Independent #2

For my second independent piece I made a maine flag and replaced the center with a ski mountain and the men with skiers. To make the work I traced the frame and banners then I drew in the skiers and the scene in the middle. The material I used was acrylic paint and paint markers. I chose to make this because I like Maine as seen in my other works and I really like the maine flag. I also like to ski so I decided to combine the two to make. When I paint I have a very graphic style using solid colors and having clear separation between them with little little blending. The work is composed formally because the "seal" is in the center of the flag.

The project evolved from being just paint to having the black outline of the paint marker to add contrast. As for revising I would like to give it another coat or digitize it to make the color smoother so I could transfer it onto a sweatshirt or stickers. I think as it is it hasn't evolved too much but I think it will over time.

The meaning behind this was kind of described earlier, I made this because I like maine and I like skiing so I decided to combine the two and this is what came out. As for what could be stronger I think the colors could be more solid so you couldn't see any brush strokes