected, then the command will iterate over all objects in the drawing, including solids inside blocks. This can take a very long time. You can interrupt the command by pressing Esc.


The helper function calculates the sum of the lengths of all selected drawing objects: lines, arcs, and polylines and over 2D and 3D curves. The command may come in handy for a quick calculation of the amount of molded materials out on a flat wireframe drawing. The result is displayed in the console. Please note that if the unit of drawing is set to millimeters, then the program will recalculate the amount to meters.


The helper function calculates the sum of the areas of all the selected objects: closed polylines, circles, ellipses and splines. Works only with flat (planar) closed curves. All other object will be discarded. The function is not appropriate to account the areas of parts with holes because nested contours are added together. The result is displayed in the console. Please note that if the unit of drawing is set to millimeters, then the program will recalculate the amount of square meters.


Selected solids are colored depending on the manufacturing technology. If the Technology property = Box or Sweep or Saw, then the details are assigned a red color. If the Technology property = Milling, then green. If the Technology property is not yet full, then the procedure for measurement of the solid is called. About the Technology property see Here


Measurement of solid, regardless of position in space. Dimensions of the box into which the solid can get. It also searches for surfaces and edges with the assigned material and calculates the angle of the inclined end saw. The algorithm is used inside Lay, DataTable, Mark and Smart Leader. The resulting dimensions are output to the command line. All measurement results will be written to xData of solid and will be visible in the A>V>C> Properties palette in the Metric section. Also use the command to update outdated metrics.


Measurement of twisted/sweeped solid is similar to SolSize. One of the dimensions of the solid is measured along the length of its curved edge.

SumLen command