To start using A>V>C> programs you need to get a license. A license is required for both free programs and the trial period. The license will be written to one of your accounts, but it is not associated with a workplace, Windows user and computer. To start working with the program, you must also bind the license to your computer. This process is called activation. One license can allow activation in many workplaces. In a large company, a manager can request 20 licenses for one workplace or one license for 20 workplaces - there is no difference, in any case, 20 employees will be able to use the program. In the license manager (AVCOptions command), you can see all your valid licenses, their activations and the number of licenses not yet activated.

There are several types of licenses under which you can use A>V>C> programs.

    • Annual license - The license allows one person to use the program on one computer for one year from the date of obtaining the license.

    • Unlimited license - Allows one user to use the current version of the program on one computer for an unlimited time.

    • Free License - Only some of the free A>V>C> programs are licensed. Free does not negate the need for activation.

    • Trial license - A trial license is provided free of charge for a period of 20 days from the date of activation.

There is no license for a month, for a day, for 5 years - use only what is on this list.

The cost of each license is indicated on all pages of the programs and in the general list.

To select the license you need, start the activation process. Please familiarize yourself with the merits and limitations of each type of license before you start activating the program.

Company licenses

There is no license for all computers in the domain. You will have to obtain as many licenses as you have jobs and activate them at each job separately.

In companies that pay for programs for several employees, it is possible to create only one account, credit all funds and all licenses to it. In this case, you must have a completely trusting relationship with all employees (including those laid off), because on their computers you will have to enter the address and password of the public account. And in this case, you will have to buy separate licenses for each user's home computers too.

It is much more profitable to create accounts for each employee. At the same time, you can make one large donation, but indicate in the note to which accounts you need to distribute this amount. Just list all your engineers' email addresses.

You can also appoint a manager who will manage all corporate accounts. By default, the manager is the one who initially sent the list of corporate accounts. The manager has the ability to request any transfer of money and licenses between accounts, the creation and blocking of new accounts, the appointment of other managers. To do this, just write an e-mail to technical support at Any order of the manager will be executed if the letter came from a known e-mail. You can keep a reserve of money in the manager's account and at any time transfer this money to new employees or replenish the accounts of old employees to purchase new annual licenses.

But remember that manipulations with corporate accounts (like any technical support request) can take from a couple of hours to several days. If you are worried about the continuous work of your employees, make sure that their accounts have enough money in advance to buy a new annual license.

Transferring a license to another computer

License transfer is required in the following cases:

    • reinstalling Windows

    • renaming the Windows user

    • renaming a computer using Windows tools,

    • computer motherboard replacement

    • moving to another computer

To transfer, you must first cancel the activation of the license on the old computer, and then reactivate it on the new one. That is, you need to delete from the A>V>C> database the record linking your license with a specific computer.

Launch the A>V>C> Options Palette with the AvcOptions command and go to the "License Managment" tab.

You can delete all activations of this computer at once if you are going to move to another. Use the "Deactivate All" button.

Or in the list of activations, find the activation of the old computer, click on this line and click the "Delete" button. Fear not, you are removing the activation, not the license. If you make a mistake, it is fixable. It will be possible to activate the workplace again for free.

As soon as you remove the activation you will see that the license appears in the lower list. This is a list of unused licenses. Each line contains the number of unused activations.

After these actions, the A>V>C> program will no longer be able to run on the old computer - an activation window will pop up.

Now start a new computer, run AvcOptions or any command from the plugin, enter the same account and password. Now, when you try to activate, the program will find a free unused license and offer to activate it, rather than buying a new license.

Trial and free licenses cannot be transferred.

You cannot transfer a paid license if it was activated on a computer in offline mode. Even reinstalling Windows or renaming a user on such a computer will require the purchase of a new license.

Checking the license expiration date

You can check the validity of your licenses at any time. Call the A>V>C> Options Palette using the AvcOptions command and open the License Managment tab. In the upper list, you will see all activated licenses with an indication of the workplaces on which activation was made. In the lower list, you will see your non-activated licenses and the number of available seats.

Both lists will indicate the date the license was received and its validity period.

You cannot activate a new license until the previous one expires. But you need to take care of the balance replenishment in advance. Then it will take a couple of seconds to get and activate a new license.

An annual license is not a subscription!

Do not confuse time-limited licenses and subscriptions. The license for A>V>C> plugins cannot renew itself in any way, cannot write off money from your card without your permission. The license does not threaten you with anything. Your payment data is not visible to the A>V>C> server and is not saved anywhere. You donate to the development of plugins in any amount, and as a thank you get bonuses on your account and you can use them immediately or gradually. You can make one big donation and then activate the annual licenses for many years. Activation occurs instantly, in 2 clicks, without interfering with your work.