Plugin AVC_AutoLng for AutoCAD and BricsCAD. 
Keyboard Language auto switch. Plugin helps to switch the keyboard between English and your native language.

This simple plugin will help everyone who uses the English version of AutoCAD®, but inputs text in their native language. 
As you know, many professionals do not use principally localized versions of AutoCAD and there are substantial grounds. This plugin itself will switch the input language from your native language as soon as you run any command that inputs texts and switch the language back to English at the end of the command. Thus, you can safely call AutoCAD commands familiar keyboard shortcuts and can enter the keyboard command options. At the start of the command, the language will be English and as soon as you start writing the text (for example, invoke MText or MLeader), plugin immediately switches language. If the switch is stopping you, you can quickly turn off the command AvcAutoLng and then turn it on again.
Language that switches plugin is taken from the settings of Windows but you can change it to any other.
To do this, invoke the command AutoLng with the parameter L. Language Codes Russian, German, Spanish, French, Ukrainian and Belarusian language are built into the plugin. Other codes and keyboard layouts, you can easily find in Internet or to spy in Windows registry.

You can edit a list of AutoCAD commands, for which the plugin toggles language. By default, all "text-input" commands of AutoCAD and AutoCAD® Mechanical are already present in this list. 


Download archive AVC_AutoLng_n_n.7z

Program is free for use. If this program really helps you, please donate a small amount. 


Usage Instructions

Just install and use! Enter commands from the keyboard or the buttons, and the plugin decides to switch the language or not. No need to monitor the current state of the keyboard. You can use short commands.
To configure the program, enter the AutoLNG command. The command works only on the command line and does not have a graphical interface. After its launch, you will see the following options: 

  • Yes - enable automatic switching. The program itself will turn on immediately after installation if two or more keyboard layouts are installed on your system. 
  • No - temporarily block the switch. 
  • Language - the option sets the language of the keyboard layout to which switching occurs, i.e. your native language. The program will display a new set of options for choosing one of the languages ​​known to the program: 
    • Ru - Russian 
    • By - Belarusian 
    • Ua - Ukrainian 
    • De - German 
    • Es - Spanish 
    • Fr - French 
    • System - the second language of the Windows keyboard (except English). The program uses this language by default. 
    • Another - you can enter any language. Entered as a hexadecimal number. Codes can be found here in the hex column. Some languages ​​can be entered as one or two letter names. Asterisk - return to the default setting (equivalent to Sy - system language) 
  • Commands - Enter a list of switch commands. Paste the full list of commands on which you want to switch the language to the command line. By default, there is such a list:         

           Commands are entered into the list in large English letters without spaces, separated by commas. Use only full English command names. Short team names will not work. The program has no options to add/remove commands from the list. You should prepare the list in advance and enter it all at once. You can return to the default list by entering an asterisk * instead of the list.

In the paid plug-in  A>V>C> Kit you can configure language switching in a convenient settings dialog, without using the command line.

AVCMessage command

Auxiliary command for setting output messages about the progress of the program. 

Known Issues

If you click on the table and immediately start typing text, AutoCAD itself activates the input text mode. However, the start editing event appears after you enter the first character. Accordingly, the language switching occurs after the first character is already put in the cell. I.e. first character will always be in English. No idea how to fix it, so I recommend going into input text mode by double-clicking the mouse on table cell so that when you see the text editor window then the language is switched already.


    Updated localisation 
    Language switching blocked in the localized version of AutoCAD

    AutoCAD 2020 compatibility
    New Activation method

  • AutoCAD 2019 compatibility
  • BricsCAD compability
2017.3 AutoCAD 2018 compatibility
2.4 Blocked autorun on single-language system
2.3 Fix error:  always OFF  after restart AutoCAD