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What's different right now because of COVID? It's all here. The rest of CMR represents our "typical" way of work.

How do I run an IEP meeting? Who needs to be there, what to do if they're absent, explaining procedural safeguards, and more!

How do I write an IEP, cover-to-cover? Every section of the IEP is here with examples and guidance.

This is a "catch-all" section of CMR for everything that keeps us busy in between evals and annual IEP meetings.

What should I put in an eval. plan? What interview and observation forms should I use? How do I write a report?

How does due process work from birth-to-36 months? This is like a mini-CMR just for our littlest littles.

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General Purpose Resources

Due Process Activity Lists - Master Copy

The DPALs were developed to help case managers keep track of all the tasks and paperwork involved in due process — before, during, and after the meeting.

SpEd Forms Data Change Request Forms 2019-2020

Submissions to the SpEd Forms Data Change Request Forms help due process support staff to keep students' records up to date in the SpEd Forms database.

Part B SpEd Timelines Poster - Master Copy

The Part B MN SpEd Timelines Poster is great for those moments when you want to quickly double-check a due process timeline. We also have a Part C version.

Poster: School Year Timeline for Case Managers - Master Copy

The School Year Timeline Poster provides an overview of annual tasks so nothing sneaks up on you. Check out this page for more details on many of these tasks.

What's new?

September 2022

  • (9/15/22) The Goals page has been enhanced with a video and matching written guidance relevant to the logistics of progress monitoring.

August 2022

  • (8/22/22) 30 school day calendars for each district have been added to the Evaluation Planning page.

May 2022

  • (5/7/22) Updated the BSP page to reflect that SpEd Forms has now built our Google Doc BSP template (the version rolled out at ULC in August 2021) directly into SpEd Forms!

September 2021

August 2021

July 2021

  • (7/14/21) "The Bottom Line" summary content was added to the tops of all pages in the IEP section + "Go-To Tools" sections added near the top on applicable pages. The goal was to make these pages quicker and easier to use by moving the frequently used content to the top of the page, and when people need more detail they can scroll down the page.

  • (7/14/21) Navigation menu added to the footer of the website to give you another way to jump around.

  • (7/14/21) New Student Information page added to the IEP section to cover the first page of the IEP. Federal setting content was moved from the LRE page to this new student information page because that's where Fed. Setting is located in the IEP.

  • (7/14/21) Short labels were added at the front of every accommodation/modification in the dropdown menu in SpEd Forms. They match the labels used in our companion resource document. These short labels are not required. The goals of including them in the dropdown examples are (A) make the examples easier to browse in SpEd Forms (B) make it easier for paras/EAs and teachers to review the IEP.

  • (7/14/21) Examples featured on the Transition Services page have been added to the dropdown menu in SpEd Forms so they'll be at your fingertips when you're writing IEPs.

  • (7/1/21) The new slimmed down BSP template is here! It was developed based on input from case managers during department meetings last year. The examples in the Function-Based Behavior Strategies Guide were also updated to match the new template.

May 2021

  • (5/24/21) Info. on the collaborative planning procedure was removed from the bottom of the Services Coordination page because a new procedure is being rolled out (see email from Nicole Woodward) that doesn't flow through services coordinators. We will find a new home on CMR for that new procedure soon!

  • (5/18/21) CMR was visually enhanced and reformatted to simplify navigation.

April 2021

  • (4/20/21) Paperwork reduction! The AT Consideration Form and the ESY form are now both OPTIONAL. Follow those links for more details, and a video explanation has also been emailed out by our Director of SpEd. The AT Consideration Form has also been updated to a new format.

  • (4/20/21) The Prior Written Notice page has been updated to include self-check questions that can be reviewed before finalizing a PWN and sending it home.

  • (4/7/21) The User Feedback form at the bottom of each page has been updated to gather more targeted feedback.

March 2021

November 2020

October 2020

  • (10/30/20) The FAPE Obligation During COVID-19 has been updated.

  • (10/30/20) The Progress Reporting page has been updated with current information regarding multiple learning models with an included FAQ section and example reports.

  • (10/30/20) The Progress Monitoring page has been updated to reflect current guidance with an FAQ.

  • (10/30/20) The IEP Timelines and Meeting Requirements page has been updated to include guidance regarding difficulty to obtain a baseline for present levels of performance.

  • (10/30/20) The Parental Consent and Objection page has been updated to reflect current guidance.

  • (10/15/20) The COVID-19 dropdown menu was simplified and is now organized alphabetically. We are hopeful that this will make it easier to find the COVID-19 specific info. you're looking for.

  • (10/15/20) The various meeting agenda templates (i.e., Annual IEP, Evaluation have been revised to include places for CLP updates to be considered following changes to the IEP

  • (10/15/20) An FAQ was added to the Face Coverings & PPE page regarding placement options for students who are exempt from wearing face coverings.

  • (10/15/20) The COVID-19-specific MA Billing page was updated to include telemedicine and PCA time study information.

  • (10/15/20) The meeting agenda templates on our normal Meeting Preparation page were updated to include CLP content. We are trying to be very thoughtful about confining COVID-specific info./resources to the COVID drop-down menu. However, it made sense to update these agendas right now because currently nobody should be using the standard meeting agendas without CLP content.

September 2020

  • (9/8/20) The Amendments & Contingency Learning Plan (CLP) timeline was revised and extended. Clarifying steps for finalizing CLPs were also added to Step 5: Finalize and Send Home

  • (9/3/20) The guidance on the Progress Monitoring page was expanded and the page was moved to stand alone, rather than be imbedded within the IEP section.

  • (9/2/20) Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) examples were added to the Amendments & Contingency Learning Plans page

  • (9/2/20) The Timelines & Guidance page under the COVID-19 Evaluations section was updated to include evaluation implications and guidance under each of the three learning scenarios that may be in place this year.

August 2020

  • (8/27/20) Step-by-Step CLP Walkthrough Videos have been added to the Amendments & Contingency Learning Plans page.

  • (8/26/20) Guidance on the Early Childhood COVID-19 page regarding planning for services for preschoolers on IEPs during distance learning, both if parents opt into distance learning and distance learning models. Guidance from the COVID-19 Summer Evaluation page pertaining to Part C evaluations page was moved to this page as well.

  • (8/26/20) Guidance regarding COVID-19 PWN dropdown options has been added to the Amendments & Contingency Learning Plans page

  • (8/26/20) The Federal Settings section for kindergartners, preschoolers and infants and toddlers has been updated in alignment with changes to 2020-20201 MARSS reporting requirements. This information is outlined on the Least Restrictive Environment page.

  • (8/24/20) The Direct & Indirect Services page in the COVID-19 section was renamed Distance Learning & Special Education Services. This page was revised to more clearly explain expectations for service provision whenever distance learning is in place (either as part of a hybrid learning model or when full distance learning is in place).

  • (8/24/20) A Face Coverings and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) page was added under the COVID-19 --> IEP drop down. This page contains several resources to assist teams in making decisions regarding face mask exemptions and reasonable accommodations and supports, as well as selecting proper PPE for use under various service provision circumstances.

  • (8/24/20) Updates made to the Early Childhood COVID-19 page , as well as the Progress Monitoring, Paraprofessional/EA, Accessibility and 504 Plans COVID-19 pages.

  • (8/24/20) The CIMP IEP Rubric and CIMP ESR Rubric were both updated. They are located under the "Ongoing" heading --> CIMP & Compliance Monitoring page.

  • (8/13/20) A Contingency Learning Plan (CLP) page was added under the COVID-19 dropdown. This is the new document designed to address all three instructional scenarios for the 2020-21 school year. The Early Childhood COVID-19 page was also updated.

  • (8/13/20) Several pages are currently under construction, including Face Coverings & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Direct & Indirect Services and more. Updated guidance will be coming soon...stay tuned!

  • (8/5/20) An (improved) accommodations and modifications example doc was re-added to that page. It matches the drop-down items in SpEd Forms, but it was re-added to CMR because it makes the examples much easier to browse than SpEd Forms does.

  • (8/5/20) The examples in the Function-Based Behavior Strategies Guide have been significantly upgraded to improve usability.

June 2020

  • (6/15/20) COVID-19 Summer Evaluation Guidance was added.

  • (6/15/20) PAPERWORK REDUCTION: Amendments no longer require an Agreement to Amend form, provided that — in cases where the team agrees to amend without meeting as a full IEP team — a statement is included in the PWN that documents this agreement. See the linked page for an example statement (which is also included in the SpEd Forms PWN dropdown: 5. Additional Relevant Factors).

  • (6/15/20) LESS NEW, MORE BETTER: The Due Process Checklists and Due Process Activity Lists (DPALs) have merged into one improved resource (still called DPALs because it's an easy acronym to say). The improved DPALs are linked on the home page (see above) and are also linked throughout Case Manager Resources where applicable. Watch out for the "Check the DPAL!" button.

  • (6/15/20) A Restrictive Procedures page has been added.

  • (6/15/20) Several important posters and resources that cover many of the topics stretched across Case Manager Resources have been moved to the Home page (see 'General Purpose Resources' above).

  • (6/15/20) The 'Ongoing -> Case Management' page was renamed 'School Year Timeline' (it's still under the 'Ongoing' heading) to more accurately reflect its purpose. This page compliments the School Year Timeline poster (see above) and provides an explanation of many miscellaneous tasks and events not significant enough to warrant their own pages on Case Manager Resources.

  • (6/15/20) LESS NEW, MORE BETTER: The district licensing team grids will henceforth be updated in the same document year-to-year, which means you won't need to adjust your bookmarks or add a new version of the doc to your folder(s) every fall. All of the licensing team grids are now linked on the Evaluation Planning page and in the Evaluation Planning Guide itself.

  • (6/15/20) A re-eval optimized meeting agenda template was added to the Meeting Preparation page. This agenda template integrates re-evaluation review into the IEP development discussion. Feedback was obtained for this during the second cross-cat day of 2019-20.

May 2020

  • (5/21/2020) Typical graduation and aging out requirements are in place during distance learning. Please visit the Exit or Dismissal page for more information. In the Summary of Performance form, we recommend including a short sentence describing the effect of COVID-19, such as: "Please note that the final two months of XXX's programming were offered via a distance learning model due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and this summary of XXX's performance reflects XXX's performance during that period."

  • (5/21/2020) The COVID-19 ESY page and the example ESY PWN language were updated to reflect MDE's updated guidance that districts can choose either a distance learning model or a hybrid model for ESY. **If you already sent out one or more ESY PWNs, there is no need to update them.**

  • (5/14/2020) An FAQ was added to the Progress Reporting page regarding whether progress reports are still required if a building is not reporting end-of-year grades.

  • (5/14/2020) An FAQ was added to the Progress Monitoring page regarding whether case managers have the option to add a distance learning phase line if they wish to do so.

  • (5/14/2020) The template language for ESY IDLP amendments has been added to the PWN drop down in SpEd Forms.

April 2020

March 2020

  • Example IDLP documents added.

  • Guidance added regarding how to handle the urgent IDLP amendment for cases where the team recently held an IEP/IFSP meeting and the new IEP/IFSP has not been sent out yet.

  • Recorded webinars from the week of 3/16 - 3/20 are linked and accessible.

February 2020

January 2020

  • The Services page now includes guidance on how to document consultation and indirect services that are legally required during cross-categorical case management (e.g., non-ASD-licensed SpEd teacher case managing an ASD student).

  • The Report Templates page includes new guidance on how and when to remove evaluation report sections when data will not be collected in a certain area(s).

December 2019

  • The MA Billing page has been updated with answers to frequency asked questions, including: (1) when to start the clock when tracking level 1 behaviors, (2) if interpreter services are covered during IEP meetings, (3) if mid-day transportation is covered, (4) if special transportation is billable when PCA supervision during transportation is shared, and (4) what to do with a MA Parental Consent Form once it is signed.

November 2019

  • The Exit or Dismissal page was updated to remind case managers that when a student who receives special transportation exits the district or is dismissed from all special education services, the student's Transportation Information Form must be updated to cancel special transportation.

  • Guidance on who to contact for TRAX support questions was added to the Secondary Transition evaluation page.

October 2019

  • Two examples of PCA Time Study documentation have been added to the MA Billing page.

August 2019

  • Case Manager Resources now has a much-anticipated section on Part C (check the top menu bar)! The number of Part C pages and the amount of content will expand over time.

  • The new Case Management page offers numerous resources, including: a new School Year Timeline Poster, the SpEd Timelines Poster, Due Process Checklists and Due Process Activity Lists (DPALs), and a SpEd codes cheat sheet. It is also the new home of links to the SpEd Forms Data Change Request Forms.

  • PLAAFP, IEP Goal, & LRE Examples documents added for CBM and Social-Behavior goals, respectively. Linked from the PLAAFP, Goal, and LRE pages. These documents replace the IEP Help Guide that was previously offered through IBIT.

  • The Summary of Evaluation & Educational Needs page in the evaluation report template has been further streamlined to save case managers time. Corresponding guidance and examples have been updated on the Summary of Evaluation & Educational Needs page of Case Manager Resources.

  • New evaluation report component for re-evaluations: Review of Progress & Present Levels of Performance. New page added with guidance and examples.

  • New Assistive Technology Consideration Flowchart added to the AT page.

  • The MA Billing page has been significantly enhanced, including the addition of a new flowchart and Venn diagram that help to illustrate and explain the MA billing process.

  • The accommodations and modifications dropdown menu in SpEd Forms was redrafted over the summer to ensure the examples were appropriately precise by including the what, where, when, and who details. Some of the examples exceed the SpEd Forms program's 250 character limit and are temporarily unavailable in the dropdown menu while SpEd Forms works to increase their character limit. In the meantime, a document was added to the Accommodations & Modifications page that makes these examples available.

  • A page which previously only hosted links to districts' Release of Information forms has been expanded to offer guidance on Data Privacy & Parental Authority. Worry not—the Release of Info. forms are still there.

  • A new page on SpEd Forms provides tips and tricks regarding general use of our cloud based SpEd database. Another new page specific to evaluation Report Templates has been added to the Evaluation section of the website.

  • The Prior Written Notice page has been enhanced to include additional information regarding requirements, guiding questions for IEP teams, and additional examples. Examples specific to Evaluation PWNs have been added to the Evaluation Planning page.

  • Information about how, when, and why to update service provider numbers in SpEd Forms has been added to the Services page.

  • A short section was added to the Progress Monitoring page to provide guidance on how to access SCRED's key eduCLIMBER tutorial documents.

  • Guidance regarding Progress Reporting has been clarified and expanded.