Annual license

This license allows one person to use the program on one computer for one year from the date of obtaining the license. Please note that the expiration date starts as soon as you receive the license, and not from the day you activate the plugin.

The cost of the license for each program is indicated on all pages of the programs and in the general list.


    • The cheapest option. Even the most complete set of all A>V>C> programs (AVC_Pro) will cost you no more than 27 cents per day.

    • You will receive all new versions and updates.

    • You can activate your second computer for free. For example, you can activate a work computer in the office and a laptop at home. The term of use for both activations starts from the date of obtaining the license. But one license cannot be used for two workstations in one local network. It is forbidden to use the license by different persons. It is forbidden to run the program with one license on two computers at the same time. If these conditions are violated, the license may be automatically revoked.

    • You can transfer the license to another computer or another Windows account an unlimited number of times, but not more often than once a day. However, the license is for one person only. If there is a suspicion that the activation transfer is used for alternate use by different persons, the license may be revoked.

Disadvantages and Limitations

    • The annual license cannot be suspended. In any case, it will end in exactly a year, even if the program was not used.

    • It is forbidden to use one license by several persons. If such a suspicion arises, the license may be revoked.

    • License activation is linked to the following data:

      • your email,

      • computer motherboard identifier,

      • the identifier of the installed copy of the Windows operating system,

      • computer name,

      • the name of the Windows user account.

    • Any changes to this data will cause activation to stop working and the application will require activation. Therefore, before updating your computer or Windows, you need to cancel the activation. And after the upgrade, activate the program again. In this case, you do not have to purchase a new license.

    • Transferring activation to another computer or another account does not renew the license.

    • Unable to activate older versions of programs. Download the latest version first, then activate.

    • It is not possible to activate a new annual license until the previous annual license has expired. But you can (and should) take care of replenishing your balance in advance.

    • To activate the license and to run commands, the computer must be connected to the Internet. If the program was unable to connect to the server within 24 hours, activation will be blocked and the command will stop running. After the connection is restored, the program may need to be reactivated. However, your license is retained. For computers that are not connected to the network, a special Offline activation mode is provided. But its use is not recommended.

    • To protect your license, you must come up with a password for your account. You will have to remember the password when reactivating and activating other computers.