Historical bust

For my historical bust I did Al Capone. He was made from clay and acrylic for surfacing. We made him by sculpting and laying on clay to make it look the way he looks. I chose this because Al Capone is such an interesting character to me his life is very interesting to learn about and he seemed like quite a character for better or worse.

I used a lot of new techniques for working with clay that I had never used before because I didn't used clay that much. For example I didn't think I would have to build on as much as I did with coils and slabs of clay. I was expecting to carve more and for not to be hollow. The only evolution my project went through was painting him striped instead of realistic per Mrs. Medskers suggestion and I think it turned out better than it would of if I did a realistic rendition.

There is no real connection to my life or story other than it just being a man that interests me because he's such an interesting person. Obviously with more experience my sculpting skills could be stronger but for my first clay bust I am proud of how well it came out although it looks alienish.