A>V>C> Pro

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Plugin AVC_Pro for AutoCAD and BricsCAD

The package of all programs A>V>C>: In addition to commands from the plug-in "A>V>C> Kit", the set includes commands for working with contours, preparing drawings for the CNC, extracting data for paste it into tables.

If you liked many of A>V>C> programs, you can not exchange for small things, but use the "A>V>C> Pro" package. You will get all the benefits in 2D and 3D design, drawing sheets preparation, contour preparation for CNC, automation of routine operations. The package contains absolutely all A>V>C> programs. Some of these programs are included in the "A>V>C> Kit", and the other commands, focused on the preparation of quality contours for machining on CNC. Now you can get absolutely all A>V>C> public development by downloading and activating only 1 plugin. 

Attention! Before installing this set of programs, you must remove all other plugins A>V>C>. To do this just delete all subdirectories starting with “AVC” letters in the folder ApplicationPlugins. And run AutoCAD without plug-ins one time. Your settings will be saved.

Regardless of the AutoCAD|BricsCAD localization language, you can switch the plugin to English, Russian, Italian, German, Chinese localization.

Read about downloading and installing the program here.

To run the plugin, you will have to register account and top up your account balance by making a donation or receiving bonuses.

Then you can activate one of the licenses:

A complete list of the commands included in this package is here.

Owners of the Pro collection, along with updates, will receive all new commands and functions that will be developed by A>V>C> in the future.

A detailed description of each command can be found on the command pages

The plugin A>V>C> Pro includes the cuix- file with a convenient ribbon "All-in-1". On the ribbon tab, you can find all AutoCAD commands plus all the commands A>V>C>. You do not need to switch more between tabs. And fans of the classic interface will finally be able to forget about it. 

A similar panel is available in the version for BricsCAD. It includes even the commands that the developers of Bricsys forgot. For example, commands work with coordinate systems.