Download and Install

All my program you can load from Autodesk AppStorePlugins that are compatible with BricsCAD you can find in the Bricsys App CatalogBut the process of publishing new versions takes time. Therefore the AppStore are usually older versions of my programs.


You can get the latest version in the shared folder Plug-ins in 7z archives:

You can find drawings of test programs in the shared folder Example DWG:
  • All plug-in will be packed to the archive AVC_xxx_nnnn_nn.7z
  • xxx - name of plug-in, _nnnn_nn - number of version (in contain year and month of publication). 
  • For install any plug-in you must download only one file with maximal version number in name. 
  • After download check the properties of the downloaded archives 7z. If you see on the first page of the file properties check box "Unblock" then be sure to set it.
  • For unpack you can use program 7z

Installation into AutoCAD

  • You do not need administrator rights; Installing plug-ins can make the most powerless user.
  • You must close AutoCAD. It knows how to pick up plugins on the fly, but even better, AutoCAD knows how to get fatal errors ...
  • Unzip folder AVC_xxx.bundle to Windows system disk to folder
c:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\
  • It is important to save the .bundle extension in the folder name, otherwise AutoCAD will not find the plugin.
  • AppData is a hidden folder and you must first enable the display of hidden files in Windows Explorer. Or you can type %APPDATA% in the address string of Windows Explorer and press Enter.
  • When you start AutoCAD it will find the new plug-in and will ask your permission to run AVC_XXX.dll. You must click the button "Always Load" that this request has not occurred again.
  • If new buttons appear and the commands do not start, then most likely the plugin file has been blocked by your system. Locate all the dll and arx files in the \Content\Windows folder and in the file properties check the "Unblock"
  • If you have any problems please read F.A.Q. If this does not help - feel free to email me

Installation into BricsCAD

  • You must have PRO version of BricsCAD, otherwise my plugins will not work, because uses the .Net API.
  • The BricsCAD does not provide automatic loading of plug-ins. You must do everything yourself.
  • Unpacking the plugin in any folder.
  • Run BricsCAD, call the AppLoad command. You will see a dialog "Load Application Files"
  • Click add application button (sheet with asterisk)
  • Select file
  • Check box "Autoload".
  • Click on the checkbox "Loaded". In this case, a check mark in the checkbox does not appear, but you will see a message on the command line about the successful loading of the plug-in. 
  • The plugin will try to find and load its buttons and menus. But if you do not see a new menu section, you can try to load the menu manually. Сall the command CUI, on the File menu, select "Load additional menu file" and find the file


  • If you downloaded the installer from the Autodesk AppStore, then remove the plug-in via the Windows control panel like any other program.
  • Otherwise, you just need to close AutoCAD and delete the folder AVC_xxx.bundle
  • After removing the plugin, you can delete its settings from the Windows registry. Section


  • Follow my news on Google+ or Facebook or Twitter. There I announce the release of new versions and list all the changes.
  • Also about all the changes you can read in the Versions section at the end of the plug-in page.
  • Download new versions from my site (but not with Autodesk App Store)
  • Just overwrite all old files with new ones. AutoCAD course must be closed.
  • All updates are always free.
  • Reactivation is not needed.

What's next?

After installing the plugin, you may want to turn off the window asking for a donation. To do this, you need to make a donation and activate the plugin. Activation of each workstation for each user is done separately, the activation key is individual.

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