For my midterm I did a rendition of a handicapped sign for the disability competition. I used Illustrator to make the sign digitally rather than drawing it because It is the easiest way for me to get the bold sign colors that I wanted. I chose to create this art because we needed to do it for the mid term and I liked the analogy of the world being accessible to people with disabilities. I put the earth into the wheel chair to make that analogy into something visual.

This project uses formal balance because everything is centered in the image. This is to match the composition of the real signs so that it was an easy connection to make for the people viewing it. My project evolved from being just the symbol to having the words. I added the words because just looking at the symbol the message wasn't super clear to me. After adding the words it was more clear to me what my message was.

The meaning behind it as I said above is that the world is accessible to people with disabilities. The project doesn't relate to my life much because it was made for a specific prompt that I don't have much connection to. What I think might make it stronger is rounding some of the sharp corners to make it more polished.