A>V>C> Pro

Plugin AVC_Pro 
for AutoCAD and BricsCAD
The package of all programs A>V>C>: In addition to commands from the plug-in "A>V>C> Kit", the set includes commands for working with contours, preparing drawings for the CNC

If you liked many of my programs, you can not exchange for small things, but use the "A>V>C> Pro" package. You will get all the benefits in 2D and 3D design, drawing sheets preparation, contour preparation for CNC, automation of routine operations. The package contains absolutely all my developments. Some of these programs are included in the "A>V>C> Kit", and the other commands, focused on the preparation of quality contours for machining on CNC, was previously part of the "CNC Prepare" plugin. But I decided to combine the two sets. Now you can get absolutely all my public development by downloading and activating only 1 plugin. And I can send fewer letters with keys. I promise to spend the saved time on the development of new useful programs for you.

There is a fully functional demo version for 7 days. Download the file AVC_Pro_nnnn_nn.7z. 
Attention! From the download folder you only need to download this one file. No other files are needed! All other AVC-plugins must be removed form ApplicationPlugins folder.
To activate, donate $200 to further develop the program and follow the instructionsOwners of both AVC_Kit and CNC_Prepare kits can replace them with AVC_Pro for free. For this, you will need to send me a new request code.

Attention! Before installing this set of programs, you must remove all other plugins A>V>C>. To do this just delete all subdirectories starting with “AVC” letters in the folder ApplicationPlugins. And run AutoCAD without plug-ins one time.

Plugin A>V>C> Pro included all A>V>C> Kit commands.
A detailed description of each command can be found on the command pages. 
Do not have their own pages next commands:

  • AutoAnn - Automatic activating of "Annotations" layer to create text, leader, dimension, etc.
  • AutoSnap - Automatic shutdown of all snaps when create a text
  • AutoOrtho - Automatic shutdown orthogonal mode when creating a text
  • SumLen - calculates the sum of the lengths of all selected drawing objects: lines, arcs, and polylines
  • SumArea - calculates the sum of the areas of all selected drawing objects: closed polylines, circles, ellipses, and splines.
  • SolSizeSweepSize – solid measurement.
  • SawRed - Coloring of solids depending on the manufacturing technology - details for the saw - red, for milling - green.
  • MeshExplode – Explode Mesh, PolyFaceMesh and 3DFace to lines
  • MeshToSolid – Try convert closed Mesh and PolyFaceMesh to Solid
  • BReplace - To replace the selected blocks with the same blocks from another drawing.
  • TextHeightUpdate - Update height of all MTexts in Model Space to scale of current viewport.
  • +Options - Dialog settings. In AutoCAD, the command will call up the usual options dialog on the last tab of which you can configure all A>V>C> commands. In the BricsCAD a special settings dialog opens.

In the A>V>C> Pro additional included commands:

Outside Loop
Outside Loop (OSL) 
Join segments to closed polyline. Convert any curves to polylines. Approximation of splines with a given tolerance. Contour optimization.
Fillet Polyline
Fillet Polyline (FP)
Breaks all corners of a polyline and connects the sides with a smooth arc. Able to mate arc segments
Inside Corner (IC) 
Contours for milling approach in the inside corners
Dado Loop
Dado Loop (DDL) 
Forming a closed polyline for NC-milling dadoes and pockets
Flat (FLT) 
Generate flat drawing from any AutoCAD objects. Project all on XY
Offset of Many Objects
Offset of Many Objects
A thousand displaced curves in 1 click. Repeated and bilateral offset. Layer change. Removing the source.

Overall dimensions (DimOverall)
Get two overall dimensions on all solids and contours by one click 
NC Prepare (NCP) 
Preparation of drawings of details, contours and dimensions, from 3D-solid. Works with detail through the viewport.
Data Table
Data Table
Extract properties from any objects, including names and descriptions, attributes, and parameters.
Writing tables in a drawing, Excel, CSV, XML.
Calculation of total results.
Sawing Table
Sawing Table
The measurement of solids. List of its dimension for sawing|cutting.
Material TableMaterial Table
Extraction of data on materials of solids, materials of their surfaces. Lists of materials, coatings, paints, bandings. Calculation of material consumption (taking into account scraps), total weight and price.
Writing tables in a drawing, Excel, CSV, XML.
DXF Export 
Lay details (solids 3d), obtaining contours for 2d milling and export of contours in dxf.

The plugin A>V>C> Pro includes the cuix- file with a convenient ribbon "All-in-1". On the ribbon tab, you can find all AutoCAD commands plus all the commands A>V>C>. You do not need to switch more between tabs. And fans of the classic interface will finally be able to forget about it. 

A similar panel is available in the version for BricsCAD. It includes even the commands that the developers of Bricsys forgot. For example, commands work with coordinate systems.

In the future, it is planned to supplement the plug-in with the commands of automatic creation of sheets of drawings of details on the 3d model, creation of the view of assemblies with part numbering.
Updates are free.


    A>V>C> Palette: New property Base Point for all entity.
    New substitutions: basex, basey, basez
    DataTable: new style #6 "Point Coordinate Table"
    Breplace renamed to BUpdate
    BUpdate: The update didn't work.
    BUpdate: Now work with dynamic blocks.
    BUpdate: Fixed NullReferenceException when program can't read the file
    TextHeightUpdate now works with all viewports of the layout at once
    TextHeightUpdate: Fixed eInvalidInput on some clipped viewport
    Common Options: Language Switcher for English Windows
    SSO: Objects on frozen and disabled layers are now ignored
    SSO: All curves including splines now have the Length property 
    NCP and DXF Export: 
        Changed "Depth to Thickness" pseudo 3D systemPositive "Thickness". The offset of the blind holes is higher in the Z. Thickness for Under-drilling.
        New option: Use circles not for drilling. By default, all circles will now be two-arc polylines.
        Disabled dimensioning of hole diameters if it is not drilling.
    PasteToTable and DataTable: Fixed eInvalidInput error while inserting into dwg-table with merged rows.
    Lay: Fixed: eInvalidInput in drawing with system variable TextSize = 0

    New command: UNPACK    
    MeshToSolid can now merge networks into one before attempting to create a solid.

    CNC Style: 
        Separate  German|English styles for Homag.
    NCP, DXF Export
        Places leaders with cover materials, edge bangings.
    DataTable, MaterialTable, Saw, Lay, Mark: 
        Fixed: Erroneous hiding of several options when disabling numbering.
    MaterialTable, Saw, Lay
        Removed options NotAnnotations and ContinuousOnly
        New option Seach in viewport
    Smart Leader:
        Italian localization of options dialog
    New command: Invert 
    New button in Select Same Dialog: "Invert Visibility"
    Can lay parts on both side: FRONT and REAR views
    Optimized gaps between parts and groups
    New substitution %view%
A>V>C> Palette
    Saving polyline and curves properties
    Fixed:  Dimension Measurement property = 0 
    Text Height property for Dimensions, Texts and Leaders
    Text Frame property for Texts and Leaders
    Bold font for names of objects
    Save input history in a dropdown list for a lot of properties
    Show all property options for selected objects in a dropdown list
    Disabled numbering of any objects, except for solids.
    Fixed highlighting of unnamed objects.
    Suppressed objects are not included in the dimensions of the fixture-block (BricsCAD Mechanical)
    Hidden-layer objects are not included in the dimensions of the fixture-block
    Fixed: eInvalidInput error on a non-dimensional blocks
Overall Dimensions
    The measurement accuracy is now taken into account the scale of the viewport.
    Fixed bugs in constructing complex part contours.
Data Table
    Fixed: "The path is not of a legal form." in not saved drawing.
Options dialog
    Fixed error in Options dialog: MatTable options-box over DataTable options-box
New command Material Table: Extraction of data on materials of solids (solids), materials of their surfaces. Lists of materials, coatings, paints, bandings. Calculation of material consumption (taking into account scraps), total weight and price. Writing tables in a drawing, Excel, CSV, XML. 
New substitutions for materials:
    piece - The size of the piece of material. Sheet area, rod length or volume. 
    units - Units for measuring the amount of material. 
    quantity - The amount of material by area, length, or volume. 
    pieces - The number of pieces of material. The program will calculate how many sheets, rods, and edge bandings are needed.
    weight - The weight of all parts made from this material excluding scrap.
    cost - The cost of this amount of material. 
Data Table, Sawing Table
    Group totals are not saved if there is only one record in the group.
    Grand totals are not saved if there is only one group in the table.
    New option: Reduce size by bandings thicknesses.
    New DataTable style: 3.Number of blocks
    Fixed: I confused the localization "н/д" and "n/a"
    Disabled updating of the metric of solids if solids are filtered.
    Accessing Mechanical Component Properties in BricsCAD V20
    Accessing block 3d-constraint parameters in BricsCAD V20
DXF Export
    Fixed error e448 on BricsCad Mechanical *SUPPRESS layer
    Fixed error: NullReferenceException
    Fixed bug: command line options did not work right away.
    Can get the name and description of the BricsCAD V20 Mechanical component
    Can get the block 3d-constraint parameters in BricsCAD V20
Saw, Lay, Mark, DXF Export and Numbering (AvcNum):
  - Now use the DataTable to compile parts lists.
  - New conditions for filtering objects
  - New sorting principles
  - Separate numbering settings for each style
  - Separate length formatting settings for each style
  - Work with any objects, not only solids and blocks
  - Point style (PDMode system variable) automatically switches to 35 if info points are placed and the points were invisible (PDMode = 0)
  - Italian localization of the settings dialog.
  - Working with solids inside assembly blocks, arrays, extRef 
  - Customizable grouping of parts
  - Layout in separate columns in groups
  - Insert group header
  - New options: Appearance similarity
  - New options: Descending size
Sawing Table:
  - Now this command just calls the DataTable, but it cannot work with any other objects except solid. In fact, expanding the number of styles of the DataTata by another 9 styles.
  - All bonuses of the Data Table, including work inside blocks-assemblies.
  - Can be called from paper space, select a viewport and get all visible details.
  - New styles of filing "Detailing Table" and "Rib cutting".
  - Like Avc_DataTablse, Avc_Saw is now a paid plugin that requires mandatory activation.
DXF Export:
  - Interaction with updated “Lay”: custom grouping, work with assembly…
  - Nesting of parts into groups of nesting in files or folders
  - The command uses the current Lay-style for sorting details (previously the Saw-style was used)
  - The command has been removed from all plugins except Avc_Lay, Avc_Kit and Avc_Pro
  - Fixed TableSplite BricsCAD error: "Method not supported" on Layout.Initialize() invoke.
  - Support for scaled dimension styles (Dimlfac<>1)
  - The command Sawing Table (SAW) has been removed. Now it is available only in the Avc_Saw, Avc_DataTable and Avc_Pro plugins.
    Data Table: Read objects from inside dynamic blocks and external references.
    A>V>C> Palette: Polyline reverse save a start point
    A>V>C> Palette in BricsCAD V17, V18 Fixed: The program is not responding on showing a solids with metric (compare face subid bug).
    A>V>C> Palette: Empty color name of materials now saved like the "Inherited" (ByObject) color.
    Substitutions of details deleted: sumcout, pa, ac, assemlycount, mirrorcount.
    Substitutions of details added: countright, countmirror, countassemly.
    Substitution of curves added: length, len 
    Substitutions of owner-block for object extracted from assembly.
    Substitution of material added: color or col
    Multiplier saved in Drawing Properties
    Data Table: fix block reference filtering
    "N/A" for unknown substitutions
    Common Options: new check box: Save Multiplier
    Common Options: new option: No Available
    Fixed error: "Global" material inherited flag dropped
    Page Numbering:  Fixed: if by chance the first block with the SHEET attribute comes across, the program will no longer search for the block with the configured attribute.
    Fixed Russian localization errors
    New Data Table command 
    New dialog for Substitution insertion and new button "Substitution" in DXF, CNC, SAW, LAY, MARK, Smart Leader dialogs
    Substitutions renamed: %depth% -> %thickness%, %d% -> %t%, %width% -> %length%, %w% -> %len%, %height% -> %width%, %h% -> %w%, %dmm% -> %tmm%, %wmm% -> %lmm%, %hmm% -> %wmm%, %tr% -> %texture2%
    New substitution %texture*%
    Substitution %mat%: If the material is not assigned to the solid, the short color name is used (without a color book). Including in group headings.
    New options tab: Tables (for DataTable and Sawing Table)
    Fixed error comparing array elements (in SAW, LAY, Mark)
    Dialog About updated
    Fixed setting clearing in Reset command
    Solid Numbering settings are included in the styles of the Data Table, Saw, Lay, Mark plugins. 
    Added option for "Through" numbering (not for groups) for the Data Table.
NCP and DXF Export:
    Fixed the error in calculating the direction of the contours.
    Fixed a bug in Other (impassable) circuits.
    Auto create indexes of materials
A>V>C> Palette
    Key Enter can be used for create a new materials.    
    Index and Article of a materials no more copy to new materials.
    The new surface material is assigned the type of use "Cover". Edge material - "Banding".
    Automatically turn off solid history before assigning materials.
    new Block property: Explodable
    new Block Reference property: Mirrored
    Fixed MLeader text bug
    Fixed Material Article saving
    Fixed 32bits Windows errors    
    Fixed Auto-Indexes of materials
CrossPiece & DadoJoint
    Updated dialog window localisation
    eOnLockedLayer error blocked
    Fixed: ePermanentlyErased
    Fixed: The "Native" search method now works in AutoCAD 2021
    New localization system
    All command line messages localized to Italian and German
    Fixed error System.InvalidOperationException on dynamic blocks
    Fixed error NullReference on block with different count of attributes
    Fixed Invalid attribute deletion
    Option "Color by materialused indexed colors
Saw, Lay, Mark, DXFExport:
    Auto create indexes of materials
    Fixed: dictionary missing key error
A>V>C> Palette:
    New option: Create Index for materials    
    New property of block: Units
    New property of DWG: Units
DXF Export:
-    Zoom Extents each DXF
-    Now the DxfOut command is always executed with the precision = 16, regardless of the LUPREC variable. Otherwise, the arcs turned into lines when rounding the curvature to integer.
-    Fixed: error in estimating block sizes when pasted into an inch drawing. 
-    Corrected a block units in Fixture.dwg
-    Fixed: The problem with adding empty columns in the table settings.
A>V>C> Palette:
-    New pages Dwg, Text, Table, Dimension, Reference
-    Editing block Attributes and Parameters
-    Editing text of Multi Leader
-    Save button
    NCP: Fixed a bug with the depth of blind holes when the option "Depth for through" unchecked
    Edited default layer names for Biesse bSolid CNI CNC-style
    Added new CNC-style: "Milling Biesse TCH" for BiesseWorks layers
    Added new options: Multiplier and Direction Letters
    Added new options: "Drill thin holes" and "Bits diameters"
    Added new option: Milling on the right.
    Outside loops are now always deployed counterclockwise.
    Added new command-line options: LAYstyle, CNCstyle, DXFstyle
    Multiplicates the contours by the number of items in the batch.  
Lay, Saw, Mark
    A new option for selecting technology is to use the saw only for rectangular parts.
    Filtering solids by technology.
    Second default style "Export" for DXFExport
Smart Leader
    Added button Cancel into Leader Options Dialog
    Pressing the Enter and Esc buttons is processed  in Leader Options Dialog
    Alteration of the AvcPalette panel has begun. The purpose of the alterations is to completely replace the standard property panel in the following versions.

    NCP and DXFExport: The normal Z is corrected for circles depicting through drilling.
    New command Offset of Many Objects
    New settings for measuring solid: priority of colored surfaces and priority of the top side.
    New LAY options: front down, up, by technology.
    New CHOP option: Steps Outward.
    Fixture command updated and fixed.
    Added new MultiSlice command
    Fixed IC error at right angles with zero cutter gap.
    Add Miter command
    Fixed AvcSlice error eWasOpenForWrite
    Fixed AvcSlice error on preselected solid (no face)
    AvcSlice: Automatically select contiguous surfaces (those that are paired with the selected one without kinks).
    AvcSlice: You can select multiple surfaces of the same solid before calling the command.
    AvcSlice: Sliced ​​from several surfaces slices are automatically glued into one solid.
    AvcSlice: If the slice splits into pieces, then the Separate command will be called.
    AvcSlice: The command is looped on selection more and more surfaces before pressing ESC. Enter the thickness each time is no longer necessary.
    AvcSlice: New command line options - COntiguous and CYclically
    AvcSlice: Selected surfaces are now highlighted when entering thickness.
    AutoSNAP and AutoORTHO received separate lists of commands. 
    Mleader and ALD commands are excluded from AutoSNAP default list.
    SSO: Adds block definition properties, such as Comment, Explodable, etc.
    CNC: "Expand dadoes" now only works on the edges of the part, bringing the cutter out of the part.
    CNC: Added a separate corner milling setting on inside contours: Pockets and Windows.
    CNC: Improved recognition of impassable circuits.
    CNC: Fixed dado contour extension errors.
    NCP: Fixed removal of erroneous solids.
    Options dialog: Added button to reset all settings in About section
    Options dialog: Before importing settings, all settings are reset.
    LAY Fixed: Fast style switching from the command line while selecting the insertion point does not work.
    Fixed errors in scaling dialog boxes when localizing a language other than AutoCAD.
    Numbering Added: "Continue from" options
    Common options Added: Textures and Technologies lists
    New substitutions for detail - %assemlycount% and %perassembly%
    Numbering: You can number them not only in numbers, but also in Latin letters alphabetically from A to Z, then AA - ZZ and so on.
    Numbering: The starting number can be set arbitrarily through the settings window.
    Numbering: The final number is stored in the property Number_of_details of the drawing and on the next call the numbering will automatically continue.
    DXF Fixed: Disappeared the first part in the second and following groups
    Fixture Fixed: The starting position was rounded to 32mm
    DXF Export - Added Open DXF-file options
    DXF Export - Added the dialog with result DXF files. Buttons for file|folder opening
    DXF Export - Fixed errors in folder names
    All NC commands - Size Rectangle not replace Outside contour
    All NC commands - substitutions of solid properties in NC_layer names
    All NC commands The order of creating contours is changed - now the external contour is created after the main internal ones.
    Lay and DXF Export - fixer error in a count multiply 
    DXF Export command added
    New substitution for drawing properties and time.
    Solid Analysis error conversion Position3d to Curve3d.
    Settings-dialog localization improved
    A program of in-depth analysis of the structure of solids has been created. On this base, rewrote the command CNC_Prepare (NCP). Just in case, the old version of the command is saved as NCP_Old.
    The NCP command now creates closed contours for dadoes and pockets by itself, expands them itself to the width of the cutter (optional) and makes the cutter outputs for the part itself. It is no longer necessary to invoke the Dado Loop (DDL) command separately.
    In preparation for creating a DXF-Export command, the NC_ layer naming settings were completely reworked. There are new layers, separator settings, new substitutions.
    The NCP command can now not save Hidden and Other contours.
    The NCP command can now not save non-vertical drilling contours, and instead place special blocks.
    7 СNC-styles were prepared, including specially configured for exporting contours to programs BSolid (Biesse), WoodWop (Homag), Thermwood.
    All settings dialogs are now correctly displayed in the Windows font scaling mode (on displays with abnormal DPI: 4K monitors and high-resolution laptops).
    Mark and SmartLeader commands is able to work with perspective viewports.
    NCP fixed in BricsCAD V19: selection solids in viewport
    IC and FP commands:   subselectON/subselectOFF options  available in new BricsCAD from version V19.2.07
    AutoLNG: Language switching blocked in the localized version of AutoCAD
    Options dialog:  Language switching options hidden in the localized version of AutoCAD
    AutoCAD 2020 compatibility
    New Activation method
    PTT fixed adapt cell width
    FP fixed error on rectangle
    Fillet Polyline Fixed: argument error on not closed polyline
    Fillet Polyline Fixed: options BothSides checked after fillet not closed polyline
    OSL fixed: Error LongOperationManager must exist
    SSO Fixed: Object Type localization error
    FLT - Cylinder silhouettes in BricsCAD
    OSL - Fixed errors in the search for intersections of arcs and straight lines
    OSL - Accelerated splines input in BricsCAD
    New version of DRI and GAP commands
    Fixed Italian localization errors
    Fixed Annotative MLeader creating error in BricsCAD V19
    Fixed error of compatibility in BricsCAD V17 & V18
    Added: IC and FP: Command line messages translate to Italian and German
    Fixed: FP: subselectionON options visible
    Fixed: CNC-options dialog: typo in Italian
    Added options: Windows language instead AutoCAD locale
    Most messages and command prompt translated to German
    Added CNC-styles. Made 5 built-in presets.
    Added many new settings. Old features have become optional and customizable.
    Added the ability to make corners fillet.
    Added ability to write milling depth to Thickness property
    The settings dialog is reformatted and divided into 4 sections. Settings related only to NCP, now in the Details section
    Fixed: PastToTable - Adapt Width Error

OutsideLoop - The code is rewritten almost completely. A separate miscalculation of unrelated nodes, R-trees, multi-threaded calculations was used. Acceleration of work reaches 100 or more times.
Fixed error in Sweep measurement.
SmartLeader: Warning message on Perspective viewports
Fixed NCP error: insertion annotative blocks for holes
OSL error fixed: unnecessary arc on tiny gap
OSL error fixed: fatal error on Polyline2D
CNC options dialog fixed: input numbers error with decimal comma instead of point.
New NC-prepare option: Add Entry Point
Fixed: error on MLeader ContentType NoneContent and ToleranceContent
BricsCAD V19 adaptation - changed ribbon All-in-1
Fixed Smart Leader: eNullObjectId on drawing with external reference
Plugin for AutoCAD and AutoCAD 2012: dotNet Framework changed from 4.0 to 4.5
Compiler version changed from C# 7 to C# 7.2
New command Mark
Use Field flag for each Sawing Table style. Saw command now ignores flag "Use fields" in Common Options.
Commands Saw, PTT and AVCUpdate call _FieldUpdate
New Fixture in collection: Strip
Fixed: AVCPalette not show solid metric if NumChanges=0
New feature in Lay command: Text Frame
New substitution %info% or %i% - description of block
Fixture: Preserves the position of the splitter of Settings window
Automatic adaptation of all dialog windows for large Windows fonts
Fixed: Smart Leader error on clipped viewport
Fixed: Error eNotImplementedYet on insertion annotative block
Fixed: ALD error eRegappIdNotFound
Fixed: IC error on selecting solid face
Fixed: ALD error NullReference if same 2 point for MLeader
Fixed: AVCPalette open errors
First assembly of all commands into one plug-in