Plugin AVC_TNT for AutoCAD and BricsCAD.
Explosion of assembly. Moving apart solids in space for an illustration of the form of the assembly.

Using this plugin you can quickly create an "exploded" view of the assembly. If you are designing a complex assembly of solid parts then you may need to disseminate (carry, blast) in the space. This can improve the visual representation, can show from which the assembly is, help in the study of a foreign assembly, or useful for the design of the assembly drawing and for placement position numbers.  In this case, this plugin will help in moving the parts in different directions with a single click. Parts escape into space as if the explosion occurred at the geometric center of the assembly. Force of the explosion you assign yourself.
AutoCAD/BricsCAD does not have assemblies. Assembly is just a word that I used in the description for convenience. All the solid parts which you have chosen comprise an assembly. Solids do not have to touch each other.

Download the plugin in the AVC_TNT_nnnn_nn.7z archive. You can use the program for free, but from time to time the activation window will appear. If you donate at least $5, you can disable this window.

3D-solid assembly before the explosion

 Exploded assembly. Force = 2

 Exploded assembly. Force = 3

I can blow even any not contacted solids. Solids do not have to touch each other.

Animation. Explode reception-table

This Italian review describes how to use the TNT command.


TNT – Generates an exploded view of the assembly.
AVCMessage - Auxiliary command for setting output messages about the progress of the program. In the demo mode it shows the activation window.

TNT Command

  • Select all the parts in the assembly. You must select 2 or more solids. 
  • Call the TNT command
  • Enter "explosion" force. It floating point digit must be more 1.0. (from 1.5 to 4.0 optimal)
  • Click the point where the exploded assembly inserts. 
Force of the explosion sets multiplier by which to increase the distance from the part to the center of the assembly. It must be greater than 1. For example, if the force of the explosion is set to two, then the part will be twice as far from the geometric center of the assembly than it was before the explosion.
It works only with objects such as 3D-solid. If you use blocks, then explode them before invoking the command TNT.
Initial assembly remains unchanged.
Follow the messages on the console. There may be error messages.


    Updated dialog window localisation

    AutoCAD 2020 compatibility
    New Activation method


  • Fixed error in BricsCad in AVCMessage command  options


  • Compatible with AutoCAD 2019


  • BricsCAD: autoload CUIX menu and localization


  • Compatible with BricsCAD Pro 17


  • Compatible with AutoCAD 2018
  • New version numbering
  • New activation window


  • AutoCAD 2017 compatibility
  • Demo version
  • Add AVCMessage command
  • Optimized localization
  • Fixed typos