I develop programs in my spare time for myself and for my engineer team. This is not my main job. I'm not a salesman and do not sell anything. 
All my programs you can download and use completely free of charge (if you are not straining the window with a request for donation) and I will not lose anything. I ask you for a small donation as compensation for the tedious publication process and as a good incentive for further development.

Please read Disclaimers
All my plug-ins have free trial or demo version. Try it before donate.

Desirable size of the donation

Free and shareware programs

 Chop 15
 Cross-Piece 10
 Dado Join 10
 Overall Dimensions 5
 Fillet Polyline 5
 Flat 5
 Names 5
 Numbering 5
 Outside Loop15
 Page Numbering 5
 Paste To Table 5
 Sawing Table 15
 Select Same 5
 Slice 10
 Smart Leader 15
 Drill (Sub) 10
 TNT 5
 AutoLNG 0

Paid program packages
Plug-in USD
 A>V>C> Kit100
 A>V>C> Pro200

Transfer me the amounts indicated (or more) and send me request code. I will send to you 1 key to activate the plug-in for one user. The key is individual and linked to computer and one user. If you paid 10 keys for one plug-in, then I stop counting the number of keys sent and you can activate any number of workplace. Read more about the activation process here.
The AVC_CNC plugin is no longer supported. All its functions are transferred to the package A>V>C> Pro.

Now you can donate via:


if you have PayPal account you can donate me by PayPal. It's no problem for international transfer.
There is a fee (maximum 4%). My PayPal account: registered like "Ольга Неронская". 

Western Union

In any country in the world you can use the sending of Western Union transfers. To do this, you do not need to visit their offices, it works by sending online. Specify the country of the recipient: Russia, Recipient: Аlexander Viktorovich Сhernyshev, Method of receipt: cash. After sending, write me the amount and transfer number. The main drawback of this method of donations is long waiting time for an answer. You will have to wait until I find the time to reach the bank office, because translation can not be received online.

Interbank Transfer

Donate to my bank account through SWIFT.  First request my for all my data by e-mail (I am afraid to write the account number here). Next go to the your bank website or mobile app or office and transfer money to my bank account number.
It's no problem for international transfer. But It is a long and complicated procedure. Fees maximal and depend on your and my banks. I do not recommend this method.

Prepaid card

You can go to the nearest bank distributing prepaid cards Visa, Mastercard. Then send me the card number and CVV. The amount of payment will have to be rounded to the nominal value of one card. Or buy a few cards with the right amount. This method of donation is theoretical transboundary and good anonymity. However, I came across prepaid cards from the USA that are not accepted by any payment system in Russia. Therefore, I do not recommend this method.

Visa Direct

Donate from your card to my card. First request me for my card number by e-mail (I am afraid to write the card number here). Next go to the your bank website or mobile app and transfer money to my card. If your bank is not able to send money to the card, you can use the services of any mediator bank or PaySend
This method of donation is immediately. Fees depend on your bank. However, you may face a ban on the international transfer.
I recommend this method in all cases when it is possible.


It's Russian money transfer system. You can try send money from you card hereHowever, you may face a ban on the international transfer. My account number: 410011478726080


Donate by cryptocurrency. For those who are in the subject. 
Try send me bitcoin using Greenaddress.