All the programs presented on this site can not work independently, but are plug-ins (ie add-ons, inserts, macros) for AutoCAD or BricsCAD.

My plugins are compatible with:
  • AutoCAD 2013 and all versions are newer. 
  • BricsCAD PRO  V17, V18, V19. They work only in PRO and Ultimate versions which is compatible .Net API.  
  • As soon as a new version of AutoCAD/BricsCAD comes out, I immediately start porting my plug-ins. Usually it takes about a month. 
  • Windows 7 and later.
  • x32 and x64. However, x32 systems are not supported since AutoCAD 2020.
  • English and Russian. The language is automatically selected based on the AutoCAD localization. The dialog boxes language is selected depending on the Windows localization. Some plugins are translated into Italian. Compatibility with German version of AutoCAD has been tested. The command names in the console, you should write in English in all localizations.
  • Porting to older versions of the AutoCAD/BricsCAD is not possible.
  • AutoCAD for Mac is not supported. 
  • BricsCAD for Linux is not supported.
Unfortunately, I can not ensure the testing of my plug-ins in all versions of AutoCAD and BricsCAD. I check the work of plug-ins on the latest version and sometimes partially check on the oldest AutoCAD 2014. The set of test drawings is very limited. I just do not have time for testing on a professional level. Therefore, I encourage all users (including those who did not make donations) to actively participate in testing my programs and send me drawings that my programs can not cope with. 

Table of Compatibility

Plugin AutoCAD 2013 and newer  BricsCAD PRO V17 and newer
 Names Yes Partially*
Drill Yes Yes
DXF ExportYesV19 and newer
Fillet PolylineYesYes
Inside Corner YesYes
Miter JointYesYes
Offset of Many Objects YesYes
 Overall DimensionYesYes
 Outside LoopYesYes
Paste To TableYesYes
 Sawing TableYesYes*
Select SameYesYes
Slice Yes Yes
Smart Leader Yes Yes
 TNT Yes Yes
A>V>C> Kit Yes Yes*
A>V>C> ProYesYes*

*  BricsCAD constraints:
  • BricsCAD can not make FlatShot from solids, so I had to create a simplified algorithm that projects the edges of solids. I can not determine the visibility of edges and create silhouettes of surfaces. I'll wait for corrections of the BriсsCAD API.
  • BricsCAD does not allow you to program Fields in .Net plugins.
  • At the moment, properties and metrics from Names plugin are not displayed in the standard BricsСAD panel. To view and edit, use the AvcPalette panel. 
** You can use the commands AVCNum from the plugins Lay, Mark, Sawing Table, A>V>C> Kit, A>V>C> Pro