Select Same Objects

Plugin for AutoCAD and BricsCAD AVC_SelectSame
Search for drawing objects similar to the sample. Search for blocks by attributes and parameters. Search for solids by the color of faces and by dimensions.

This program, like command SelectSimilar, will allow you to quickly select all the drawing objects that are similar to the sample. Just select the model object and tick the checkboxes to check its properties when searching. This is much faster than selecting objects with the popular QSelect command. But if this also seems to you to be long there is a variant of the command in general without any queries - one click - and it's ready.

The program can be useful for searching for properties that are not available in SelectSimilar and QSelect. You will get access to the attributes of blocks, parameters of dynamic blocks, colors and materials of individual faces of solids. You will also find some properties of objects that are hidden from the user. For example, the hidden names of dynamic blocks, names of arrays and other "nameless" blocks, the number of vertices in a polyline, and so on.

The program is able to interact with the plug-in A>V>C> Properties Palette. You can search for objects of the same name. And you can search for whose objects have not been given a name yet. Of course, you will be able to access all the other properties added by the plug-in A>V>C> Properties Palette: Kind, Info and all the Metrics of solids. Solids measured with the SolSize, Lay and Saw commands can be found by their overall dimensions, no matter how they are deployed in space.
Maybe you will not find the right property. Write to me and I'll try to find a way to extract this property in future versions.
The program remembers the properties you have selected. And own set of properties is stored for each type of objects.
The program can not only select objects, but also call the Invert command in order to isolate the found objects along with those that were previously hidden.

Download the plugin in the AVC_SelectSame_nnnn_nn.7z archive. You can use the program for free, but from time to time the activation window will appear. If you donate at least $10, you can disable this window.

Look at the properties of solid and blocks the program can use

Look at the animated examples of the program

Recensione video in italiano registrata da Paolo Coter.


 SSO – Select Same Objects: Search for drawing objects similar to the sample.

 -SSO - Search for drawing objects similar to the sample without any queries.

Select Same command (SSO)

Select the model object and call the SSO command. If many objects are selected or none - the program will prompt you to select single object.
Next, the program displays the properties window. The first line always indicates the type of the sample object. The following are the properties that you used the last time for this type of object. Other properties are hidden. Check the checkboxes for the properties that will be compared to all objects in the drawing. If you need hidden properties click the “Show All Properties” button.
Attributes and parameters of blocks you can see in the list under the heading Block. The colors of faces of solids are present in the list only if they differ from the color of the solid itself. This also applies to materials of faces.
Above the list there is one more checkbox to check/reset all properties at the same time.
Click Select and now the program starts to sort through all objects of the model or current layout. This may take some time. You can abort the process by pressing ESC. In the end you will see that all suitable objects (including the sample) are selected and ready to call other commands.
You can also use the "Invert Visibility" button to invoke the Invert command and isolate the found objects along with those that were previously hidden.
When searching for solid objects by the color of the faces, only solids will be selected in which at least one face has a given color and this color differs from the color of the solid itself. Those if you want to find the whole red solid mark the property "Color = red" and not "Face color red = Exists".

If you call the command while viewing the model through the viewport, you will have an additional option "Search in viewport". This will allow you to restrict the search area to only those model entities that you see in the current viewport.

Follow the messages in the console. There may be error messages.

Repeat Select command (-SSO)

The second version of this command -SSO does not display the settings dialog (like all AutoCAD “minus” commands). Instead are used the saved settings for the selected object type.  Or are used default settings (if you have not already called SSO).


    Objects on frozen and disabled layers are now ignored
    All curves including splines now have the Length property    

    New option Seach current view

    New button in Select Same Dialog: "Invert Visibility"

    Can get the name and description of the BricsCAD Mechanical component
    Can get the 3d-parameters of the BricsCAD Mechanical component

    Adds block definition properties, such as Comment, Explodable, etc.

    Updated dialog window localisation

    AutoCAD 2020 compatibility
    New Activation method
2019.3 Common Options updated - locale flag
2018.6 new properties os solid: FaceArea, FacePerimeter, Fa 
2018.4 Fixed error in BricsCad in AVCMessage command  options
2018.3 Compatible with AutoCAD 2019

2017.7 BricsCAD: autoload CUIX menu and localization

2017.6 BricsCAD PRO 17 Compatible

2017.5 An attempt to correct the problem of a sudden disabling of the plug-in activation.

2017.3 Compatible with AutoCAD 2018

1.0 First public version