Independent #3

The subject of these skis are my rendition of the 1901-1906 Maine State Flag. For this work I used stencils and spray paint to paint on an old pair of skis. I chose to create this because I wanted to continue the Maine flag theme that I had for my independent projects and I liked the history and simplicity behind the old maine flag. I chose to make a more geometric rendition of the flag to paint onto the skis.

Informal balance was used on this project because the tree and star are not centered and the star is not perfectly level. It also uses a graphic style like much of my other paintings. with the black outlines and solid colors. The project evolved from being a more realistic tree to being a geometric and graphic ski. I did this because I thought the realistic tree would look out of place with the solid star.

The meaning again is I'm from Maine and I like the history of Maine. I also find flags very interesting so I chose the flag as my subject. This relates to my life because of the same reasons listed above. I think to make this stronger I need to clean up the lines and overspray and I should add some more details like a trunk or a background.