About me

Alexandr Chernishev aka A>V>C>.

For 20 years, I design furniture and exhibition stands in AutoCAD. And I develop software in my spare time. My program is used every day dozens of engineers in my firm. People who have gone to work in other organizations asked me to publish this program for general use, saying that without it they can no longer work effectively. 

All my programs have arisen from the need to eliminate the routine, to speed up work and to eliminate "human factor" mistakes. I design in 3D only. But I try to make the universal programs, so they may come in handy in all sectors of design and for 2D drawings too. I do not create overall product to design furniture. My program does not make you relearn, you can work as you are used to. I try to stay within a familiar AutoCAD interface, avoid pop-up windows, unnecessary requests. The main thing for me - not to convert AutoCAD to another program and just to supplement the small, simple and useful features. Yeah, I hope I'll be able to hack this flea :)
I recently discovered a great alternative - BricsCAD. And now I try to work only in it. All my new plugins, I now immediately debug in BricsCAD. Maintaining compatibility with two programs is difficult for me. But to abandon BricsCAD is no longer possible.

Today, hundreds of engineers from all over the world use my plug-ins every day. And I still have not received a single negative response. No one! So join safely.

On this site you can find descriptions of all my developments, all plug-ins to AutoCAD and BricsCAD.

My suggestions for you

Consulting and training
  • I offer you any advice in the areas of furniture design, wood products and flat sheets, exhibition stands, stage decoration, offices and interiors.
  • Selection of CAD programs. Selections plugins for them. I can help you significantly reduce the cost of licensed CAD software.
  • Design optimization, shortening the time for creating engineering models, solid modeling. Minimization of "human factor" losses and the number of engineering errors.
  • Automation of the transfer of documentation for production and processing equipment (CNC machines).
  • Installation and configuration of engineering programs, and plugins for them.
  • Selection of components for engineering computers and file servers and database servers.
  • Installation and configuration of AutoCAD and BricsCAD.
  • Learning to use AutoCAD, BricsCAD. Training to work with my plugins.
  • Customizing my plugins for your needs.
  • The main method of consultation is by e-mail. Also possibletelephone consultations, audio and video conferences and even training right in your office. However, I only speak Russian fluently.... and C# :)
  • Completion of existing plugins. 
  • Adding new features. 
  • Adding options and customization. 
  • Integration with your databases via Web-API or SQL. 
  • Optimization of work speed. 
  • Adaptation, translation into other languages. 
  • Porting plugins to other compatible programs ZWCad, GStarCAD, NanoCAD...
  • Development of new plugins for AutoCAD and BricsCAD and other similar programs. 
  • Development of small accompanying programs for Windows including multiuser databases.
Engineering works:
  • Development of drawings for frame furniture, furniture for offices, sales areas, exhibitions, presentations.
  • Preparation of contours for CNC for your equipment.
  • Selection of an engineering team for projects of all sizes.


Motivator of new developments:


If you like the plugin or the new version, or if you are just waiting for updates - do not be shy, go to the Donations page. There are many more ways to make a Transfer.

About downloading plug-ins and installing them, read the Download section.

News about my programs you can see on Facebook or TwitterMore in-depth articles on plugins and engineering work can be found on my BlogSo far, only in Russian (but the Translate button is present).

My page on Autodesk App Store


You can find my programs in Bricsys Application Catalog. Type "A>V>C>" in search string.

Here is a VIDEO instruction in Italian from my friend Paolo Coter from Bergamo. But there everything is clear, even if you do not know Italian.

A few VIDEOS about my plugins were posted by Hans Lammerts. Voiced in Dutch. There are English subtitles.

Online school CAD CRAFT publishes useful lessons on designing furniture in AutoCAD using my plugins. In Russian.

My profile in Autodesk forum.

My profile in Russian AutoCAD.Net programming forum.

Mail me avc.programming@gmail.com or write me in Telegram @avc_programming


You can ask me any questions about the work of my programs, their installation and configuration, optimization of the work of engineers, setting up business-processes in the exhibition business. The main method of communication is e-mail.
I try to help all the users, regardless of whether they made a donation or not. 
I will be glad to hear from you any suggestions and comments for further improvement of my programs.
Do not forget to attach the problem dwg-file to the letter.

On-line consultations by phone, Skype, TeamViewer are also possible, but only for a fee and only in Russian.

Alternative possibility

If your company requires a formal software purchase agreement, you can contact  Lammerts Engineering.

This is my exclusive business partner in the Netherlands and Belgium. In this case, you can get all the seller's guarantees, technical support, training, assistance in the implementation of programs and plug-ins, assistance in optimizing your engineering business processes. Lammerts Engineering can help you find the right CAD software, reduce overall CAD software costs, and speed up and simplify your engineering business processes.